The King: 31 Duke Nukem Quotes And One-Liners

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Best Duke Nukem Quotes

Hail To The King, Baby!

Earth is under attack from monstrosities of other planets, a tale as old as time. If you want to win this war, you might have a massive army, you might have the most destructive weapons, but you NEED the best at kicking ass and taking names: Duke Nukem. If you can’t win an all-out offensive against alien intruders with stylish sunglasses and no body armor, are you really a hero?

Duke Nukem was first introduced in 1991 by Apogee later becoming 3D Realms. It went from a 2D side-scrolling shooter to a 3D First person shooter, similar to Doom. Duke Nukem featured Duke being voiced by Jon St. John. Duke Nukem leads the counterattack on the aliens because someone has to save THE BABES.

Although this franchise has seen many games and movies canceled, the works that have been produced gave us absolute gold. Duke Nukem might take pee breaks and throw money at exotic dancers, but by end of day, he’s kicking these aliens off our planet. Here are our favorite Duke Nukem quotes.

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Duke Nukem Quotes And One-Liners

“Now, this is a force to be reckoned with.” – Duke Nukem

“Hail to the king, baby.” – Duke Nukem

“Sometimes, I even amaze myself.” – Duke Nukem

“It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of gum.” – Duke Nukem

“Hey, bug eyes!” – Duke Nukem

“I ought to break a broom handle off in your ass.” – Duke Nukem

“I am the king of the world, baby.” – Duke Nukem

“Yeah, piece of cake.” – Duke Nukem

“I’m an equal opportunity ass kicker.” – Duke Nukem

“Half man, half animal, all dead.” – Duke Nukem

“I’m not going to fight you, I’m going to kick your ass.” – Duke Nukem

“I’m gonna get medieval on your asses.” – Duke Nukem

“So, wants to dance?” – Duke Nukem

“Shit happens.” – Duke Nukem

“Damn, I hate disco.” – Duke Nukem

“I like big guns and I cannot lie.” – Duke Nukem

“Damn, I love this job.” – Duke Nukem

“I love the smell of sewers in the morning.” – Duke Nukem

“So many babes, so little time.” – Duke Nukem

“Let’s go get a cold one, on me.” – Duke Nukem

“Something smells rotten around here.” – Duke Nukem

“You’re beautiful when you’re dying.” – Duke Nukem

“Take that, you dirty rat.” – Duke Nukem

“So much for the rat pack.” – Duke Nukem

“It’s down to you and me, you freak.” – Duke Nukem

“Oh, that’s gonna leave a mark.” – Duke Nukem

“Oh, your ass is grass, and I got the weed wacker.” – Duke Nukem

“There’s only two ways this can end, and in both of them you die.” – Duke Nukem

“Last stop: total destruction.” – Duke Nukem

“Now I’m really pissed off.” – Duke Nukem

“Looks like clean up on aisle four.” – Duke Nukem

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