Be Well Drops ‘I Will Leave You With This’ (Single)

Hello Sun Coming May 20th

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Be Well I Will Leave You With This

Melodic hardcore punk band Be Well recently dropped their new single ‘I Will Leave You With This’. This is the second single from their upcoming album Hello Sun. The first single for this album was titled ‘Threadless’ and was released on March 11th, 2022.

Hello Sun is set to be released on May 20th, 2022. This will be the band’s second album, with the first being 2020’s The Weight And The Cost.

For the uninitiated, Be Well is a band from Baltimore Maryland. It is comprised of members from other classic punk and hardcore bands, such as Bane, Battery, and Converge. The band’s lineup is Brian McTernan, Aaron Dalbec, Shane Johnson, Mike Schleibaum, and Peter Tsouras.

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Hello Sun Track List

According to Be Well’s Bandcamp page, Hello Sun will be a six-track album. It is currently available for preorder ahead of its May 20th release date.

Hello Sun will contain the following tracks:

  1. Treadless
  2. I Will Leave You With This
  3. An Endless Loop
  4. Hello Sun
  5. Only One Wish
  6. In The Shadow Of Who You Thought I Was

Preorder Hello Sun On Bandcamp

Are You A Fan Of Be Well?

‘I Will Leave You With This’ is an awesome track. We can’t wait for Hello Sun to drop in a few weeks. What did you think of this track? Let us know on social media!

Where To Find Be Well

Be Well On Twitter

Be Well On Instagram

Be Well On YouTube

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