22 Aesthetic Quotes From Creators We Love

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Best Aesthetic Quotes

Aesthetics are the foundation of anything related to art, creativity, and beauty. It impacts all parts of our life, from our favorite movies to the way we set up our desks. Today we want to go over some of our favorite aesthetic quotes from creators we love. If we missed any of your favorite aesthetic quotes, let us know on social media!

Aesthetic Quotes From Creators

I know that I put a lot into Hereditary, and I’m proud of what it is. Beyond the fact that the film takes its time and asks for a certain amount of patience from the audience, and I hope it rewards that patience by the end. I know that I’m something of an aesthete. I care about aesthetics, and I love filmmaking – Ari Aster, Dazed Interview

When I listen to Amy Winehouse, I believe that her heart and soul is in the music, or if I listen to other British artists like Duffy or Estelle. The aesthetic of it is different, and it’s my point of view. It’s not anything formulaic. – Jay-Z

Half the shows on Comedy Central are just multi-cam blue sets, and they kind of look like game shows from the 90s. It’s like ‘Why do such a bland corporate aesthetic when the sky’s the limit with what you can do?’ – Eric Andre

I like anything with my face on it, just from an aesthetic point of view. – Martin Freeman

The process of selecting the tone on the guitar is an aesthetic process like any other, so you try a lot of different things. – Jerry Garcia

Music is made up out of these building blocks. Studying how these blocks go together and what they consist of and the math of how it works. It’s all the same stuff, it’s just different aesthetics that we’re talking about. – Flea

A lot of children don’t have a developed aesthetic. I did. I made early choices in life, even about cloth, I liked flannel and not polyester. – Patti Smith

So much of my aesthetic was formed by my dad. – Ron Perlman

I think I just have a natural operatic aesthetic. I can’t help it. – Zack Snyder

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Visual art and writing don’t exist on an aesthetic hierarchy that positions one above the other, because each is capable of things the other can’t do at all. Sometimes one picture is equal to 30 pages of discourse, just as there are things images are completely incapable of communicating. – William S. Burroughs

For me, acting is all about the aesthetic. I just want to keep honing my craft. Not that I’m taking myself too seriously, but every artist should consider himself Picasso. – Giovanni Ribisi

Frank Black Aesthetic Quotes
“Black Francis/Frank Black/Charles Thompson” by gebl is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

I don’t make records that way, where I’m trying to please the marketplace or anything. Not because I have anything against that, it’s just never been part of my aesthetic, even when I was with the Pixies. – Frank Black

Dramas need to have a certain aesthetic that comedy just doesn’t really seem to need to have. – Rob McElhenny

For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through. – Steve Jobs

I like to work with the same people when I can, and you want to get people with the same interests that you have, and the same aesthetic. – Spike Lee

Technique is really personality. That is the reason why the artist cannot teach it, why the pupil cannot learn it, and why the aesthetic critic can understand it. – Oscar Wilde

For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity to exist, a certain psychological precondition is indispensable, intoxication. – Friedrich Nietzche

Reality shows are all the rage on TV at the moment, but that’s not reality. It’s just another aesthetic form of fiction. – Steven Soderbergh

There aren’t a lot of multi-camera shows that I personally like. My aesthetic is more geared toward single-camera shows. – Kaitlin Olson

Of course, it would depend on the project, but I don’t think I could ever separate myself from my aesthetic. – Zack Snyder

I do appreciate the 80s as an era. The general sounds and aesthetics of the era. The Cure, that whole kind of image is really kind of amazing, I think. – Charli XCX

I stick with a 60s vintage aesthetic of letterman’s jackets, plain t-shirts, and good jeans. – G-Eazy

What Are Your Favorite Aesthetic Quotes?

We hope you enjoyed our list of aesthetic quotes from creators! Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know on social media!

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