33 Experts Share Their Favorite Productivity Tools

I wanted to hear from the users of these productivity tools. I asked experts, creators, and entrepreneurs about their favorite productivity tools. The response was tremendous and I am excited to share this list of tools with you!

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Best Productivity Tools For Businesses

Finding The Best Productivity Tools

As creators, we are constantly bombarded with ads, deals, and emails about ways to increase our productivity. While this can be informative, the information often comes directly from the company selling the product or service.

I wanted to hear from the users of these productivity tools. I asked experts, creators, and entrepreneurs about their favorite productivity tools. The response was tremendous and I am excited to share this list of tools with you!

1. Asana

Submitted By: Finn Cardiff – Beachgoer

I’m a big fan of Asana. As a team productivity tool, I have experienced first-hand how it makes our team stay on-task and be very organized. It also keeps us focused on tasks in one spot and makes it easier for me to assign them to different members working on various projects.

The best thing about Asana is its flexible interface. Whether you have a micro-team working remotely or a large staff to manage, everyone can easily get engaged in the app because of its user-friendly features.

Check Out Asana

2. Beeminder

Submitted By: Norhanie Pangulima – Traffic Truffle

No matter how organized a person is, there will be hectic times in which our productivity is challenged. That is why a little help from a product is in demand to give reinforcements to people who wish to be productive as much as possible.

The best tool for me regarding managing time and productivity is Beeminder. Aside from its constant reminder, it also lets its users visualize their goals and create measurable targets. Whether it’s about spending less time in social media or having daily exercise, Beeminder helps its users to focus on their goals and minimize distractions.

Check Out Beeminder

3. Block Site

Submitted By: Nikola Roza- SEO for the Poor and Determined

The productivity tool I’d recommend to everyone and that helps me get stuff done is a simple, free Chrome extension called BlockSite. It works by blocking out distracting sites and preventing access to them.

This extension transformed my work and boosted my productivity through the roof. Before installing it, I was checking Facebook and Twitter every five minutes or so, and checking email every hour on the dot.

I couldn’t get any work done like that. But now, those sites are forbidden for me during work and my productivity and creativity soared. I wish I learned about BlockSite sooner.

Check out Block Site

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4. Brain.FM

Submitted By:  Dan Bailey, President, WikiLawn

One of my favorite productivity tools is something an employee clued me into. It’s an app called Brain.fm. It’s designed specifically for focus and productivity, though it does have a rest/relaxation mode, too, that I’ve used to help me get to sleep.

It’s just a music app that’s best used with headphones, but it actually utilizes science to play sound waves that tap into your brain’s innate abilities to focus on a specific task. It helps stimulate that part of your brain, and usually, within 15-20 minutes of continued listening, I feel far more focused.

It’s not magic. Some days I’m too distracted to make use of it. However, if I use my headphones and listen at a good volume, I can usually get into a groove much faster than I can without it.

Check Out Brain.FM

5. Buffer

Submitted By: Praveen Malik – ResourceRede

Buffer is one of our favorite productivity tools which saves our lot of time and helps us work more efficiently. We use it extensively for scheduling posts on various social media platforms for our clients.

It is quite intuitive and very easy to use. We prepare a content calendar at the starting of a week and use Buffer to schedule all the posts once a week.  

We save considerable time by using Buffer and we can utilize this time in other things. It also allows us to do statistical analysis and helps in organizing all our social media posts in one place.

Check Out Buffer

6. Calm Strips

Michael Malkins initially would deal with anxiety by wrapping carpenter’s tape around his finger so he could rub something when he felt anxious. Over the years, he developed a product that could help others suffering from anxiety, Calm Strips.

Calm Strips are designed to be calming and to take you back to a calm environment. They are created from a texture (soft sand) that won’t scratch fingers or a laptop screen. The strips also are not too rough to negate risks of self-harm, which can occur with anxiety.

Check Out Calm Strips

7. Chrome Video Speed Controller

Submitted By: Stacy Caprio – Accelerated Growth Marketing

My favorite product for productivity is the Chrome Video Speed Controller extension. This extension allows you to speed up any video you’re listening to or watching online, so you can finish listening more quickly, getting more done in less time to considerably increase your overall productivity each day.

Check Out Chrome Video Speed Controller

8. ClickUp

Submitted By: Quincy Smith – Test Prep Nerds

We’ve bounced around productivity tools and tactics with our business for a few years but recently started using ClickUp and it has been a game-changer.

ClickUp is (to me) a more user-friendly version of Asana and a more robust version of Trello. We’ve moved all of our project planning, to-do lists, SOPs, and docs over to the platform and it has made us so much more productive.

A few ways we use it:

  • Recurring tasks automatically link to their respective SOPs so the employee can review how the task should be done
  • We can delegate reminders to any of our team members and make them recurring so they stay up to speed
  • Assign subtasks to bigger tasks – this has proven invaluable when trying to make progress on a bigger project as it’s much easier to get momentum when working on smaller pieces.

Check out ClickUP

9. Evernote

Submitted By: Nikola Baldikov – Brosix

I find that my best insights generally come to me at completely random moments. If I don’t capture them immediately, they often slip my mind later leading to some frustrating minutes of trying to recall what I was thinking.

That’s why I always need a way to quickly capture and structure passing thoughts. I use Evernote for this purpose. I find that the ideas I’m able to collect with this app often lead to some of my most productive ideas.

Check Out Evernote

Best Productivity Tools For Creators

10. The Fidgi Pen

Submitted By: Bradley Stevens, LLCFormations

Though it is just a pen, it makes you relax when you are anxious or antsy during work hours. The pen keeps you focused as it features seven very discreet fidget points that keep the hand busy and help you get more out of the daily tasks. It makes you feel calmer and more relaxed, and so with the fresh mind and soul, you get more productive.

Check Out The Fidgi Pen On Amazon

11. Fleep.io

Submitted By: CJ Xia – Boster Bio

I was tired of endless email conversations, and Fleep seemed to be a great solution. It is a fun, simple, and effective way to communicate with team members efficiently. The immediate and accessible team messaging has streamlined my communication.

Fleep has a simple and intuitive user interface that does not require me to dig deeper to perform actions. All team members collaborate and communicate effectively because of task assignation, pinboard, and file drawer functionality. We can assign tasks in conversations, pin essential messages, and share files or documents on the sidebar.

We can quickly check the last seen of any member and check whether they have read a message or not through reading indicators. 

The best part is “working across multiple teams and organizations,” surprisingly this feature is missing from many of its competitors.. If you want to add someone in the chat, Fleep simply needs you to add their email, no additional steps are required. 

It is a cost-effective option with reasonable messaging and storage to suffice small to medium level businesses’ needs.

Check Out Fleep.io

12. Focus Booster

Submitted By: Bridget Sielicki – The Freelancing Mama

I’ve been working from home for the past 10 years, and I’m also a homeschooling mom to four kids. It is essential for me to be as productive as possible in order to get anything done!

This app helps manage time and boost focus by offering timed chunks in which to work. It helps eliminate the temptation to scroll or waste time online, and it also tracks time that I spend working.

Check Out Focus Booster

13. IRL.Com

Submitted By: ASTRSK PR

IRL, the App Store’s leading social calendar, helps people come together and meet over shared interests and events. The app will help you combine your social and work calendars, so you can avoid double-booking yourself! 

The app also has great events and activities to help you find things to do in your spare time- it is the ideal app to manage work-life balance

Check out IRL

14. Monday

Submitted By: Mark Levitt – Check Rate

I use Monday to manage my teams and my own tasks. Monday continues to make big improvements of late, especially since more people are working from home.

One addition I like is ‘My Focus.’ It’s a daily log of current and upcoming tasks. My Focus includes a daily sentence of top priorities, commitments, or items that you need to achieve. The latter is currently only viewable on the mobile app (iOS and Android).

Check Out Monday

15. Microsoft Project

Submitted By: Neeraj Arya – PMExperto

We regularly recommend MS Project to our clients. It is an excellent tool for managing projects. It reduces the time of doing administrative staff and improves productivity dramatically.

MS Project integrates well with other Microsoft tools like MS Word and MSExcel, which increases the productivity further as almost everyone nowadays uses MS Office suite. Some of the MS Project is extremely easy to use.

Apart from the regular project management features, here are some of the main advantages of using this tool:

1. It is built ground up to focus on teamwork.

2. Project tasks can be split across multiple teams.

3. Team members get to know about their upcoming tasks through regularnotifications

4. Organizations don’t have to go for specialized training to use it.

5. It gives a 360 degrees view of task progress to the team, project manager, and senior management.

Check Out MS Project

16. Notion

Submitted By: Liz Sumner – Productive Life Coach

I’d have to recommend Notion, the all-in-one workspace. It allows you to create a flexible hub where you can think, get organized, and track everything you care about. The Notion community is generous and active. Templates and how-tos are shared easily and new ways of using Notion effectively are offered daily.

There is a caveat, however. Notion is so customizable and fluid that it can be difficult to get started. It takes time to learn the best way to set things up and how to make it work for you. But if you stick with it and use the community knowledge base you can create a workspace that transforms your life and evolves as you learn.

Check Out Notion

17. PomoDone

Submitted By: Stefan Smulders – Expandi

My favorite productivity tool by far is a time tracker called PomoDone. You can start it in the background and let it run as you go about your daily tasks. It’s excellent for figuring out how you’re spending your time and which tasks take up the most of your day. However, that’s not the best feature.

The best is by far the Pomodoro technique timer, which structures your work so that you work for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break afterward. It structures your work in such a way that you work when it’s time to work and you use the time for resting to actually unwind.

Check out PomoDone

18. Proofhub

Submitted By: Robin Madelain – Ranksoldier

It is always expected from an employee to generate productivity within the given time frame. Donning the ‘highly productive employee outlook’ just won’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process.

List your priorities. Below-mentioned is the list of various tools that can prove you a highly dependable source Stay organized with ProofHub software. It would not only manage your tasks, increase accountability but also allow everyone to be on the same page. You can upload files and documents to organize the workflow.

Time is money. So, better your time management with a digital calendar. It enjoys the feature of automatically inviting and scheduling meeting attendees. Interesting isn’t it?

Slack betters your communication levels with the entire team. Mystically, it highlights words to be reported when they appear in a conversation. If you are tired of switching between accounts, or logging in and out, the desktop app ‘Shift’ would come to your rescue. It streamlines your accounts, apps, and workflows.

Check Out Proofhub

19. Remember The Milk

Submitted By: Frank Buck – Frank Buck Consulting

A digital task manager makes keeping up with it all easier. You won’t have to re-write unfinished tasks. Repeating tasks appear at just the right time. Assign a due date to each task so that what you want to actually do today appears today.

By using a second sort on Priority, I segment the day into tasks I want to see in the morning, afternoon, and evening by assigning a high, medium, or low priority. Remember the Milk is my tool of choice. Even the free plan is robust enough for the needs of most small businesses.

Check Out Remember The Milk

20. Rescue Time

Submitted By: Naheed Mir – Rugknots

Various apps are available to ensure productivity while working from home, but my favorite app is Rescue Time. It helps to enhance your productivity. It always tracks your real habits.

What’s more, you can’t alter your practices until you realize what they are. Rescue Time also records the applications you are using, the sites you are visiting, and the breaks you take while working. Thus, you can see precisely how you invested your energy while working from home.

Rescue Time can also block the websites which distract you when you work and help you to focus on your defined objectives. I usually did my daily work in about 12 hrs before utilizing this app. After starting using it, I manage to do the same amount of work in 7 hrs. It has thus helped me a lot to be productive and concentrate more on my work instead of distracting here and there.

Check Out Rescue Time

21. ScheduleOnce

Submitted By: Helene Segura – Time Management Revolution

ScheduleOnce allows people to schedule meetings with you, avoiding the email back and forths to decide on a date and time; automatically emails reminders to the other party; offers the option to add the call to your calendar; clearly states who is calling who so there’s no confusion.

Check out ScheduleOnce

22. Shift

Submitted By: Allan Borch – Dotcom Dollar

I’m the type of person who typically has 15-20 tabs open (force of habit). Not only is it painful to wade through this jungle of apps, but they also consume valuable resources and slow down your computer.

Fortunately, I discovered a tool called Shift. It connects all my productivity apps in one place, streamlining my workflow. Shift has helped me become more productive while on my computer. It’s the perfect app for connecting all your extensions, apps, and accounts into one productive workstation

Check Out Shift>>

23. Shine

Submitted By: Brian Martucci – Money Crashers

One of the biggest productivity killers is neglecting self-care. We’ve all done it. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to invest in ourselves without taking a day off to hit the spa (or two weeks off to escape on some remote retreat).

There’s an app for that, as they say. We’re partial to Shine, an app built around motivational texts and a huge library of audio on mindfulness, sleep hygiene, and other essential self-care topics.

Check Out Shine

24. Slack

Submitted By: Timo Wilson – ASAP Credit

This is a business team communication tool where you and your colleagues can collaborate and share ideas with each other. Slack offers a free subscription with limited features, but you can also avail of their other plans if you need to use their paid features. It has been a top choice for organizations. They have a website and an app for phones as well.

Check Out Slack

25. Stackfield

Submitted By: Kenny Trinh – Netbooknews

Our team uses Stackfield to boost our productivity. It combines communication and task management tools. It’s very intuitive and provides a mobile app. The biggest advantage of this software is that it eliminates all privacy concerns.

Thanks to end-to-end data encryption, as well as the usage of compliant with EU-GDPR and ISO-certified data centers, you do not have to worry about the cybersecurity of your company’s and your client’s data.

Check out Stackfield

26. Stay Focused

Submitted By: Bradley Stevens, LLCFormations

It is a browser extension that keeps you focused on the work while blocking all the distracting websites. Like before, I used to waste a lot of my time watching series on Netflix, using Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for too long, and because of that, I was least productive for the day.

The tool helped me to block all such distracting websites so I can not turn to them watching for hours. I have blocked the sites for a specific time and days, so when I am free from my office hours, I can watch them freely, not worrying I have much to do.

Check Out Stay Focused

27. Streak For Gmail

Submitted By: Carolyn Cairns – Creation BC

Managing your emails is still time-consuming and sometimes successful so you should switch to Streak for Gmail if you want to speed up your email job. This app lets you watch your texts, so you’ll know when and if the recipients read them. This also helps you to write emails now, and deliver them later automatically.

Check Out Streak For Gmail

28. TickTick

Submitted By: Alexis Haselberger – Alexis Haselberger Coaching and Consulting

TickTick is the task management app that I recommend most frequently to my clients, and it’s also the one I use myself.

I love it for many reasons, but chief among them are:

  • It’s dead simple to use; very low barrier for entry.
  • The free version is great.
  • Not only can it manage tasks, it has a robust habit tracker and a Pomodoro technique timer.
  • It integrates easily with other tools.
  • I can add tasks and comments by voice on the go.
  • It syncs seamlessly from mobile to web and BOTH UIs are great.

    I love it so much I even made a video about it!

Check Out TickTick

29. Toby

Submitted By: Valerie Frolova – Snov.io

This tool is useful if you are sick and tired of having countless bookmarks in your browser. With its help, you can create collections and organize them by tags. To add a new tab, you just need to drag and drop it into the collection of your choice.

Check Out Toby

30. Todoist

Submitted By: Neal Taparia – Solitaired

Todoist is a chrome extension that allows you to track all your tasks. It lives in your browser, so as you open up tabs you can always see what you need to get done with your day. I create a to-do list or checklist regularly and use the tool to prioritize what’s most important for the given day, and I even organize it by category via color-coding.

For more detailed projects, I’ll use subtasks so I know exactly all the steps I need to take to get everything done. It ultimately allows me to see exactly what I need to get done on a given day to be successful and track my progress towards it. I don’t end my day until I complete my tasks, and I don’t start my day unless I have my tasks defined. I can’t live without it!

Check Out Todoist

31. Toggl

Submitted By: Jane Flanagan – Tacuna Systems

Do you know how you spend hours on your work device only to discover that you’ve achieved almost nothing because of all the distractions you fell for? Well, I don’t. At least not anymore. Not since Toggl.

Toggl is a highly functional time tracking app that allows you to keep precise track of your digital activity, noting exactly what time you spent doing what on your device. In the end, you get a detailed report of how you spent your time working.

You would be surprised how much time you actually spent doing nothing. Toggl helped me realize how much more I could get done if I stay focused. My productivity spiked and stays that way thanks to this software.

Check Out Toggl

32. Trello

Submitted By: Michael Hammelburger – The Bottom Line Group

We also use Trello because of its easy-to-use features where we can add tags, labels, and categories. The drag-and-drop feature of cards makes task management a lot easier. Furthermore, as the CEO and overall project manager in our firm, I take advantage of its progress charts, the Kanban board view, and the Gantt charts. These all help me track developments a lot easier.

In addition, team organization is highly affected by coordination when it comes to project updates for remote work setup. Proper coordination is the key, however. We implement a process called time audit.

It involves my staff writing down their intentions and views on how they’ve spent their time in the office and then tracking how they actually work. We notice that there’s a significant difference between what they intend to do and the real actions they’ve taken.

Time-tracking tools are not a guarantee that managers can still keep tabs on employees through the logs provided by a workplace app. Besides, the goal of managers is on the output and not on the clicks on the keyboard as what apps like Time Doctor provide. Even so, some apps take a screenshot of the work or a photo of the employee every 15 minutes. This encroaches on one’s privacy.

Check Out Trello

33. WorkFlowy

Submitted By: Yash Sharma – LearnerzHub

Since last year, my writing work has substantially increased and I have started outsourcing article writing work to freelance content creators. My initial experience with outsourcing was not good.

Even though I hired competent writers and they produced good content but I was let down by how they did not structure the article. I had to redo many parts of the article and in the process, I wasted a lot of time. I also discontinued working with two freelancers.

WorkFlowy came to my rescue. It allows me to structure the content in headings and subheadings. It is my favorite tool since it improves my, as well as my freelancer’s, productivity. It helps me to plan out new blog posts.

I think WorkFlowy has following advantages:

  • Assimilating information in a proper structure
  • Conveying and communicating my thoughts to another person in an unambiguous way
  • My reviewing has become faster

Check Out WorkFlowy

What Are Your Favorite Productivity Tools?

Thank you for reading our list of favorite productivity tools. Were there any that we missed? Let us know on social media!

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