Camrus Johnson (Batwoman)’s Sci-Fi Comic Book, TOWER, comes to Epic Conclusion (EXCLUSIVE)

TOWER, the sci-fi action comic book from esteemed actor, Camrus Johnson (The CW's Batwoman) is coming to its epic conclusion - and we've got the exclusive.

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The Tower Issue 5

Camrus Johnson’s Tower Comes to a Dramatic Finale

TOWER, the sci-fi action comic book from esteemed actor, Camrus Johnson (The CW’s Batwoman) is coming to its epic conclusion with Issue 5 dropping in comic book stores on July 19th, 2023.

Combining combat sports, video games, and paying homage to 80’s sci-fi classics like The Running Man, TOWER is a non-stop adrenaline filled comic book ride which will make you feel like you’ve been on an adventure of a lifetime.

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Tower #5 (of 5) - A Wave Blue World
Camrus Johnson’s Tower #5 (of 5) – A Wave Blue World

Co-writers Camrus Johnson and Kelsey Barnhat Interview

As an accomplished actor and director in his own right, Camrus Johnson (and Batwing) fans will be absolutely floored with the time taken in mapping out this cinematic-like science fiction story.

We caught up with head writer Camrus Johnson and co-writer, Kelsey Barnhat, to get the “low down” on what fans will come to expect:

“After soaking in how utterly action-packed the first four issues are, you know we had to go out with a big bang! Issue #5 is an insane amount of action and just an overall intense read,” says Johnson. “Page 5 is one of my favorite pages of the entire comic; it really shows just how chaotic and cutthroat this game is. Of course, we get to see our original team interact again now that we’re nearing the end . . . but with the game almost over now, they each may have their own agendas.”

“I came up with TOWER in my head about a decade ago, so seeing and knowing that the final issue of this series is hitting shelves soon warms my heart in a way that’s hard to explain. I’m so proud of my team for the hard work they’ve done over the many years that this project took, and I can’t wait to hear what people think of the ending. 

“I just have to say, most importantly, thank you to every single reader for giving this comic a chance and a read. It means so much to my entire team, to me, and to the 18-year-old version of me that had a big idea and no idea if, how, or when he would actually get it out there. But he did, and I’m so incredibly proud of him for it. Thank you so much.” 

Barnhart adding, “Issue #5 is the real deal. The danger is at its apex, there is no more running, no more hiding. For our heroes, it’s time to stand and fight. These people have truly changed; some grew, some faltered, some hardened, and now all that is left is to see what happens when these unstoppable forces collide. You do not want to miss this.

“I’m thrilled to finally have everyone engaging with this story we’ve been building for years. The reception has been awesome, and I’m truly blown away. When you invest this much time and creative energy in a story, you’re never quite sure if everything will come together in just the right way. But with the team we had, some real legends and some incredible new talent, it feels a bit like magic. You spend years gardening, and now this incredible flower is almost done blooming.”

Joining Camrus on this final issue is artist Loyiso Mkize, colorist Andrew Dalhouse and letterer Bernardo Brice.

What is Tower #5 about?

Casandra, Kimi, and Mac were thrust into a brutal (and seemingly virtual) world where they must compete in a dangerous video game-style competition, and now the last remaining challengers face each other in a final showdown! After a split, Cas, Kimi, and Mac are reunited, but can they find a way to trust each other again? It’s the final push to the end; who will claim victory at the top of the Tower?

With the main characters inspired by pop-culture icons like Spider-Man and Static Shock, it’s easy to see the creators involved have painstakingly mapped a thrilling ride of cross-audience appeal and relatable themes. From hit points and power ups which is guaranteed grab gamers’ attention to themes of technology’s effects on society and the desensitation of the digital space as a whole.

Tower is published by A Wave Blue World and will be available as a 24-page, full colour beast, of non-stop action at a cool $4.99.

Tower #5 (of 5) - Preview 1
Tower #5 (of 5) - Preview 2
Tower #5 (of 5) - Preview 3
Tower #5 (of 5) - Preview 4
Tower #5 (of 5) - Preview 5

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