Looking Back On J.G. Quintel’s ‘2 In The AM PM’

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2 In The AM PM JG Quintel

What Is ‘2 In The AM PM’?

‘2 In The AM PM’ is an animated short created by J.G. Quintel. It was created in 2006 as one of Quintel’s student films. The short is mostly in storyboard format utilizing still frames. Many of the characters in ‘2 In The AM PM’ served as inspiration for J.G. Quintel’s other works, such as Regular Show and Close Enough.

The story of ‘2 In The AM PM’ revolves around two night shift workers at a gas station. One of the clerks offers the other one some candy. After eating it, he tells his friend that the candy was laced with LSD.

The two clerks are now tripping balls at work. They are constantly morphing into different cartoon characters, many of which resemble characters from Regular Show. The clerks are trying to keep their cool to make it through the night.

Everything comes to a head when a police officer walks into the store. There is nothing worse than having to deal with law enforcement while tripping. The officer is pretty chill and is just getting a snack and making small talk. Things take a turn for the crazy when the clerks hallucinate the cop inhaling his bag of chips like a vacuum, tearing off his own head, and using it like a witch’s broomstick to fly through the front window.

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Watch ‘2 In The AM PM’

Why We Love ‘2 In The AM PM’

It is no surprise that Regular Show has its beginnings in adult animation. For decades, children’s animation companies have been hiring typically-adult animators to make their shows. There have been many instances where a TV-MA show has been reworked into a children’s cartoon.

As someone who grew up on Adult Swim, I have a deep love for surrealist and absurdist humor. This is especially true when it comes to cartoons and animation. Animation lets you do things that would be impossible or impractical to do with real actors. I love when creators take advantage of this.

J.G. Quintel is one of my favorite animators. I put him up there with my other favorite absurdist artists, such as Meatcanyon, Don Hertzfeldt, and Sick Animation. ‘2 In The AM PM’ is a short that I watch at least once every six months. The police officer suddenly vacuuming up his chips still gets me every time.

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Are You A Fan Of ‘2 In The AM PM’?

We hope that you love ‘2 In The AM PM’ as much as we do. Are you a fan of this short? Let us know on social media!

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