PHASR is a collision of culture and a celebration of what we love. Created by Aaron Iara and Anthony Derington, both alumni of their respective music scenes with a deep love of punk, hip-hop, film, food, and art; they partnered to create a true sense of community online.

PHASR’s mission is to create a space for those who choose to pursue a life of meaning and purpose. We’re blending the digital and physical space while celebrating the cool as f*ck people who pour their heart into their work. We’re celebrating the content creators who reject apathy and are shaking up the world in everything they do.

PHASR Media EST. 2022

The PHASR Podcast Collective is a sonic deep dive into the things we love most. We’re tackling the podcast medium to share short-form audio journalism and audio entertainment for listeners who want something more out of their shows. Enjoy bizarre takes, hilarious personalities, and thoughtful stories that span food, music, film, culture, and more.

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PHASR is a collision of culture, food, style, tech, entertainment and creators who reject apathy. Advertising with PHASR positions your brand with our dynamic audience range to get the word out about your product, service, business, or project. PHASR provides prime ad space to you via our website, podcasts, newsletter, social media, and more.

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