38 Adult Animation Trivia Questions And Answers

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Adult Animation Trivia Questions

Adult Animation Trivia

Cartoons aren’t just for kids! There has been a plethora of animated series for adults over the years, and more come out every day. These shows span many networks, including Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and even broadcast television. With a lot of these shows available on streaming, there is a wealth of knowledge to be had when it comes to adult animation.

Today, we want to test your knowledge when it comes to adult animation. Use this quiz to test your own knowledge, or print out this article to use for your next trivia night with your friends. If we missed any of your favorite shows, let us know on social media!

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Adult Animation Trivia Questions And Answers

This Dan Harmon animated series is often seen as a parody of Back To The Future.

Answer: Rick And Morty

This adult animated series anachronistically blends 1960s fashion with 1980s technology.

Answer: Archer

This Mike Judge cartoon followed the adventures of a suburban Texas family.

Answer: King Of The Hill

Two children move from the hood to the suburbs in this Aaron McGruder animated comedy.

Answer: The Boondocks

This 90s teen comedy is actually a spinoff of Mike Judge’s Beavis And Butthead.

Answer: Daria

This animated sketch comedy uses claymation made to look like action figures.

Answer: Robot Chicken

This animated talk show helped put Adult Swim on the map in the 1990s.

Answer: Space Ghost Coast To Coast

This animated teen comedy’s school children are made up of historical figures.

Answer: Clone High

This satirical animated reality show had parody characters of Pikachu, Link, and Betty Boop.

Answer: Drawn Together

The protagonist regularly fights a humanoid chicken in this famous animated series.

Answer: Family Guy

This show about the world’s biggest band often features cameos from famous musicians.

Answer: Metalocalypse

Some say that this show’s Tom Anderson was the original inspiration for Hank Hill.

Answer: Beavis And Butt-Head

A demonic dog commits happy acts of terror in this animated series.

Answer: Mr. Pickles

Killface tries to rule the world in this Archer predecessor.

Answer: Frisky Dingo

This short-lived cartoon was based on Kevin Smith‘s cinematic universe.

Answer: Clerks The Animated Series

Before Metalocalypse, Brendan Small made this animated series about children filmmakers.

Answer: Home Movies

A nerd moves in with his hipster brother and stoner roommates in this short-lived comedy series.

Answer: Mission Hill

Junk foods are number one in the hood in this absurd Adult Swim series.

Answer: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

This animated comedy focuses on families living in a snowy mountain town in Colorado.

Answer: South Park

This Netflix animated series is Matt Groening’s take on the fantasy genre.

Answer: Disenchantment

This series has famous comedians voicing children going through monstrous amounts of puberty.

Answer: Big Mouth

This animated comedy is Matt Groening’s take on the genre of science fiction.

Answer: Futurama

This Seth MacFarlane series is about an all-American family that has an alien and a talking goldfish.

Answer: American Dad

Tim and Eric voice their complaints at city hall in this crazy animated series.

Answer: Tom Goes To The Mayor

This long-running series takes a humorous look at a suburban American family from the town of Springfield.

Answer: The Simpsons

This computer-animated surrealist comedy follows the adventures of a spiritual beast and was created by the same people who made Wonder Showzen.

Answer: Xavier Renegade Angel

This Family Guy spinoff features a neighbor who is a bear named Tim.

Answer: The Cleveland Show

This hellish computer-animated comedy was Adult Swim’s first show with a female lead.

Answer: Lucy Daughter Of The Devil

This psychedelic prison comedy is known for its extreme use of violence.

Answer: Superjail!

This Adult Swim comedy features redneck mollusks.

Answer: Squidbillies

Matt Maiellaro created this bizarre surrealist thriller about an alcoholic rodent.

Answer: 12 Oz Mouse

Matt Harrigan and Carl W. Adams parody police dramas in this animated series about a torsoless detective.

Answer: Assy McGee

MC Chris voices Hesh in this Adult Swim underwater comedy.

Answer: Sealab 2021

Will Farrel voices the father in this animated series about a mutated suburban family.

Answer: The Oblongs

Patrick Warburton voices a violent bodyguard in this Adult Swim parody of Johnny Quest.

Answer: The Venture Bros.

This stop-motion series created by Dino Stamatopoulos takes shots at religious suburban America.

Answer: Moral Orel

This animated sitcom parody series features villains from the original Space Ghost cartoon.

Answer: The Brak Show

This parody of legal procedurals has a superhero representing classic cartoon characters.

Answer: Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law

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