Arnold Swarzenegger Is Zeus In BMW Super Bowl Commerical

Ancient Gods, New Cars

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Arnold Schwarzenegger BMW Super Bowl Ad

BMW Super Bowl Commerical

During the 2022 Super Bowl LVI, BMW was advertising a new electric SUV, the model IX. The commercials featured famous actor and politician Arnold Swarzenegger.

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He plays the role of Zeus, and gets into a series of comedic situations due to his control (or lack thereof) of electricity. Zeus is recently retired and is having a hard time adapting to the chill retired life. Luckily, he has the beatiful Hera (Salma Hayek) by his side.

I thought this ad was hilarious. I love seeing classic actors and actresses doing what they do best. These are two performers who I grew up watching. Seeing them in a silly Super Bowl ad is just what I needed today. It is also nice to see more companies making electric cars.

Did You Catch The 2022 BMW Super Bowl LVI Ad?

Were you able to Catch the 2022 BMW Super Bowl LVI Ad featuring Arnold Swarzenegger as Zeus and Salma Hayek as Hera? What did you think? Let us know on social media!

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