36 Pokemon Trivia Questions And Answers

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Pokemon Trivia Questions And Answers

Pokemon is one of the most popular video game series of all time. Not only are there video games, but the franchise has also expanded into television, movies, and tabletop games. Regardless of your preferred medium, there is usually a Pokemon version waiting for you.

I have been playing the Pokemon games for the majority of my life. I started playing when Pokemon Yellow came out. I quickly worked my way up to Gold and Silver, and the rest is history. I love psychic type Pokemon as they usually have dark and horror-based character designs.

Today we want to test your knowledge with a series of Pokemon trivia questions. Use these questions to test your friends on your next trivia night. Let us know how well you did on social media.

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Pokemon Trivia Questions And Answers

This electric mouse Pokemon is also one of the main characters of the anime series.

Answer: Pikachu

This famous Pokemon character was originally the leader of the Pewter City Gym.

Answer: Brock

Though it wasn’t introduced for some time, this legendary Pokemon can be seen in the first episode of the anime series.

Answer: Ho-Oh

This large Pokemon is known to be constantly taking naps.

Answer: Snorlax

Which Pokemon was the grass-type starter Pokemon for the first generation of games?

Answer: Bulbasaur

This Pokemon is the third evolution of Dratini.

Answer: Dragonite

This fighting Pokemon is named after the famous martial artist Jackie Chan.

Answer: Hitmonchan

This Pokemon can be resurrected through the use of the Helix Fossil.

Answer: Omanyte

This electric-type Pokemon, and its evolution, resemble Pokeballs.

Answer: Voltorb and Electrode

This grass-type Pokemon resembles a ball of vines.

Answer: Tangela

This is the name of the policewoman that regularly helps Ash on his journey.

Answer: Officer Jenny

This depressing pokemon wears its mother’s skull as a helmet.

Answer: Cubone

This popular Pokemon character was originally the leader of the Cerulean City Gym.

Answer: Misty

Though Charmander and Charmeleon are strictly fire-type Pokemon, Charizard gains which additional type?

Answer: Flying

The weak and floppy Magikarp evolves into this powerful sea dragon.

Answer: Gyrado

This Pokemon is known for being able to mimic any other Pokemon.

Answer: Ditto

This Pokemon is the metal-coated version of Scyther.

Answer: Scizor

This water-type Pokemon was called ‘Pikablue’ by fans before it was given a proper name.

Answer: Marill

This Pokemon is the water-type starter in the second generation.

Answer: Totodile

This baby Pokemon walks around inside of its own shell.

Answer: Togepi

This normal-type Pokemon can evolve into many different types depending on conditions.

Answer: Eevee

This Pokemon can be resurrected through the use of the Dome Fossil.

Answer: Kabuto

This recurring character always helps Ash get his Pokemon into good health.

Answer: Nurse Joy

This character is the original leader of the Vermillion City Gym.

Answer: Lt. Surge

This humanoid Pokemon is named after a famous style of performance art.

Answer: Mr. Mime

This grass-type Pokemon is supposed to represent a sunflower seed.

Answer: Sunkern

This mysterious Pokemon comes in many different shapes, reminiscent of hieroglyphics.

Answer: Unown

This Pokemon is the metal-coated version of Onix.

Answer: Steelix

This Pokemon is known for singing its enemies to sleep.

Answer: Jigglypuff

Much like a kangaroo, this Pokemon carries its young in its front pouch.

Answer: Kangaskhan

In the original anime, Ash was constantly attacked by these two bumbling members of Team Rocket.

Answer: Jessie And James

Though you can name him whatever you want in the games, this character is Ash’s original rival in the television series.

Answer: Gary Oak

This Pokemon, and sidekick to Team Rocket, is one of the few Pokemon that can speak to other characters.

Answer: Meowth

This fighting Pokemon is named after famous martial artist Bruce Lee.

Answer: Hitmonlee

This creepy city is known to be the home of ghost Pokemon and a Pokemon cemetery.

Answer: Lavander Town

This normal-type pokemon carries an egg in its front pouch.

Answer: Chansey

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How Did You Do With These Pokemon Trivia Questions?

We hope you enjoyed our list of Pokemon trivia questions and answers. How well did you do with the questions? Let us know on social media!

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