15 Best Pixie Comic Book Issues (RANKED)

Are you a fan of the X-Men character Pixie? Here's our 15 favourite appearances.

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Best Pixie Comic Books

About Pixie

There’s no doubt that the X-Men line has its fair share of characters, and that can make it difficult to stand out. Pixie, aka Megan Gwynn, is one that may not always find herself at the forefront of stories, but successfully grabbed the attention of many and developed a strong fan-base who are always eager to devour the next comic that features the pink-haired mutant.

Born in Wales, Pixie helps link the X-Men to the magical side of the Marvel universe through not only her general magical aptitude and fractured soul, but also her half-mutant half-fairy lineage. Wielding a dagger forged from fragments from her soul, a set of insect-like wings, and hallucinogenic dust that produces only ‘happy things’, she’s constantly trying to make the world around her as good as she sees it.

Constantly struggling against her own insecurities and inner darkness as she tries to do her best, it’s no wonder she has resonated with many. While she very rarely takes centre stage in most comics she’s in, she still manages to constantly show her potential as she grows with every appearance.

This article counts down Pixie’s 15 best comic book issues, and serves as a great way for anyone to learn more about her.

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15. New X-Men Vol 2 #5, #12, Yearbook Special

Pixie Comic Book Issues

This first one is a little bit of a necessary cheat, given that it only makes sense to include Pixie’s origin somewhere on the list but she’s only really revealed across three non-sequential issues. In Academy X #5 we get out first look at our mutant as a background character in a couple of panels. #12 gives us a better introduction as we learn her first name is Megan while she she excitedly discusses how their training squad managed to take down a fake Hulk.

The Yearbook Special isn’t really an appearance, as she only appears in a block of information, but it does give us her full name of Megan Gwynn, her codename Pixie, and information on her powers and personality. It isn’t a lot between all three, but it is a start.

14. Messiah Complex Chapter 12 & Chapter 13

Not a Pixie-centric story, but she does get some moments to shine. The mansion is attacked by a Predator X, with only a handful of students and Beast there to fight it. When it turns its attention towards the injured students in the infirmary Pixie recalls that X-23 killed one of them before, so she teleports not only the Predator X but all those fighting it to Muir Island where the X-Men are battling the Marauders. 

The Predator X is dispatched, but she finds herself brutally attacked by Omega Sentinel possessed by Malice only to break the possession with her Souldagger. Through this she proves not only how powerful her magic can be, but also how resourceful she can be in a tight spot.

13. New Mutants Vol 3 #15-21

Pixie Comic Books

When Project Purgatory is after Magik for her Soulsword but captures Pixie instead they figure her Souldagger is enough and keep her, forcing the New Mutants to launch a mission to save her. Pixie does spend a lot of this story as a damsel-in-distress, but throughout it she proves herself defiant and never surrenders to her situation. The story also ends with Magik returning Pixie’s soul stones to her and is a major step for them to start repairing the problems between them.

12. Uncanny X-Men Vol 5 #7

In the previous issue Legion sends X-Man back to the Age of Apocalypse, but also catches Rockslide, Armor, Glob, and, you guessed it, Pixie. This issue makes the list largely because we get to see a different version of Pixie, as her appearance changes for the new world she’s in.

It’s very interesting to see what AoA Pixie could have looked like if she’d been around for the original event. It also makes the list because we see a slightly different side, as she supports killing X-Man in order to save their world. Never one to advocate killing, it is very interesting to see a Pixie pushed to such a place.

11. Runaways Vol 5 #34-35

Pixie Comic Books

Pixie and Wolverine join up with the Runaways after receiving a message from Molly that she wants to join the new mutant nation of Krakoa. Turns out it wasn’t Molly and a whole bunch of craziness goes down that leads to Pixie and Nico Minoru fighting alongside each other in a badass magic team-up. There may also be some magic of a different sort between them, confirmed by writer Rainbow Rowell after stating that she sees Pixie as queer.

10. Generation Hope #12-13

Following on from Schism, this issue brings Pixie into the Generation Hope team though not without a bit of drama. Velocidad proves himself a bit charming, if clueless about Wales, and she falls for his charms. Problem is he’s also sort of dating Hope, which leaves both of them upset with him.

While Pixie does eventually get back with him, these issues show how she’s willing to put things aside to do what is needed. She even gives up plans of following Wolverine to New York because Hope insists that she could help them save more mutant kids from trouble, and she’s willing to do anything for that.

9. X-Men Legacy Vol 1 #245: Age of X Chapter 1

Pixie Comic Books

In the Age of X, the pocket reality created by Legion, we are introduced to another alternate version of Pixie known as Nightmare. While Nightmare was technically introduced in Age of X Alpha, she is barely seen and only speaks a few lines.

This issue shows her in her true glory; changed by the harsh reality of that world she has a sharper edge and sexual personality, her insect wings are instead large bat wings, and instead of nice things her hallucinogenic dust produces a person’s fear instead. We don’t ever see her do any magic or use her Souldagger, suggesting that in this world she never had her soul torn apart. Nightmare is certainly very different to the Pixie we know.

8. X-Men Legacy Vol 1 #248

Following on from Age of X everybody is dealing with some trauma related to the pocket reality, though Pixie’s is apparently a little bit different to most. From the way she explains it to Emma Frost, Nightmare wasn’t just a life she lived but is a distinct personality inside her. More than that, though we never see it (sadly) she also reveals that sometimes she’ll be minding her own business when her wings will suddenly change to bat wings, revealing not only that at least her physical wings are influenced by her emotions but that Nightmare could come out entirely. 

Though awkwardly admitting she kind of likes some of the ‘naughty’ things Nightmare whispers, she doesn’t like the rest and so Emma agrees to suppress Nightmare but leave Pixie a bit of her edge. This does change Pixie’s personality slightly, but also suggests that Nightmare might still be inside waiting to come out.

7. X-Infernus

Pixie Comic Books

While this mini series is not strictly about Pixie, it certainly gives her a major role. Starting off by proving her teleportation more efficient than Nightcrawler’s, as she has the revelation she can kind of simply teleport directly to any place she wants, we then see how her fractured soul has tainted her as she loses control in anger and stabs Nightcrawler with her Souldagger.

All this leads into a plan by Witchfire to use Magik and Pixie’s Soul Stones to make them both her apprentices and seize more power. By the end we get a glimpse at the demonic form Pixie would take if she ever loses her entire soul, and she loses a little more of her soul as her Souldagger becomes even more powerful.

6. X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation

The newest issue on this list, Onslaught Revelation is the sixth and final issue of the Way of X series. While Way of X does feature some important moments for Pixie (including her first main universe death), but this kind of brings it all together for her. After working with Nightcrawler to sort through the new laws of Krakoa, the major threat to the nation of Onslaught is revealed with a plan to have every mutant kill themselves while their chances to be resurrected are erased.

Pixie proves integral to stopping this plot as her Souldagger is able to break Onslaught’s hold on mutants, allowing them to defeat Onslaught and have Pixie prove she has a place in this new world the mutants are creating.

5. Uncanny X-Men #500-503

Pixie Comic Books

Shortly after the X-Men make their home in San Francisco Pixie and a friend are brutally attacked outside of a club by members of a group called the ‘Hellfire Cult’. The attack not only leaves her physically beaten but also shatters her confidence. The X-Men learn that the attack was orchestrated by Madelyne Pryor and Empath, only to fall into their trap. Pixie pulls herself together and proves exactly how terrifying she can be when she goes to save them and unleashes her anger upon Empath, leaving him blinded after she stabs him in the head with her Souldagger.

4. Second Coming- Revelations: Hellbound

During the Second Coming event, Bastion’s forces are given a weapon by the demons N’astirh and S’ym that allow them to trap Magik in Limbo. Though initially unwilling, Pixie is convinced to help a team go and bring her back. The demons tell Pixie that if she kills Magik and delivers to them her Soulsword they will fix Pixie’s soul and free her of the darkness. Pixie agrees to their deal, only to show her cleverness and courage when she turns upon the demons. She sacrifices a chance to be free of her darkness in order to do the right thing.

3. New X-Men Vol 2 #37-41

Pixie Comic Books

This is the first major event in Pixie’s story. When a group of mutant students are dragged into Limbo we get to see Pixie’s dust in action for the first time, incapacitating several demons with hallucinations. From her she is taken in by Magik as the Darkchylde and convinced that the only way to help her friends is to let the Darkchylde forge a powerful Soulsword from her soul.

Proving her loyalty and willingness to sacrifice she agrees, only for Anole to stop the ritual. This is where her soul is fractured and she first receives her Souldagger. She also later reveals Dr Strange offered to train her in magic when she ‘came of age’, though so far nothing has come of this.

2. Free Comic Book Day 2008 X-Men

This issue for Free Comic Book Day is fully focused on Pixie, as it should be. Back in her home town of Abergyllid, Wales, living with her grandparents after the apparent end of the X-Men and Xavier School, she quickly finds her town afflicted with a demon problem. Figuring herself alone she tackles the demons head on, despite her insecurities and giving into her darker nature. The X-Men do arrive to help, and facing her fears about the mine where her father died she helps them vanquish the demon there and accepts their invitation to the new school in San Francisco.

1. X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back!

Pixie Comic Books

Realising her popularity among fans Marvel eventually gave Pixie her own mini series in 2010. Featuring another demonic plot that sees Armor, X-23, Mercury, and Blindfold trapped alongside her in a high school created from her own hallucinogenic dust that the demons have turned against them.

This series introduces us to her true mother Mrs Gwynn, an actual Welsh fairy, who reveals that Pixie’s true father is none other than the X-Men villain Mastermind. They eventually stop the demon plot thanks to a clever plan from Pixie, but she is left forever changed after learning of her true family.

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