Banjo-Kazooie Headed to Nintendo Switch Online

Play the platformer classic on Nintendo Switch!

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Banjo-Kazooie Coming to Nintendo Switch

Is Banjo-Kazooie Coming To Switch?

Nintendo announced in a Tweet on Tuesday that Banjo-Kazooie (1998), Rare‘s fan-favorite platformer is coming to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription service on January 20, 2022. It’s the eleventh Nintendo 64 title headed to the Switch’s online subscription service. The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack costs $49.99 annually for a single user and $79.99 annually for a family plan.

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Banjo-Kazooie is a series of video games developed by Rare. The games feature a male bear named Banjo and his friend, a large female red bird named Kazooie. Throughout the various games, they are tasked with thwarting the various evil schemes of a witch named Gruntilda. Banjo and Kazooie resurfaced as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where they were released as DLC fighters in 2019.

It’ll be a busy week for video game fans, not only with Banjo-Kazooie making its return to the Nintendo Switch but Windjammers 2 and Rainbow Six Extraction debuting that Thursday. Both games will be made available on all three versions of Game Pass, along with the Hitman World of Assassination trilogy.

UPDATE: Banjo-Kazooie is now available for Nintendo Switch online. Nintendo put out a press release about the update, and talked about upcoming updates to their archive of retro games. We also found this awesome Banjo Kazooie Youtooz figurine on Amazon!

Are You Excited for Banjo-Kazooie Coming to the Switch?

Mario isn’t the only platformer in town anymore! Will you be playing Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know on social media!

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