Bloody Aussies: 43 Australian Trivia Questions and Answers

How well do you know your Australian Trivia? Let's test it.

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43 Australian Trivia Questions and Answers

About Australia

Australia is the world’s largest island, country and continent. With that fact comes an incredible history around Pop Culture, Sports, True Crime, Environment and many other weird and wonderful facts.

So, as an Australian, I thought it was my civic duty to assemble some of the more interesting trivia questions for you to work your way through. Share them with your friends, family, co-workers and let me know: “How many Australian Trivia Questions did you get right?”

Australian Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Located off the coast of Queensland, what is the world’s largest coral reef system?
The Great Barrier Reef. It’s home to thousands of species of marine life.

2. True of False: Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country by total area, covering approximately 7.7 million square kilometers?

3. Where is The Opera House located?

4. How big is ‘The Outback’?
The Outback is a vast, arid region of Australia that covers nearly 70% of the country’s landmass.

5. What are 4 animals unique to Australia?
Kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and wallabies.

6. Is a Koala a bear?
A koala is not a bear, it’s a marsupial. Marsupials are characterised as mammals who have raise their young in a pouch.

7. What is ‘The Great Australian Bight’?
Answer: The Great Australian Bight is a vast oceanic bight, or open bay, located off the southern coast of Australia.

8. Where is the Tasmanian Devil from?
The Tasmanian Devil is a small, carnivorous marsupial that is from Tasmania. It’s called a Devil because of its fierce growling sound.

9. What are Australia’s two most popular languages?
English and Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

10. Which well-known Australian company uses “I Still Call Australia Home” as their theme song in all their advertising?

11. True or False: In 1932, a group of Australian soldiers declared war on a group of emus that were damaging crops in Western Australia. The so-called “Emu War” lasted for several weeks and ended in a victory for the emus.

12. What is the ‘Big Banana’?
The Big Banana is a giant banana-shaped tourist attraction in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, and is one of several “big things” that can be found around Australia, including the Big Pineapple, the Big Lobster, and the Big Merino.

13. Is the ‘Drop bear’ real?
The Drop Bear is not real. It’s a fictional species of carnivorous koala that supposedly drops from trees and attacks unsuspecting tourists and it’s a common joke among Aussies.

14. Which Australian suburb is famous for its underground homes?
The town of Coober Pedy, located in South Australia, is famous for its underground homes, which residents have built to escape the intense heat of the desert.

15. Can you spot any UFOs in Australia?
The town of Wycliffe Well, located in the Northern Territory, claims to be the UFO capital of Australia, with numerous sightings reported in the area.

16. What’s the Australian national anthem called?
Advance Australia Fair.

17. What is Vegemite?
Vegemite is a well-known spread created from a Yeast extract. It’s also very salty.

18. What is ‘The Staircase to the Moon’?
The Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon that occurs in Broome, Western Australia, when the full moon rises over the exposed mudflats at low tide, creating the illusion of a staircase leading up to the moon.

19. Are there any Tasmanian Tigers left?
The Tasmanian tiger (or thylacine), was a carnivorous marsupial that went extinct in the early 20th century, making it one of the few large mammals to have become extinct in modern times.

20. What is Uluru?
Uluru is the world’s largest known monolith. It’s located in the Northern Territory and is sacred to the local Anangu people.

21. Time for some True Crime, who was the ‘Backpack Killer’?
Ivan Milat. He was a notorious Australian serial killer who murdered seven young backpackers between 1989 and 1992.

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22. True or False: The Snowtown murders, also known as the Bodies in Barrels murders, were a series of 11 murders committed between 1992 and 1999 in South Australia. The bodies of the victims were found in barrels in a disused bank vault in the town of Snowtown.
Answer: True.

23. What happened to British Backpacker Peter Falconio?
British backpacker Peter Falconio was killed by Bradley John Murdoch in the Northern Territory. Falconio’s body has never been found. Bradley John Murdoch was convicted in 2001.

24. Who were The Beaumont Children?
The Beaumont children were three children named Jane, Arnna, and Grant. They disappeared from Glenelg Beach in Adelaide in 1966 and have never been found. The case remains one of Australia’s most infamous unsolved mysteries.

25. True or False: The Russell Street bombing in Melbourne in 1986 was a terrorist attack that killed one person and injured 21 others. The attack was carried out by the criminal organization known as the “Mr. Asia” syndicate.
Answer: True.

26. What happened to Anita Cobby?
Anita Cobby was murdered in 1986. It was a high-profile crime that shocked Australia. Cobby, a 26-year-old nurse, was abducted, raped, and murdered by five men in New South Wales. It’s still one of Australia’s most horrific crimes.

27. What was the cult known as ‘The Family’ and why were they so notorious?
The Family, also known as the Great White Brotherhood, was a cult that operated in Melbourne during the 1960s and 1970s. The group was led by Anne Hamilton-Byrne, who adopted several children and subjected them to physical and psychological abuse.

28. Who was Daniel Morcombe’s killer?
Brett Peter Cowan. He murdered Daniel Morcombe in 2003. This was a high-profile case in Queensland that remained unsolved for several years. However, Brett Peter Cowan, was finally convicted in 2014.

29. How many people died in The Whiskey A Go Go Fire?
The Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub fire in Brisbane in 1973 was a mass murder that killed 15 people. The attack was carried out by members of a criminal organization who were attempting to extort the nightclub’s owners.

30. How did Azaria Chamberlain die?
Answer: The murder of Azaria Chamberlain in 1980 was a case that captivated Australia and the world. Azaria, a nine-week-old baby, disappeared from a campsite near Uluru, and her parents claimed she had been taken by a dingo. The case was controversial and led to a lengthy legal battle before Azaria’s death was officially ruled a result of a dingo attack in 2012.

31. Which best selling rock band originally formed in Sydney?

32. Which popular Australian soap opera launched the careers of Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce, and Margot Robbie?

33. Which Australian is best known for his role as Wolverine in the “X-Men” movie franchise?
Hugh Jackman.

34. Which movie released in 1997 is considered one of the greatest Australian films of all time?
The Castle.

35. What’s the name of Nick Cave’s band?
The Bad Seeds.

36. Who portrays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Chris Hemsworth.

37. Who wrote and sings on hit songs “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart”?

38. How many times has Australia won the Cricket World Cup?
Five times.

39. Which famous horse race is held is held annually on the first Tuesday in November?
Melbourne Cup.

40. Ian Thorpe, Dawn Fraser, Grant Hackett, and Libby Trickett are Olympic champions in which sport?

41. Which marsupial is the Australian rugby union team named after?

42. Which Surfing World Champion famously punched a Shark to save himself from being eaten?
Mick Fanning.

43. What’s the real name of the motorsport legend “Peter Perfect”?
Peter Brock.

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