51 Slashing Ghostface Quotes From Call Of Duty

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Ghostface Quotes Call Of Duty

About Ghostface In Call Of Duty

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a team together for a first-person shooter battle royale? Me. If you do though, what could make that experience more crippling than spawn kills, hack programs, and “skill issues”? Getting belittled by Ghostface is certainly a hard-slashing start.

Ghostface is the acclaimed entity of evil in the Scream franchise, set out to improve standards for the horror community. In Call of Duty, it’s just another chance for someone else to take on the mantle of the Woodsboro maniac. The skin itself is not optimal for many outdoor areas as it doesn’t lend to camouflage well, but find yourself indoors and in shadows, you are exactly what Ghostface needs to be.

If horror is a must for you then grabbing the Ghostface skin is a must. Here are our favorite Ghostface quotes from Call Of Duty. Get to slashing!

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Ghostface Quotes From Call Of Duty

“Welcome to my murder party” – Ghostface

“Scary night, isn’t it?” – Ghostface

“Do you want to die?” – Ghostface

“Don’t look behind you.” – Ghostface

“Cut them deep enough to feel bone.” – Ghostface

“You can’t kill death.” – Ghostface

“Back for bloody vengeance.” – Ghostface

“Nobody kills me and lives.” – Ghostface

“What happened to good old fashion stabbing?” – Ghostface

“Cause of death? Me!” – Ghostface

“Gutted!” – Ghostface

“Massacred the whole town!” – Ghostface

“Enemy butchered.” – Ghostface

“Land there and maybe I won’t gut you.” – Ghostface

“Consider yourself eviscerated.” – Ghostface

“You gutted them like a fish.” – Ghostface

“You’re quite the killer!” – Ghostface

“You’ll make it to the next scene.” – Ghostface

“Aid station is close, you don’t get to die until I say so.” – Ghostface

“I see you.” – Ghostface

“You murdered them good.” – Ghostface

“Building a nice body count.” – Ghostface

“I’m right behind you!” – Ghostface

“I got your back, at least until I stab you in it.” – Ghostface

“I don’t need allies. I just need victims.” – Ghostface

“Takes more than that to kill a killer.” – Ghostface

“Couldn’t we have used a stunt guy for that?” – Ghostface

“The movies never show how bad that hurts.” – Ghostface

“Not much of a jumpscare, but I’ll take it.” – Ghostface

“Let’s see what you look like on the inside.” – Ghostface

“Confirming kill, find me another.” – Ghostface

“Everybody dies.” – Ghostface

“I’ll be your executioner today.” – Ghostface

“That’s why you bring a knife to a gunfight.” – Ghostface

“Running out of kill juice.” – Ghostface

“Bled him out quick.” – Ghostface

“Why waste a bullet?” – Ghostface

“Get ready. Someone always dies in the opening scene.” – Ghostface

“You know what I do to survivors, don’t you?” – Ghostface

“It’s an honor.” – Ghostface

“Harvest souls and show your enemies that a true killer never dies.” – Ghostface

“Let’s play a game.” – Ghostface

“Boo! Oh, did I scare you?” – Ghostface

“Have you ever felt your knife sinking into human flesh and scraping the bone beneath?” – Ghostface

“Ready to face the end of level boss?” – Ghostface

“Just us? Good, every killer needs an accomplice.” – Ghostface

“I’m not the one who is supposed to be bleeding.” – Ghostface

“I didn’t sign up for this.” – Ghostface

“Gonna need a bucket.” – Ghostface

“The killer always comes back for one more scare.” – Ghostface

“I want them to know who did this.” – Ghostface

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