25 Fortnite Trivia Questions And Answers

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Fortnite Trivia Questions And Answers

Fortnite is an extremely popular game, known for helping popularize the ‘battle royale’ genre in video games. Players drop onto an island over and over and fight until there is one team (or individual) left standing. Created by game developer Epic Games, it is also one of the most popular free-to-play games.

What makes Fortnite special to so many people is the vast amount of characters, items, and costumes. You can have DC Heroes fighting sentient food. Marvel villains can fight against Dragon Ball characters. In a world where every universe is connected, anything can happen.

Today we want to test your knowledge with a series of Fortnite trivia questions. Use this quiz to test your friends at the next trivia night. Let us know how well you did on social media!

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Fortnite Trivia Questions And Answers

This item allows users to phase through walls and turn into a metallic blob while sprinting.

Answer: Chrome Splash

There are many skins and variations available for this character who is a sentient humanoid banana,

Answer: Peely

This common orange fish is a great way to quickly refill your health.

Answer: Flopper

This exotic pistol allows you to see the location of damaged enemies.

Answer: Shadow Tracker

This shield potion looks like a six-pack and has an AOE effect.

Answer: Chug Splash

This exotic long-range gun has bullets that have a delayed explosion after landing.

Answer: Boom Sniper Rifle

This emote, named after a meme, plays the song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley.

Answer: Rick Roll

The emote ‘Blinding Lights’ plays a song of the same name by this artist.

Answer: The Weeknd

The Vulcan Salute emote is based on this classic science fiction franchise.

Answer: Star Trek

This silly character is designed to look like an ear of corn.

Answer: Cobb

Drippin’ Flavor is a popular dance emote for this food-based NPC.

Answer: Lil Whip

The Spooky Smallz skeleton pig back bling was created as part of this pop star’s Spacefarer outfit.

Answer: Ariana Grande

The Conjure Weapon emote has your character using the powers of this Marvel Superhero

Answer: Doctor Strange

The Ultrasour gun wrap makes your weapons look like what snack food?

Answer: Gummy Candies

This shield-providing item takes up two inventory slots.

Answer: Chug Cannon

The Shenron Glider is an homage to this classic anime series.

Answer: Dragon Ball Z

This spherical vehicle comes with its own grappling hook.

Answer: The Baller

Fortnite has a harvesting tool called ‘Neck Protector’ in honor of this legendary hip hop collective.

Answer: The Wu Tang Clan

Eating this vegetable will increase your movement speed for a short period of time.

Answer: Peppers

This modification item will allow you to easily drive your car through obstacles.

Answer: Cow Catcher

The Viper Probe Droid back bling is part of this science fiction villain’s outfit.

Answer: Darth Vader

This set of characters is drawn in the retro rubber hose style of animation.

Answer: The Inkville Gang

Fabio Sparklemane is the mascot for this fictional cereal brand.

Answer: Unicorn Flakes

The Ska-Stra-Terrestrial emote involves this dancing style associated with ska music.

Answer: Skanking

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This fish allows you to do a blink dash for a few seconds after eating it.

Answer: Zero Point Fish

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How Did You Do With These Fortnite Trivia Questions?

We hope you enjoyed our list of Fortnite trivia questions and answers. How well did you do with the questions? Have you been playing the newest season of Fortnite? Let us know on social media!

If you love video game trivia, make sure to check out the rest of our pop culture trivia and quizzes!

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