90s Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

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90s Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

Are you looking for some 90s movie trivia questions for your next trivia night? You have come to the right place! Check out our best movie trivia questions from the 1990s. Feel free to use them for your trivia games, or just to test your own 90s movie knowledge. Let us know your favorite piece of trivia on social media!

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90s Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

Steve Buscemi gets a sausage McMuffin in this 1999 Adam Sandler comedy.

Answer: Big Daddy

This 1995 comedy coined the phrase ‘Bye, Felicia’.

Answer: Friday

Nobody messes with Billy Idol in this 1998 Adam Sandler comedy.

Answer: The Wedding Singer

Jennifer Aniston has a lot of flair in this 1999 Mike Judge comedy.

Answer: Office Space

Bruce Bogtrotter eats an entire cake in this 1996 Roald Dahl adaptation.

Answer: Matilda

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Long before Modern Family, Julie Bowen was the love interest in this 1996 Adam Sandler comedy.

Answer: Happy Gilmore

Alicia Silverstone is a virgin who can’t drive in this 1995 comedy.

Answer: Clueless

Johnny Depp cuts the hedges in this 1990 Tim Burton film.

Answer: Edward Scissorhands

Dante was supposed to have the day off in this 1994 Kevin Smith comedy.

Answer: Clerks

An old woman is cooler than Miles Davis in this 1995 Adam Sandler comedy.

Answer: Billy Madison

Jim Carrey makes the world’s most annoying sound in the world in this 1994 comedy.

Answer: Dumb And Dumber

Matthew Broderick rigs the vote in this 1999 comedy.

Answer: Election

Rita Hayworth hides a secret in this 1994 Stephen King adaptation.

Answer: The Shawshank Redemption

Cameron Diaz loves a mouth full of metal in this 1998 comedy.

Answer: There’s Something About Mary

Phil gets a spew cup in this 1992 SNL adaptation.

Answer: Wayne’s World

Rose McGowan gets stuck in a cat door in this 1996 horror film.

Answer: Scream

Brad Pitt receives an upsetting package in this 1995 thriller.

Answer: Seven

Saddam Hussein finds fiery love in this 1999 animated comedy.

Answer: South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

The boss’ favorite color is Cornflower Blue in this 1999 Chuck Palahnuik adaptation.

Answer: Fight Club

Steve Buscemi likes coffee refills in this 1992 crime movie.

Answer: Reservoir Dogs

Keanu Reeves pops a pill in this 1999 sci-fi film.

Answer: The Matrix

Samuel L. Jackson drinks an entire Sprite in this 1994 crime film.

Answer: Pulp Fiction

Kathy Bates befriends a writer in this 1990 Stephen King adaptation.

Answer: Misery

Devin Sawa’s leg takes a lot of hits in this 1999 film.

Answer: SLC Punk!

Harland Williams loves buttered stuff in this 1998 comedy.

Answer: Half Baked

Seth Green gets locked in a bathroom in this 1998 teen comedy.

Answer: Can’t Hardly Wait

Michael Rooker eats chocolate-covered pretzels in this 1995 comedy.

Answer: Mallrats

Dan Aykroyd sells brake pads in this 1995 comedy.

Answer: Tommy Boy

Chris Farley is missing half of his nose in this 1998 comedy.

Answer: Dirty Work

Kathy Bates doesn’t want her son playing fool’s ball in this 1998 movie.

Answer: The Waterboy

Jason Lee learns the truth about Archie comics in this 1997 Kevin Smith film.

Answer: Chasing Amy

A man goes on an extreme diet in this 1996 Stephen King adaptation.

Answer: Thinner

Ted Levine gives out lotion in this 1991 crime thriller.

Answer: The Silence Of The Lambs

Kevin Spacey tells a fake story in this 1995 crime drama.

Answer: The Usual Suspects

Edward Norton turns his racist life around in this 1998 drama.

Answer: American History X

Natalie Portman helps a hitman in this 1994 crime drama.

Answer: Leon The Professional

Kate Winslet rides a door in this 1997 drama.

Answer: Titanic

Tim Allen is a plastic spaceman in this 1995 children’s movie.

Answer: Toy Story

Jeff Bridges wants a new rug in this 1998 crime comedy.

Answer: The Big Lebowski

Bill Murray is stuck in a loop in this 1993 comedy.

Answer: Groundhog Day

90s Movie Trivia Questions

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