30 Minecraft Trivia Questions And Answers

Mine. Craft. Build. Repeat.

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Minecraft Trivia Questions And Answers

Minecraft is seen by many to be the best sandbox game of all time. It is also one of the best selling video games of all time. It most definitely has been a huge influence on game design over the past decade. Minecraft really shows the power of randomized procedural generation.

Today we want to test your knowledge with a series of Minecraft trivia questions and answers. Use this quiz to test your friends on your next trivia night. Let us know how well you did on social media.

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Minecraft Trivia Questions And Answers

What does a bed do if you try to place it in The End?

Answer: It explodes.

What item can you use to turn a regular pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern?

Answer: Shears

The achievement ‘Rabbit Season’ is an homage to what classic television series?

Answer: Looney Tunes

Villagers prefer to trade through the use of this currency.

Answer: Emeralds

To get the ‘Getting Wood’ achievement, players must perform this humorous activity.

Answer: Punch A Tree

This is the official name of the base Minecraft player character.

Answer: Steve

This animation style used in Minecraft is a three-dimensional version of pixel art.

Answer: Voxel Graphics

Players must survive underwater for this amount of time to get the ‘Free Diver’ achievement.

Answer: Two Minutes

This item can be used to breed axolotls or to lead them where you want them to go.

Answer: Buckets Of Tropical Fish

This job block will cause a Fisherman to spawn in your village.

Answer: Barrel

To make a base Awkward Potion, you need this crafting material.

Answer: Nether Wart

You can use this item to instantly break falling stacks of sand and gravel.

Answer: Torches

What enchantment do you need to mine an Ender Chest?

Answer: Silk Touch

This boss enemy can be spawned with wither skeleton skulls and soul sand.

Answer: The Wither

Sheep can be fed and bred by using which food item?

Answer: Wheat

This character is an urban legend about a ghost stuck in the game.

Answer: Herobrine

This ground block will make you travel slower than usual.

Answer: Soul Sand

Listen for hissing to make sure this enemy doesn’t explode and ruin your hard work.

Answer: Creeper

This giant creature is commonly known as the last boss in the game.

Answer: The Ender Dragon

This dressed-up villager can be seen roaming around looking for people to barter with.

Answer: Wandering Trader

This Minecraft spinoff was Mojang’s attempt to compete with games like Pokemon Go and Five Nights At Freddy’s Special Delivery.

Answer: Minecraft Earth

This item will allow pistons to pull blocks instead of just pushing them.

Answer: Slimeball

This pest can surprise attack you while you are mining certain types of blocks.

Answer: Silverfish

This Minecraft spinoff game is an action RPG, similar to games like Diablo and Path Of Exile.

Answer: Minecraft Dungeons

Players must play for this many in-game days before getting the ‘Passing The Time’ achievement.

Answer: One Hundred

This job block will cause a Cleric to spawn in your village.

Answer: Brewing Stand

This studio is responsible for the creation of Minecraft.

Answer: Mojang Studios

To craft a base thick potion, you need this crafting material.

Answer: Glowstone Dust

To get the achievement ‘Adventuring Time’, players must discover this many biomes.

Answer: Seventeen

The ‘Beam Me Up’ achievement from Ender Pearls is a reference to which science fiction series?

Answer: Star Trek

How Did You Do With These Minecraft Trivia Questions?

We hope you enjoyed our list of Minecraft trivia questions and answers. How well did you do with the questions? Let us know on social media!

If you love video game trivia, make sure to check out the rest of our pop culture trivia and quizzes!

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