5 Best Virtual Dice Rolling Websites For Tabletop Games

Need dice on the go? Check out these lists of the best dice rolling websites.

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Virtual Dice Rolling Sites

Virtual Dice Rolling Websites

Many tabletop games require the use of dice. This is especially true for pen and paper RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons. However, sometimes we forget our dice at home when we go to play games. Also, many people have been moving their tabletop games to a virtual space. This is where dice rolling sites come in handy.

Below you will find a list of my favorite virtual dice rolling sites. Each site has its own pros and cons that can assist with your dice rolling needs.

Google Roll Dice

1. Google

That’s right! You can roll multiple-sided dice right in Google search. Simply type “roll dice” into the search bar to get started.

Google’s dice rolling widget allows you to 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20-sided dice. You can roll as many dice as you want at once.

There is also a modifier setting where you can add an amount to the current dice roll. The only drawback to this is that the modification applies to all dice being rolled. Modifiers cannot be added to a single die.

Click here to roll dice on Google

Wizards Of The Coast Dice Roller

2. Wizards Of The Coast

Tabletop giants Wizards of the Coast have their own free online dice roller. This web page allows users to roll multiple-sided dice. You can also add modifiers to each die individually.

Click here to check out the Wizards Of The Coast dice roller

Brock Jones Dice Roller

3. Brock Jones

Brock Jones has a dice rolling page that is great for Dungeons and Dragons players. You can roll multiple-sided dice. You even save dice rolls that you commonly use. The site also offers a few premade dice rolls that are commonly used in tabletop games.

Click here to check out the Brock Jones online dice roller

Roll A Die Dice Roller

4. Roll A Die

Roll A Die is a website dedicated to helping you with your dice rolling needs. This website allows you to pick how many sides, each die has. It also lets you roll multiple dice at once. On the downside, it does not allow any manual modification to dice roll totals.

Click here to check out Roll A Die

VirtuWorld Dice Roller

5. VirtuWorld

The website VirtuWorld offers its own dice rolling page. You can choose the number of sides on the die, and also how many dice to roll. For a little more fun, they also offer dice that can roll colors and emotions.

Click here to check out the VirtuWorld Dice Roller

What Do You Think?

I hope you enjoyed my list of dice rolling websites. Were there any that I missed? Let me know about your favorite virtual dice rolling websites on social media!

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