23 Time Management Tips From Creators and Entrepreneurs

Need More Time? Check Out Our 23 Best Time Management Tips From Creators and Entrepreneurs!

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Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips

We only have 24 hours in a day. At any given time, we have more than 24 hours worth of work to do. How you spend your time, and more importantly, how you waste your time, is very important.

Here are our best time management tops from creators, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. We hope you learn how to effectively manage your time better.

1. Make A To-Do List

Make a daily to-do list, plain and simple. It can be written on your phone, laptop, notebook, a favorite app you use–but whatever it is, it will hold you accountable every day. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than crossing a task off of your list or reviewing a fully checked-off list by the end of the day.”

Submitted By: Hilary Bird – Vanlife Blogger

2. Use Block Scheduling

“Creating a daily schedule is so important. Schedule time in your schedule once a week to make your schedule! Time block the highest priority tasks first and schedule them first thing in the morning when you’re most productive – well after coffee of course!”””

Submitted By: Maxine Peck – Maxine Peck Real Estate

“I always find that my day runs much more smoothly when I plan it out in blocks. Knowing exactly what I need to be doing, and when it needs to get done allows me to remove outside distractions and focus on the task at hand. The trick is to also schedule in breaks and fun things to do that my overall schedule is efficient and balanced, but not stressful or overwhelming.”

Submitted By: Natacha Seroussi – Bobobark

Time Management Strategies

3. Don’t Multitask

Don’t multitask. This may sound counterintuitive, but multitasking can interrupt your motivation for a task. Instead, work towards a specific finishing point for each project you are doing, which will give you a sense of accomplishment and save you time.”

Submitted By: Nicole Pyles – Lady Unemployed

4. Add Extra Time For Appointments and Tasks

“I always add extra time to appointments and tasks when planning out my schedule. The biggest killer of time is getting behind schedule. If you are running late and things take longer than planned it is hard to catch up. By adding room in your schedule, you reduce your stress levels and stay on track.”

Submitted By: Andrea Travillian – Life Coach

5. Do What You’re Doing

Do what you’re doing. As a single parent and small business owner, “time management” assumes I have control over my schedule, and I don’t. What I can manage, however, is my attention and energy. It’s inevitable that you’ll be pulled from one task to another throughout the day – as you’re simultaneously bombarded by distractions at every turn – so fighting against reality only leads to more frustration.

Instead, take a deep breath as you shift to your next assignment, recite the mantra, “do what you’re doing,” and give your attention to that person or activity. Whether it’s for two minutes or 50, do THAT. When it’s time to shift again, repeat the process – and at least every 60-90 minutes, take a short break (10-15 minutes) to get up and move – or sit if you’ve been moving – and re-energize.

This is the path to experiencing more flow in your life and work, which yields higher performance, more fun, and less stress.”

Submitted By: Shawn Ellis – Mastering The Moments

Time Management Skills

6. Beat Your Past Self

“For recurring tasks like checking emails, the game is simple: beat your past self. Get an app that records the time you spend on every task or do it manually, and aim to always be faster than your last record. For one-time tasks, set a good estimate of how much time you’ll be spending on that task and then challenge yourself to beat that time. You’ll see how much faster you can finish tasks and attain maximum efficiency for every single task.”

Submitted By: Willie Greer – The Product Analyst

7. Get Up Early

Get up early! It’s not sexy but a week of 5:30 am wake ups is by far the best time-saver and sets the table for the rest of the day. It creates extra weeks’ worth of time. done doing. At that hour I have high energy to organize, create, and delegate with no interruptions. 3 extra hours x 4 times the work speed is an extra 9 hours a day!”

Submitted By: Jeff Lichtenstein – Echo Fine Properties

“My number one time management tip is to work on my business first thing in the morning. Specifically, I focus on writing a business book each morning. I aim to complete at least 500 words before 9 am. Apply this tip by selecting a challenging ‘work on the business’ task and do it as early as possible.”

Submitted By: Bruce Harpham

8. Prioritize Your Tasks

“You need to ask yourself “What needs to be done now?” By doing this, you are proactively forcing yourself to prioritize your tasks and say “no” to action items that don’t provide value to your organization. You need to think of time management of tasks as an empty fish tank – if you add the pebbles – the less important tasks – first, there will be no room for rocks, but if you add the rocks – the most important tasks – from the star, the pebbles will naturally fit later.”

Submitted By: Jason Patel – Transizion

Scheduling Strategies

9. Batch Tasks

Task-batching is a very efficient time management hack. It’s when you schedule time on your calendar to do a bunch of similar tasks at the same time rather than as they arise.. For example, you may choose to respond to emails at set times during the day, or collect all your bills and pay them at a scheduled time rather than as they come in. Task-batching enables you to focus more, gain efficiencies, and reduce time lost in transition between different activities.”

Submitted By: Terry B. McDougall – Executive Coach and Author

10. Limit Distractions And Time Wasters

“Keep track of your interruptions. We are interrupted so many times during the day with text messages, calls, app notifications, people stopping by our desk, etc. Keeping track of all of your interruptions and the times they happen will help you design your “do not disturb” time, so you can focus on the deep work and accomplish your goals faster

Turn off your cell phone notifications. Turn off all notifications on every app on your phone, except text messages, the phone app itself, and if your employer uses a specific app for work projects, leave that on. Otherwise, turn off notifications for all social media apps and everything else. Your focus will improve when you do this.”

Submitted By: Michael Levitt – Breakfast Leadership Network

“I use an app like Offtime to block off apps on my phone that has the potential to distract me from my work. Things that come to mind are social media, messages, and games. This helps me to stay laser-focused on the task at hand without cutting off my accessibility completely.”

Submitted By: Albert Lee – Home Living Lab

11. Use The Pomodoro Technique

“My single best tip management tip is to combine the Pomodoro technique by blocking all social media accounts while you work. The average creator can 4x to 6x their productivity by simply eliminating distractions and working to the clock.””

Submitted By: Neil – Boxroom Office

12. Audit Your Activities And Schedule

“One of the best time management tips is to perform an audit of your weekly activities. By analyzing your weekly schedule, you can identify unproductive aspects of your activities. This will allow you to alter your schedule, manage your time more effectively, and improve your overall efficiency.”

Submitted by: Neil Faragher – CV – Nation

13. Have Separate Personal And Professional Emails

“My best time management tip is this.. Have separate email accounts for different types of email. Email accounts for work, important stuff (financial, medical, etc.), and then an account for shopping and entertainment. That way when you’re working and going through the email you’ll only use the account that matters during the day (your work account).”

Submitted By: Bryan – Viter Energy

14. Avoid Perfectionism

“Though perfection is great to strive for, it requires iteration and time. For most things in the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur, good enough gets you to where you need to be and perfection can come in stages over time. Knowing when to step away from a task can save a lot of time and reduce the risk of overwhelm.”

Submitted By: Eugene Veeden – Bags Away

15. Always Be Learning

“Constantly look to learn more. The second you think you know everything about your business or industry, you are losing to your competition who is hungry and is coming for you. growth Hacks NEVER last. They are figured out now faster than ever before.”

Submitted By: Chris Riley – USA RX

16. Limit Social Media

“My best time management tip is turning off social media accounts during working hours. Frequently checking your social media account eats time that you can spend working.”

Submitted By: Randy VanderVaate – Funeral Funds

17. Utilize Apps And Websites

“Recently, I started using Notion.so to create a one-stop “dashboard” of all my to-dos, and it’s been a game changer. I’ve long tried to use spreadsheets to keep track of blog articles, freelancers, etc., but find it too clunky. I spent years unsuccessfully organizing myself using Google Docs, but found if I can’t see a doc or spreadsheet, I forget about it and end up wasting a ton of time by creating it again. I now keep Notion open all day, and whenever I have trouble focusing, it gets me focused fast!”

Submitted By: Katie Green – GreenActiveFamily

18. Plan Out Your Week

“Planning my week on Sunday and then each night for the next day has made a huge difference in my time management. I set my goals and priorities for the week on Sunday and figure out how the week will flow, setting daily goals. Each night, I can adjust my goals and priorities for the next day, based on what I’ve achieved or if anything has changed. (Plus, this approach helps me reprioritize when things come up.)”

Submitted By: Suzanne Brown – Mompowerment

19. Do Regular Mind Dumps

“If you want to manage your time better, dedicate 20-30 minutes either the night before or first thing in the morning and write down everything you want to accomplish in the day ahead. Once you’ve written it all down, organize your list into categories, ‘urgent, important, not urgent and unimportant.’

Once completed, it will be much more apparent which tasks you need to tackle that day, and which ones can be left for the next. Having everything written down will make you far more likely to complete those important and urgent tasks first, eliminating some of your stress and allowing yourself to be productive throughout the rest of the day.”

Submitted By: Jason Power – The Hearing Clinic

20. Learn Self-Discipline

“The thing that helped me most with my time-management is developing self-discipline.

One-by-one, I added side projects to my workload and treated them as though they had to be done at a given time, as if they were being graded, if they were a ‘finishable’ task; or dedicated 10 minutes every day to developing a new habit.

All the journals and calendars won’t mean anything if you never foster the habit of doing tasks and finishing them.”

Submitted By: Rhea Henry – Energy Rates

21. Use The 80/20 Rule

“The best tip I have for time management is to harness the 80/20 rule (aka the Pareto Principle). When you can grasp the fact that roughly 20% of your input will deliver 80% of the output, you can ultimately save yourself immense amounts of time by focusing on that 20%. It’s a developed skill that takes practice, but employing this strategy has been more effective than anything else I’ve tried.”

Submitted By: Audra Kershner – The Ambitious Dollar

22. Have Theme Days

“As a business owner, I’ve learned the hard way that multi-tasking is one of the least effective productivity methods.

When you have multiple projects – or even businesses – in the works, the best thing that you can do to effectively manage your time is to conquer and divide.

In other words, theme your days and batch your similar tasks together. For example, Monday would be a content creation day for project X while Tuesday will be a business admin day for project B. This way, your brain doesn’t have to constantly switch between the type of task or the main project, which, in return, will allow you to get more done in less time.”

Submitted By: Ana Skyes – The She Approach | Blogging Mode

23. Take It Easy!

“My best time management tip is to NOT worry about time management. For some people, myself included, having deadlines actually causes me to work less efficiently. By attacking every task head-on and not switching tasks until it reaches completion, I work better/smarter. I know this goes against convention, but it works!”

Submitted By: Bret Bonnet – Quality Logo Products

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