29 Social Media DOs and DON’Ts From Creators

I talked to many creators and entrepreneurs about their best social media DOs and DON'Ts. Here is what they had to say.

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Social Media Dos And Donts

Social Media DOs

DO Post Regularly And Create A Schedule

Managing and creating a schedule for posting will benefit both you as the business running a social media page and your followers who want consistency, but not an overload of content. There are many programs that can help you schedule when your content goes out on social media like Sendible or Buffer.

Submitted By: David Toby, Pathfinder Alliance

DO Engage With Other Creators In Your Niche

Do use social media to engage other accounts. The foundation of social media is to connect with other like-minded people. If you’re looking to be part of a connected network, be part of that network by adding value to the discussion. When you are regularly engaged by commenting and responding, it shows that you’re part of a conversation, not just on social media to like-and-ditch.

Submitted By: Chris Clemens, Exploring Upstate

DO Fill Out Your Profiles And Accounts Fully

Don’t forget to set up your accounts to be business or creator profiles. Aside from making your accounts appear more polished, the creator and business accounts enable you to run ad campaigns, view profile insights, integrate inventory, and allot additional fields for business information. This is the key to monetizing your social media presence. Do fill out all available fields within your account to optimize your profile.

Submitted By: Abbey Hudetz, Oyster Creative

DO Let Your Audience Dictate Social Channels

One of the most common mistakes I see entrepreneurs and business make on social media is that they try to dictate the nature of the conversation around their company and service too much when the best way to engage your audience on social platforms is according to their terms and on the channels where they are already talking about topics in your industry.

Another tip I can offer new brands is to start by building authority within social niches and communities that focus on more specific aspects of your industry because there will be less competition in these spaces.

Whenever you’re trying to identify the best channel to connect with customers you should do your research and find your target customers where they already are and if you’re not sure how to do this, just take a look at your competition and see where they are having conversations with customers who might also be interested in your brand.

Submitted By: David Adler, Founder and CEO of The Travel Secret

Social Media Dos And Donts For Creators

DO Use Video Content When Possible

Video content on platforms like Youtube and Facebook has come to dominate social media followers’ interest. There is a balance with everything we post, but it has been found that social media users enjoy engaging with video content. So, if you get the chance to use this, take it!

Submitted By: David Toby, Pathfinder Alliance

DO Learn From Your Mistakes

Entrepreneurs should not be naive and immature. The most important factor in business is to learn from your mistakes rather than fear from them. The inexperienced or young talent has more chances of making mistakes, but they can fight back if such errors arise again.

Submitted By: Aqsa Tabassam, Inside Tech World

DO Focus On Your Niche

Focus on your niche and specialty. Know your brand and who your market it. You should be focusing solely on that.

Submitted By: Jessica Rhoades, Create IT Web Designs

DO Analyze Your Content

Just because you’re done posting something, it doesn’t mean you just let go of it. This is where the real game starts. You need to analyze your content and your audience weekly. Analyze the responses and what worked the best for you through the week. Carry that on-board with you then and either produce similar content or take an idea and experiment. It helps you understand what your audience wants and needs.

Submitted By: Lisa Arlington, Giftsnerd LLC

DO Be Confident

Entrepreneurs should be bold and confident so that they can take risks. Those who don’t take risks have no chances of growth.

Submitted By: Aqsa Tabassam, Inside Tech World

DO Track Your Progress

Track the impact of your social effort. Any strategy without measuring is like wandering in the desert – you do not know if you are heading in the right direction! Set up google UTM parameters tracking, and you could pull up nice handy reports for your different social campaigns.

Submitted By: Jill Sandy, Constant Delights

DO Use Social Proof In Your Posts

One of the best tricks that have worked for us is using social media proof on our social media posts. We come up with a list of past and present customers who resemble the qualities of our potential buyer.

We anticipate the fact that our leads want to know who else we have worked with and what were the results. We back up our customers’ testimonials with stats and numbers from social media to prove our claims and work on a great storytelling approach to get our lead excited hearing more from us. This has absolutely worked for our team during conversions.

Submitted By: Michael Hamelburger, CEO of Cost Reduction Consultants

Social Media Dos And Donts For Content Creators

DO Use Influencer Marketing

One thing that is a must in today’s time is to make use of influencers. The way they will promote your product or brand, you might not be able to on your own. Their large set of the following and how people relate to them is a bonus for you to create awareness about yourself through them. Just be sure to choose influencers that match your target audience. This is important because the following that they have will also be the exact audience that you need (or at least most of it).

Submitted By: Lisa Arlington, Giftsnerd LLC

DO Offer Resources For Your Audience

We’re very active in terms of spreading the word about our brand by publishing case studies and just recently, posting our Zoom information sessions on how businesses can best harness SEO to their advantage as part of our social media strategy. It’s all about helping target audiences discover solutions to their business problems without being too aggressive so we can reach out much better to leads. The more free resources we offer, the more traction our brand generates.

Submitted By: Skyler Reeves, President & CEO of Ardent Growth

DO Use Spelling And Grammar Checks

Nothing ruins brand perception more than carelessness, and having improper grammar and spelling is a tell-tale sign of that on social media.

Submitted By: David Toby, Pathfinder Alliance

DO Post User-Generated Content

Publishing user-generated content is a big winner on social media. First, it celebrates the fan who took a picture or made a video of you or your product. Second, it encourages others to do the same. And it creates more engagement from your audience. This brings you to their level instead of you on stage and them always in the audience position. One of the worst practices is to never engage with your audience. Social media creators who don’t ask fans questions, don’t respond to comments, and otherwise are selfish in their pursuits will fail to succeed long term. Over time, this shows in their content and people stop engaging altogether.

Submitted By: Brian Robben, Robben Media

DO Create Polls

One of the most impactful things a business owner can do on social media is to CREATE A POLL. It’s a unique way to engage with your audience more than with just likes and comments. So much of what people see online is passive…they keep on scrolling past.

Featuring a poll in your post gives your followers a chance to engage. People love to give their opinions! A poll gives them a chance to interact and feel heard. Creating a poll on social media is a fantastic way for businesses to stand out. It’s a very underutilized tool.

Submitted By: Shelly Peel, Social Mum

DO Build Relationships And Communities

My advice to business owners looking to market on social media is to focus on building customer relationships through communities, for example, Facebook groups. Figuring out a way to organically engage and formulate relationships within Facebook groups allows you to genuinely market your product to thousands of members.

Especially in this time of a global pandemic, when people are spending so much of their time online. It is important to never underestimate the power and need for human connection. People are lonelier than ever and with the virus cases still on the rise, we might be stuck inside our homes going into next year, not able to socialize in person or enjoy typical activities such as restaurants, bars, concerts, museums, etc.

Many of us are resorting to spending that time connecting online in forums, chats, and Facebook groups. This type of marketing requires a time commitment, patience, and strategy but ultimately delivers high rewards.

Submitted By: Jason Akatiff, Boundery

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Social Media DON’Ts

DON’T Make Assumptions

One thing that we’ve learned is never to make assumptions about what your audience will like. Do your research for everything before you put it out there. You need to be sure about what you are doing so that you avoid things going downhill. The last thing that you’d want is to hurt your brand image yourself.

Submitted By: Lisa Arlington, Giftsnerd LLC

DON’T Post Too Often

If you’re just blasting everyone’s timeline, they
will feel as though you’re trying to monopolize their attention. Remember,
it’s a social platform. Nobody likes the person at a party who dominates
conversations and won’t let anyone else talk.

Submitted By: Chris Clemens, Exploring Upstate

DON’T Be Complacent

Don’t be fearful of meeting new opportunities or embracing new ideas. Discover every unique way to spread the features and specifications of your products. If you fail once, try it differently and keep on trying, and you’ll end up becoming smarter at the end.

Submitted By: Aqsa Tabassam, Inside Tech World

DON’T Take Things Too Personally

Perhaps the most important thing when using social media as a professional is to master the art of not taking anything personally. The second you let something get to you (such as a bad review or an unkind comment) and respond in an unprofessional manner – you lose. ‘The customer is always right’ applies also online on social media.

Submitted By: Janni Nilsson, Resumoo

DON’T Talk Politics If It Doesn’t Fit

DON’T talk about politics and your personal viewpoints on social media if this is not part of your brand or niche. I saw a contractor I was thinking of hiring posting her strong political views on her social media business feed. I’m not going to work with her whether I agree or disagree with her viewpoints.

It is unprofessional and she can’t focus on her job if she wants her opinions and thoughts to be blasted to the social world. I don’t know my customer’s viewpoints on the topic and my clients trust my judgment. Politics is a very sensitive topic for most people. Bite your tongue and discuss your viewpoints with your friends…not on your business social media feed.

Submitted By: Jessica Rhoades, Create IT Web Designs

DON’T Fall For Trolls

It’s easy to fall victim to rude or patronizing comments, but it is not worth jeopardizing your business’s reputation. This tip goes back to keeping personal and business thoughts and ideas separate. Treat a social media user as you would an upset customer in your business; give them excellent customer service and offer ways to resolve their issues. So, what’s the best way to do this? The best recipe for dealing with this issue is to respond kindly and calmly no matter the situation.

Submitted By: David Toby, Pathfinder Alliance

DON’T Be Hesitant Or Impatient

You might face endless rejections if you don’t look deep into the root cause of your unsuccessfulness. In every matter, first, get a hold on yourself and try to be calm and patient before making a decision.

Submitted By: Aqsa Tabassam, Inside Tech World

DON’T Overshare Your Personal Life

One don’t on social media for entrepreneurs is to overshare their personal life on social media. Sharing behind the scenes business stories and videos is great, and sharing glimpses into family life can be positive, but sharing multiple child pictures in a row, or cluttering your feed with home life or oversharing emotional posts will turn off your followers, especially if they aren’t your friends but are following you for your business and entrepreneurial life.

There is a fine line between oversharing your personal life when posting on business social accounts online and you shouldn’t cross it to avoid losing followers or even losing their trust in you as a competent business person.

Submitted By: Stacy Caprio, Her.CEO

DON’T Tag Random Accounts For Exposure

Don’t post to social media and just tag a million accounts. When you’re posting to social, you shouldn’t be tagging an account just because you want them to see it. Rather, you should be posting relevant, engaging content that will appeal to a large audience. 100 regular accounts engaging with your post is a million times better than 1 single influencer account. There are people on Instagram who don’t even follow my account, but for some reason post multiple times a day and tag me in their photos.

Submitted By: Chris Clemens, Exploring Upstate

DON’T Overuse Hashtags

While hashtags are super helpful in getting more exposure to a post or a page, it is possible to go overboard. It’s been found that tweets with more than three hashtags get 17 percent less engagement. This hashtag problem is not limited to just Twitter, but it is especially true on this platform.

Submitted By: David Toby, Pathfinder Alliance

DON’T Overuse Advertising

We know that it’s important to run sponsored ads now and then, for your message to reach out to your audience. But, don’t spam them with ads. It becomes annoying and overwhelming to the point that people stop paying attention to them. You wouldn’t want that, considering there are actually some bucks spent behind those sponsored ads.

Submitted By: Lisa Arlington, Giftsnerd LLC

DON’T Demand Engagement

Stay away from directly asking them to share your content or visit your website. Instead, leave a link to your website or other resources and let your contents speak.

Submitted By: Shreya Sharma, Supply Chain Content Strategist at Stockarea

Social Media DOs and DON’Ts

I hope you enjoyed this list of social media DOs and DONT’s. Were there any that I missed? Let me know on social media!

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