The Ultimate (Vanity) Nostalgia: A Love Letter to Collector’s Items

The memorabilia that we covet.

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Dear diary, I have a collecting problem. 

There are levels to every individual’s collectibles, memorabilia, and keepsakes. A small designated shelf or entire rooms are dedicated to the practice of maintaining space for our prized possessions. For some persons it’s shoes, clothes, figurines, posters, music, film, video-games or any plethora of things or combinations therein. Each of us has a love for the items that we covet and collect. They are our personal vanity projects that we cherish and save exorbitant amounts of money to attain and maintain. 

My first moon-boot futuristic sneaker, the P.F. Flyers: Astor.

My personal collections range from a variety of items that seem to shift as I age, which is understandable I suppose, varying tastes with maturity and what not. However, when I peruse through my wardrobe, now I’m gob smacked…when did I acquire over a hundred bowties? Plus all these suspenders, where did they come from? Oh goodness, and chapeaus galore. For the sake of room, I have to rotate my wardrobes because of the tidal wave of items. They are all catalogued and filed of course; there has to be some semblance of order amidst the cavalcade of clothing. 

Dear diary, I have a collecting problem, send help. 

 A most expensive Alien 

Each Alien Stomper edition has its own unique box.

Besides clothing, I positively, absolutely LOVE shoes as well. They all have to speak to me and there has to be something unique about them. Form and function are integral to the process of purchase. At this particular moment, I am obsessed with finding specific variants of the Reebok Alien shoe series. In 2016, the first limited edition sneaker released was the iconic Reebok Alien Stomper worn by Ellen Ripley in Aliens (1986) which infuriatingly only had men’s sizes available. This is the cruelest and meanest of ironies indeed. The Internet was understandably livid and Reebok tried to never make the same mistake again with subsequent releases of other shoes in the Reebok Alien Stomper series. 

Each shoe comes with its own unique sleeve, with all kinds of Weyland-Yutani advertising.

This beautiful and prized shoe, as of right now, in my size is $2,000 USD at, so if you’d like to donate to the ‘help Dani Bethea make her shoe collection dreams come true fund’, please DM me ASAP. I jest, but seriously I WANT these shoes, so I’m going to somehow, someway, one-day get my hands on these shoes. I may even be buried in them one day when I leave this mortal plane. I adore them that much. Currently, I’ve acquired the 40th-anniversary ‘prototype’ Bishop edition, which set me back a sweet $240 USD. Note: these items never depreciate in value, they only grow in exclusivity. For example, the original retail price for the Alien Stomper from 2016 was $175 USD and the price on various websites has more than octupled. If I ever acquire these shoes, I’d never covet anything else again (especially if my wallet has anything to say about it).

My babies, the Reebok Alien Stomper 40th Anniversary ‘prototype’ Bishop (2019) edition.

What about your friends? 

I know that some of my fellow writing staff members have their personal shrines, excuse me, walls of collector McCool items. I’m truly in awe of their dedication to the art form of collecting and I remain humbled by their intimate knowledge of each and every item. They make sacrifices for these goods, not with altars mind you, but endless hours of becoming a dedicated and avid hunter. Honing their Internet hunting skills became an invaluable resource in the acquisition of their favorite items and they constantly share their latest finds. 

Thank you all for the love and passion you show your fandoms. 🖤

Notes from a fledgling collector…

#1: Save, save, save, and save some more. Budget and don’t go bankrupt trying to get that elusive item. 

#2: Become Internet savvy. If you aren’t already, thoroughly research what you’re looking for and make sure you purchase from reputable websites. 

#3: Look for discount codes, coupons, holiday specials, etc. to help soften the blow to your savings. 

#4: You may have connections in your friend circle(s) about that special thing you’re looking for. Also, don’t hesitate to ask the community/fandom that you’re a part of for help. They are a resource too; it never hurts to ask (nicely). 

#5: Reiterating number 1—plan (and budget) for what you want! Your bank account and cortisol levels will thank you. 

Happy collecting!  


A Dedicated Devoted Devourer. 


I found a pair of the Alien Stomper x Mountain Research edition shoes that released during this pandemic/quarantine. So, perhaps this is a sign….YES, I bought them…they’re on sale…you’re welcome.

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