90s TV Trivia Questions And Answers For Your Next Trivia Night

Put your 90s TV knowledge to the test!

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90s TV Trivia Questions And Answers

90s TV Trivia Night

Do you know what’s better than regular TV trivia night? 90s TV trivia night.

Nostalgia for 1990s media has seen a resurgence in the past few years. Now it is time to put your 90s television knowledge to the test! Check out this list of 90s TV trivia questions and answers.

90s TV Trivia Questions And Answers

Wayne Knight delivers the mail in this 90s sitcom.

Answer: Seinfeld

Before The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik played this titular 90s character. 

Answer: Blossom

William Daniels helps raise a group of kids as their teacher in this 90s sitcom.

Answer: Boy Meets World

Olmec the stone statue hosts this ‘legendary’ 90s kid’s game show.

Answer: Legends of the Hidden Temple

Before Arrested Development, Jessica Walter played Frances the allosaurus in this 90s sitcom.

Answer: Dinosaurs

Dorothy wouldn’t last a minute in this 90s prison drama.

Answer: Oz

Matthew Perry has a pet duck in this 90s sitcom.

Answer: Friends

90s Television Trivia Questions And Answers
90s TV Trivia Questions And Answers

Tim Allen was on a show within a show in this 90s sitcom.

Answer: Home Improvement

While James Avery was voicing Shredder on TMNT, he was also playing a father and uncle in this 90s show.

Answer: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This 90s show featured a comb named Mr. Good Parts.

Answer: Full House

Nerdy Steve has an alter ego named Stephan in this 90s sitcom.

Answer: Family Matters

Before voicing Leela on Futurama, Katey Sagal played a mother on this 90s show.

Answer: Married With Children

Mr. DeMartino has a crazy eye in this 90s animated show.

Answer: Daria

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Before voicing SpongeBob, Tom Kenny performed on this 90s sketch comedy starring David Cross and Bob Odenkirk.

Answer: Mr. Show

You may be a redneck if you watched this 90s sitcom named after a famous stand-up comic.

Answer: The Jeff Foxworthy Show

Dave Foley is known for his work in this 90s Canadian sketch comedy show.

Answer: Kids In The Hall

Garry Shandling played the titular character of this 90s parody of late-night talk shows.

Answer: The Larry Sanders Show

Before The Middle, Patricia Heaton played a mom of twins on this 90s sitcom.

Answer: Everybody Loves Raymond

The points don’t matter on this late 90s improv game show.

Answer: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Grandpa watches Lonely Space Vixens on this 90s cartoon.

Answer: Rugrats

Keith David voices this titular demonic superhero in this 90s animated series.

Answer: Todd McFarlane’s Spawn

In the 90s, Neil Patrick Harris this child doctor.

Answer: Doogie Howser M.D.

Long before their movies, Seth Rogan and James Franco teamed up on this 90s series.

Answer: Freaks And Geeks

Dan Castellaneta does the voice for this iconic 90s animated dad.

Answer: Homer Simpson

During the 90s, this late comedian guest-starred on multiple episodes of Sesame Street.

Answer: Robin Williams

This 90s show was about a psychiatrist giving advice over a Seattle radio station.

Answer: Frasier

Outside of Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts guest-starred as Susie Moss in an episode of this famous 90s sitcom.

Answer: Friends

This 90s children’s show included five superheroes fighting monsters made of clay.

Answer; The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Before Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart played the titular character on this 90s Nickelodeon sitcom.

Answer: Clarissa Explains It All

Many believe that the prototype for Hank Hill was a character named Tom Anderson from this 90s Mike Judge Cartoon.

Answer: Beavis and Butthead

R.L. Stine’s young adult horror book series was turned into this 90s show of the same name.

Answer: Goosebumps

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The cartoon character Usagi Tsukino goes by this titular lunar name.

Answer: Sailor Moon

This 90s Nickelodeon show took place at a summer camp named Camp Anawanna.

Answer: Salute Your Shorts

Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Mitch Brian created this beloved animated noir take on The Caped Crusader.

Answer: Batman: The Animated Series

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One true fact about Chuck Norris was that he started in this 90s Southern crime drama.

Answer: Walker, Texas Ranger

The Centauri and The Narn are at odds in this 90s space opera.

Answer: Babylon 5

1990s TV Trivia Questions And Answers

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