Archie 2015 #2 Review

Archie 2015 #2 is written by Mark Waid. The artwork is by Fiona Staples. This issue was released on August 19th of 2015. It is published by Archie Comics.

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Archie 2015 2 Review

About Archie 2015 #2

Archie 2015 #2 is written by Mark Waid. The artwork is by Fiona Staples. This issue was released on August 19th of 2015. It is published by Archie Comics.

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Archie is one of the longest-running comic book series of all time. This new series serves as a refresher for the Archie characters. It offers a more modern take on the series and setting.

For those who are not familiar with Archie, it is a comic book series about Archie Andrews, your typical American teenager. He attends Riverdale High with his best friend and always hungry Jughead. Archie has two love interests. His love is constantly torn between the “girl next door” Betty Cooper and the rich, high-class Veronica.

Archie 2015 #2 has Archie looking for a new job to fix up his beat down car. Luckily, a mysterious new building is being erected in Riverdale and is looking for people to help build it.

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Archie 2015 2 Cover

Archie 2015 #2 Review

I laughed out loud when I saw Jughead as a child being served cheeseburgers on a silver platter. That imagery is just too good to not chuckle at. Jokes aside, I think this was a really cool way to introduce Jughead’s backstory for this series.

Also, the montage of Archie’s after-school jobs was hilarious. How do you set ice cream on fire? The jokes just keep coming in this issue.

In the second section of this issue, we see Betty trying to get dolled up for a party. We find out that she did not invite Archie. She is also having trouble being “girly”. Betty is used to being one of the guys, but is being pressured to show her feminine side.

Between Betty and Jughead’s stories, the theme of this issue seems to be “be yourself”. In our teenage years, we struggle to find our new identity. Actually, this happens multiple times throughout our lives. This search for self-expression usually leads to some trial-and-error and awkward missteps. However, I have faith that our characters will find their own paths.

The Lodges are moving into town. Veteran Archie fans knows what this means. We are getting our introduction of Veronica! She has always been one of my favorite Archie characters, and I am excited to see how she is in this new series. Luckily, Archie makes a great first impression by completely destroying the Lodge’s construction site.

Archie comes home to find that Betty secretly fixed Archie’s car while he was working at the construction site. I found this to be extremely heartwarming. Lost love can be incredibly painful, but it is nice to know that your ex-significant other still cares about you.

I have only read two issues of this comic so far, but this one is most definitely my favorite of the two. It was funny, heartwarming, and really sets up the plot for the next few issues. I feel like I have read every Archie story under the sun, but this series has me hooked!

Archie 2015 2 Preview

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