5 Not So Scary Michael Myers Masks For Sale

Say what you will about Halloween as a film franchise, but Michael Myers' mask continues to be the (no pun intended) face of the series.

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Halloween Masks

Are You Afraid of the Boogeyman? Nah.

Michael Myers is not only one of the most iconic slashers in the horror genre but is easily one of the most recognizable film villains. Ever since his debut in John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween, Michael Myers, and his simple yet effective costume would become a staple for many trick or treaters for decades to come.

While we all know the story that Myers’ mask was a retooled Captain Kirk mask, what many don’t know is the mask seemed to have a rocky history both in film and on store shelves. So let’s showcase some not so scary renditions of “The Shape” just in time for the spooky season!

Paper Magic Men’s Michael Myers Mask

Paper Magic Men’s Michael Myers Mask. Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $17.99 USD

One issue a lot of these *ahem* mediocre masks of Mister Myers seem to have is that the hair seems to be sculpted into the mask itself rather than be separate as ‘real” hair. This shotty mask from Paper Magic Men seems more like a burnt marshmallow than the nightmare that plagued Jamie Lee Curtis. And while the price isn’t too bad, you may come across as an SNL parody of Myers rather than the slasher we know and love.

Supermask’s Michael Myers Mask

Supermask’s Michael Myers Mask. Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $17.99 USD

While we all know by now the original mask is a retooled Captain Kirk/William Shatner mask, this mask from Supermask doesn’t even resemble Shatner. In fact, this seems to be a mask that looks more akin to the Handsome Squidward meme than Kirk. Unless you want to make a joke Sexy Myers costume (which by all means go for it), this selfie lipped Myers will have your victims more sexually confused than terrified.

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BBBL’s Michael Myers Mask

BBBL’s Michael Myers Mask. Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $16.99 USD

While most shoddy Michael Myers masks tend to have sculpted hair, this mask from BBBL is on the opposite end of the spectrum with way too much hair. Seemingly based on the mask from Rob Zombie‘s 2007 Halloween remake, honestly, all that hair seems to invoke Rob Zombie himself, or at least Myers at one of his concerts. The hair seems to be the one factor these mask maskers have a lot of issues perfecting and while having actual hair is a step in the right direction, this “Bride of Frankenstein” mess shows there truly is too much of a good thing.

Spook Shop’s Light-Up Michael Myers Mask

Spook Shop’s Michael Myers Mask. Courtesy of Michael-Myers.net

Price: $29.99 USD

Spook Shop’s Light-Up Myers mask seems to check the right boxes while missing all of them at the same time. One plus is the black eyes which is another factor these masks tend to fair at as Myers really becomes less scary without the iconic “blackest eyes, the devil’s eye”, but the way the face is sculpted seems very off. Honestly, it seems to invoke how William Shatner resembles today only without the pain in the ass egotism. Though through this expression this version of Myers invokes less senseless violence and more grumpy old mannequin.

Hot Topic’s Economy Michael Myers Mask

Hot Topic’s Michael Myers Mask. Courtesy of Hot Topic

Price: $36.90 USD

Probably the most egregiously priced mask for claiming to be an “Economy” mask, this mask from Hot Topic shows off another issue when companies replicating the iconic mask: sizing. This mask is too broad both in the actual size as well as the placement of the facial features. This is less Michael Myers and more Arnold Schwarzenegger, so this would be perfect for a sports-themed Myers joke costume. But that price is probably scarier than the mask itself.

Dishonorable Mention: The Mask from Halloween Resurrection

Michael Myers from Halloween Resurrection.

Look at it, just look at it! This mask was used in a professionally made film! How can you make it look so bad!? Just how?!

The Night He Forgot To Come Home!

Say what you will about Halloween as a film franchise, but Michael Myers’ mask continues to be the (no pun intended) face of the series. It’s simple but invokes so much dread, yet it’s mind-boggling how hard it is to replicate such an iconic mask. Maybe it’s so hard to replicate it because it is so simple. It’s that lightning in a bottle design that is not only hard to recreate for store shelves, but even in some of the sequels as well. But with companies like Trick Or Treat Studios making screen accurate masks, maybe we finally perfected the craft to making our own boogeyman…

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