50+ 90s Music Trivia Questions And Answers For Your Next Trivia Night

Are you having a trivia night soon? Check out our list of 90s music trivia questions and answers!

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1990s Music Trivia Questions And Answers

Are you having a 90s-themed trivia night? Or are you just looking to quiz yourself on 90s musical artists? Either way, we have you covered. Here is the list of our favorite pieces of 90s music trivia questions and answers. If you have any idea for trivia to be added to this list, let us know on social media!

90s Music Trivia Questions And Answers

1. Don’t go chasing this popular 90s group consisting of three female singers.

Answer: TLC

2. Much like George Washington, this 90s hip hop artist cannot tell a lie…at least when it comes to big butts.

Answer: Sir Mix-A-Lot

3. This former Menudo member found solo success with his hit song ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’.

Answer: Ricky Martin

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4. While they are not traditionally scat singers, this group of brothers dominated the 90s with their single ‘MMMBop’.

Answer: Hanson

5. This famous actor got jiggy with the 90s while starring in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

Answer: Will Smith

6. This group of anarchists can’t be kept down with their 90s hit ‘Tubthumping’.

Answer: Chumbawumba

7. You can shut down the bar with this 90s band’s hit ‘Closing Time’.

Answer: Semisonic

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8. Rob Thomas was featured in this famous guitar player’s 90s hit ‘Smooth’.

Answer: Santana

90s Music Trivia Questions and Answers

9. Though he calls himself a Loser, this 90s artist has found a lot of mainstream success.

Answer: Beck

10. Though released in the 90s, this group had a hit song with ‘1979’.

Answer: The Smashing Pumpkins

11. This famous frontman found mainstream success when he compared his looks to Buddy Holly.

Answer: Rivers Cuomo

12. Don’t Speak, unless you are saying the name of this 90s band led by Gwen Stephani.

Answer: No Doubt

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13.This artist tells you the woes of dating from each gender’s perspective in Doo Wop (That Thing).

Answer: Lauryn Hill

14.This smooth RnB group will get you in the mood with their 90s hit ‘I’ll Make Love To You’.

Answer: Boyz II Men

15.You’ll have the time of your life with this 90s punk band fronted by Billie Joe Armstrong.

Answer: Green Day

16.This hip hop group terrified the 90s with their horror-inspired hit ‘Mind Playin’ Tricks’.

Answer: Geto Boys

17.Don’t look back in anger after you give the name of this 90s English rock band.

Answer: Oasis

18. Flea made many 90s kids want to slap the bass through his work in this 90s band.

Answer: Red Hot Chili Peppers

19. People were shocked to learn the meaning behind this 90s band’s hit ‘Every Morning’.

Answer: Sugar Ray

20. You may have a Semi-Charmed Life after listening to this 90s band.

Answer: Third Eye Blind

21. This 90s punk band told a cautionary tale with their hit song ‘Time Bomb’.

Answer: Rancid

22. This pop-punk band found mainstream success with their album Enema Of The State.

Answer: Blink-182

23. Deep Blue Something had a 1995 hit with their single named after this famous movie.

Answer: Breakfast At Tiffany’s

24. Christina Aguilera compares herself to a folklore creature in this 90s hit song.

Answer: Genie In A Bottle

25. This 90s English electronic group will have your senses on Red Alert.

Answer: Basement Jaxx

26. Everlast, Danny Boy, and DJ Lethal were better known in the 90s as this hip hop group.

Answer: House Of Pain

27. This singer topped the charts with her 1998 single ‘Torn’.

Answer: Natalie Imbruglia

90s Music Trivia Questions

28. In 1991, this female hip hop group wanted to talk to you about sex.

Answer: Salt N’Pepa

29. In 1992, this classic punk band didn’t know whether to stay or go.

Answer: The Clash

30. This band wanted a smooch in their 1999 hit ‘Kiss Me’.

Answer: Sixpence None The Richer

31. Don’t Turn Around until you’ve given the name of this 90s band.

Answer: Ace Of Base

32. ‘Song 2’ by this band will have you saying ‘woo hoo’ every time.

Answer: Blur

33. This 90s band influenced by ska and reggae wants you to know that they don’t practice Santeria.

Answer: Sublime

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34. In 1996 you could have helped this band count blue cars.

Answer: Dishwalla

35. This ska band had hits in the 90s and a small role in the movie Clueless.

Answer: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

36. Make sure to put your pants on backward when listening to this 90s hip hop group.

Answer: Kriss Kross

37. Eric Clapton brought a new life to one of his hits with the unplugged version of this song.

Answer: Layla

38. This band told you that they smell sex and candy in their 1997 hit song.

Answer: Marcy Playground

39. This 90s hip hop group asked if you ever wore the mask.

Answer: The Fugees

40. In 1999, this band fronted by Dave Grohl wanted to Learn To Fly.

Answer: The Foo Fighters

41. In 1993, this famous singer told us they would do anything for love.

Answer: Meatloaf

42. In 1993, this band reminded you that everybody hurts sometimes.

Answer: R.E.M.

43. Do you believe in life after love? This singer does.

Answer: Cher

44. In 1997, this rock band played you a bitter sweet symphony.

Answer: The Verve

45. This late hip hop artist teamed up with Dr. Dre in their 1996 song ‘California Love’.

Answer: 2Pac

46. This punk band of fly white guys started under the name Manic Subsidal.

Answer: The Offspring

47. You Oughta Know the name of this Canadian-American singer famous in the 1990s.

Answer: Alanis Morissette

48. In 1997, you could have walked on the sun with this ska band.

Answer: Smash Mouth

49. In 1993, the Spin Doctors found success with this hit single.

Answer: Two Princes

50. This late rapper told us that he sees a correlation between money and problems.

Answer: The Notorious B.I.G.

51. This band didn’t want to miss a thing with their hit song featured in the film Armageddon.

Answer: Aerosmith

52. This rock band had a funny take on the Discovery Channel in their 199 hit song ‘Bad Touch’.

Answer: Bloodhound Gang

53. ODB stumbled into a verse for this rapper’s 1998 hit ‘Ghetto Supastar’.

Answer: Pras

54. This classic rock band was electrified in their 1990 hit ‘Thunderstruck’.

Answer: AC/DC

55. Puff Daddy and Faith Evans teamed up for this 1997 hit song.

Answer: I’ll Be Missing You

1990s Music Trivia Questions And Answers

What Are Your Favorite 90s Music Trivia Questions?

We hope you enjoyed our 90s music trivia questions and answers. Do you have any trivia that should be added to this list? Let us know on social media!

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