19 Home Alone Trivia Questions And Answers

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Home Alone Trivia Questions And Answers

Home Alone is a classic children’s film that was released in 1990. It has an excellent cast that includes Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, Catherine O’Hara, and John Heard.

The story of Home Alone revolves around a child named Kevin McAllister. His family accidentally leaves him behind when they go on vacation. While Kevin is home alone, two burglars attempt to break into his house. He does away with these criminals through a series of traps set throughout his home.

Today, we are going to test your knowledge with some Home Alone trivia questions. Use this quiz to test your friends on your next trivia night. Let us know how well you did on social media.

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Home Alone Trivia Questions And Answers

This director, famous for his work in the Harry Potter series, directed the first two Home Alone films.

Answer: Chris Columbus

To give the film a more Christmas-y feel, props of these colors were added inconspicuously to the background of scenes.

Answer: Red And Green

As a parody of Little Cesear’s Pizza, the pizza company in Home Alone also has this Roman name.

Answer: Little Nero’s

The crew of Home Alone taped together the pages of this magazine so Macauley Culkin would not see anything NSFW.

Answer: Playboy Magazine

Chris Columbus wanted to make Home Alone because of this childhood fear.

Answer: Fear Of Robbers

This legendary SNL alum auditioned for the role of Santa Claus.

Answer: Chris Farley

While Marv was specifically written for Daniel Stern, this Seinfeld actor was also considered for the role.

Answer: Michael Richards

In Home Alone 2, Marv wants to rebrand their gang to this aquatic name.

Answer: The Wet Bandits

This gangster movie viewed by Kevin in the movie was actually created for Home Alone.

Answer: Angels With Filthy Souls

This famous actor plays the hotel manager in Home Alone 2.

Answer: Tim Curry

Before hiring Joe Pesci, this famous Always Sunny actor was thought of for the role of Harry.

Answer: Danny Devito

Joe Pesci burning his hand on the doorknob is a reference to this 1930s film.

Answer: M

Mrs. McAllister is played by this actress, known for her role on Schitt’s Creek.

Answer: Catherine O’Hara

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How old was Macauley Culkin’s stunt double?

Answer: Thirty Years Old

In the first Home Alone, Kevin is left behind when his family travels to this city.

Answer: Paris, France

During filming, Joe Pesci injured Macaulay Culkin when he was a little too real in performing this activity.

Answer: Biting His Finger

In Home Alone 3, the role of the child was switched from Macaulay Culkin to this actor.

Answer: Alex D. Linz

In what year was the original Home Alone film released?

Answer: 1990

This famous character actor plays Mr. McAllister in the Home Alone series.

Answer: John Heard

How Did You Do With These Home Alone Trivia Questions?

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