We Tried 5-Hour Energy Tidal Twist (Review)

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5 Hour Energy Tidal Twist Review

About 5-Hour Energy Tidal Twist

Tidal Twist is a new flavor from energy drink company 5-Hour Energy. It is a new flavor to get us ready for the summer. However, we need to find out if it gives us the energy we need.

Tidal Twist is considered to be one of 5-Hour Energy’s ‘Extra Strength’ flavors. It contains vitamins B6, B-12, and Niacin. The energy blend contains citicoline, tyrosine, phenylalanine, taurine, malic acid, glucuronolactone, and caffeine. Extra Strength 5-Hour Energy Shots have similar caffeine content to 12 ounces of coffee.

5-Hour Energy Tidal Twist Review

One of my favorite parts of a new summer is the crazy amount of summer-themed drinks and snack foods that come out. The first products I saw were the ketchup and mustard flavors of Doritos. However, 5-Hour Energy Tidal Twist was the first that I purchased.

One common issue with summertime drinks is the overuse of artificial coconut flavor. It can easily overpower the drink and leave it with a flavor reminiscent of sunscreen or air freshener.

While Tidal Twist does have a strong coconut flavor, I did find it to not be super abrasive. It was much more tolerable than other drinks in this category.

The other flavors are where Tidal Twist really shines. Many favors of 5-Hour Energy are basic and can have a medicinal taste. The tropical flavors of Tidal Twist are actually quite good.

As for the energy, I felt that Tidal Twist performed in the same manner as other 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength flavors. In general, I find 5-Hour Energy to be a good pick-me-up, but it doesn’t put me in a focused state like other energy drinks. However, everyone is different, and this may be your go-to source of energy.

Overall, I plan on giving Tidal Twist another go. It is hard to really just an energy shot due to its low volume per serving. If my second go-around is positive, this may very well be in my energy rotation this summer.

5 Hour Energy Tidal Twist Flavor

Have You Tried Tidal Twist From 5-Hour Energy?

We hope you enjoyed our review of Tidal Twist, the new flavor from 5-Hour Energy. Have you tried this energy drink shot? Let us know about your experience on social media!

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