Aeolian have a New Album out so we did a One Sentence Review on Each Track

Melodic death metal band Aeolian have released a new album so we did a once sentence review of each track - because we're lazy!

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Aeolian release album entitled Echoes of the Future

Melodic death metal band, Aeolian, have released their third album, Echoes of the Future , which closes out a trilogy of albums. First beginning with The Silent Witness, which explored the greatness and resilience of nature and the danger to which we submit its fragile balance, then the band’s second release The Negationist, developed in a present-day in which we refuse to see how the human being has affected and threatened that balance.

On Echoes of the Future, Aeolian embarks on a journey through the next centuries and puts us in the shoes of our counterparts from a not-so-distant future who will guide us on a journey through the difficulties and great dilemmas of humanity to survive on an increasingly inhospitable planet.

Echoes of the Future was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound studio.


1 – Hominis Obscura
2 – Dreams or Reality
3 – The Miracle
4 – Her Grief
5 – Like a Blackened Sun
6 – Into the Flames
7 – Lords of Greed
8 – Echoes of the Future
9 – Chronicles of the Fall

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Aeolian - Echoes of the Future
Aeolian – Echoes of the Future

The Review

Track 1 – Hominis Obscura

Journeying between early Dimmu Borgir and In Flames, this track makes me wish for simpler times when the early beginnings of european extreme metal reigned supreme!

Track 2 – Dreams of Reality

The intro lead-guitar bit makes me want to smash my keyboard on the desk of a thousand unsuspecting office workers in my day job yodelling “Trala-fucking-la!”

Track 3 – The Miracle

How is this not the first goddamn single!?

Track 4 – Her Grief

Probably recorded in a basement after the smell of a human sacrifice cleared the air.

Track 5 – Like a Blackened Sun

A track that exudes the end of a dying solar system and chronicles a starship’s failed attempts to save all life within the universe… or just another metal song.

Track 6 – Into the Flames

Highly likely to grab the listener by the balls and convert them into a lifelong fan.

Track 7 – Lords of Greed

The soundtrack to a slow and menacing titan as it walks across the countryside to pickup a newspaper and head back home again.

Track 8 – Echoes of the Future

A relentless beast of a track to smash those gains at the gym to or rip off the head of a nearby virgin that won’t stop yapping about first world problems bullshit – take your pick!

Track 9 – Chronicles of the Fall

The grimmest, grimiest, filthiest, melodic death metal track you’ll find on this record that adds a hint of atmosphere to your listen whilest also ending the album on a high note!

Where can I listen to Aeolian’s Echoes of the Future?

Echoes of the Future is out now on Black Lion Records. Order the album at their Bandcamp.

Find Echoes of the Future on all streaming platforms.

What do you think of Aeolian’s Echoes of the Future?

Is it your kind of metal? Let us know on social media.

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