It’s a Space Alien: 25 Best Final Space Quotes

The all time greatest, legendary and Gary-est quotes from Final Space.

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About Final Space

Final Space is as bleak as it is utterly ridiculous. Yet, it’s still the kind of ridiculous you need in your life. Starring the titular character, Gary Goodspeed, who is a prisoner on a derelict space vehicular prison, Gary is elevated to saviour qualities despite being lifted up and saved on many occasions by his alien and robotic friends.

Final Space has been trashed online as having plenty of heart but lacking in the brains department but that’s exactly the charm of Final Space. You don’t watch it for a Captain Picard level monologue. You watch it for the catch phrases, bad calls, and exceptional cartoon graphics. A welcome respite from the dull drudgery that Family Guy and South Park have become.

And better still – it’s all over in a couple of seasons. A bit like Gary Goodspeed’s love life. BURN!!

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Best Final Space Moments from Season 1

25 Best Final Space Quotes

“Mooncake has feelings, and you just peed all over them with your cat whiz.” – Gary Goodspeed

“No, my arm! I forgot my arm back up there!” – Gary Goodspeed

“Got trolled by some dudes at the adjacent table. Poured a bunch of salt instead of sugar into my coffee. Once I started drinking I heard them snickering. I stared at them the whole time. Downing my coffee as I just stared. They weren’t laughing after that. So in other news, I burnt my tongue on boiling hot salty coffee trying to look like a badass.” – Gary Goodspeed

“It’s An Alien On My Face! It’s An Alien On My…It’s A Space Alien!” – Gary Goodspeed

God, I just dumped the mouthwash in the cap and when I went to put it in my mouth my body was like ‘your doing a shot’ and I just let the mouthwash slide down my throat.” – Avacado

“I Like The Way You Speak Words.” – Gary Goodspeed

Gary Goodspeed: I tripped right out of the gate!
HUE: Then you should watch where you’re stepping.
Gary Goodspeed: Why do you only take what I say literally.

“That’s Not A Cookie. And You Know That HUE, You Know That!” – Gary Goodspeed

Gary: Pretty sure my soulmate is a bag of gummy worms
KVN: Just ate an entire bag of those, no joke
Gary: You piece of shit, that was the love of my life!

“Get Off My Cheeks, HUE!” – Gary Goodspeed

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Final Space Characters (left to right): Quinn Airgon, Gary Goodspeed and Little Cato
Final Space Characters (left to right): Quinn Airgon, Gary Goodspeed and Little Cato

“Friends stick together through thick and thin, and thinner, and nothing.” – Gary Goodspeed

“Hey, John! If we survive this, what do you say we kick it up with some Taquitos, bro?” – Gary Goodspeed

“Did I ever tell you that emergency lighting brings out your hotness?” – Gary Goodspeed

Lord Commander: There’s only three ways to do things – the good way, the bad way, and my way.
Gary Goodspeed: Isn’t that just the bad way?
Lord Commander: Yes but faster.

“Traps are just open casting calls for heroes.” – Gary Goodspeed

“Every attempt to disable me will fail, because you are a loser.” – KVN

“All of us are broken. Its just a question of how much and how far we’re willing to go to fix it.” – Gary Goodspeed

“I removed the cupids arrow, snapped it, and thrown it into the break up flames. Toast a marshmallow, and get on with your life!” – Gary Goodspeed

“I lived a good life. Medium to good/ borderline crappy. Saw some side boob once. That was cool.” – Gary Goodspeed

“This is where Captain Gary wields the great giant sceptre of power.” – Gary Goodspeed

“You can’t save someone who doesn’t know they are lost. – Gary Goodspeed

“Salvation comes in the blink of an eye.” – Gary Goodspeed

“I need someone to open my hurt wallet, too. And spend my pain coins.” – Gary Goodspeed

“Right after you try fixing this Ash hole.” – HUE

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