Nightmares: 29 Freddy Krueger Quotes from Every Nightmare on Elm Street Movie

All the best Freddy Krueger one-liners.

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Freddy Krueger quotes and one-liners

About Freddy Krueger and Nightmare on Elm Street

Everyone has their favourite boogeyman from the 80s. Although, most are from the slasher genre, few were as terrifying as the one who exists in every nightmare you’ve ever had. Freddy Krueger, who was burned alive by the townsfolk in Springwood, OH, returned in every Nightmare on Elm Street to exact his revenge on whichever teens starred in each film.

What separated Freddy Krueger from Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers was the fact that Freddy is mostly a supernatural boogeyman who inhabits the dreams of his victims. Most importantly, though, he does so with hilarious gusto and maniacal intent. Often citing catchphrases like “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you” or “Welcome to Prime Time, Bitch.” It’s because of these catchphrases and his iconic glove, which bares a blade on each finger, that he continues to be a boogeyman that horror fans are forever scared of.

We’ve prepared all our favourite Freddy Krueger quotes from every Nightmare on Elm Street movie.
We hope they scare the hell out of you.

All of Freddy’s best one-liners

Best Freddy Krueger Quotes

“I’ll kill you slow!”

“You think you was gonna get away from me?”

“I’m going to split you in two.”

“I need you, Jesse. We got special work to do here, you and me. You’ve got the body. I’ve got the brain.”

“Go ahead, Jesse. Try it on for size. Kill for me.”

“This is it, Jennifer: your big break in TV. Welcome to prime time, bitch!”

“For now, maybe… but when you wake up… It’s back… in the saddle… again.”

“Why, uh, why should we fight? We’re old friends, you and I. Remember? Let’s get high.”

“Joey… look. All the little piggies come home.”

“Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.”

“How’s this for a wet dream?”

“You shouldn’t have buried me. I’m not dead.”

“You think you’ve got what it takes? I’ve been guarding my gate for a long time, bitch.”

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Best Freddy Krueger Quotes
Best Freddy Krueger Quotes

“Mmm… Rick, you little meatball. I love soul food. Bring me more.”

“Kids… always a disappointment.”

“Faster than a bastard maniac! More powerful than a loco-madman! It’s… Super Freddy! Told you comic books were bad for ya!”

“Bon appetit, bitch!”

“Why are you screaming? I haven’t even cut you yet.”

“Did you know that after the heart stops beating, the brain can function for well over seven minutes? We got six more minutes to play.”

“You can’t wake up. I had to keep you awake long enough so when you finally slept, you’d never wake up again. We’re gonna be in here a long time. Did you really think your boyfriend could wake you up? I’m your boyfriend now.”

“Little Nancy. Now that you caught me, what game do you wanna play next?”

“You look just as beautiful as ever. You have nothing to worry about. This wont hurt one… little… bit.”

“If you can keep a secret, I’ll take you to a special place.”

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Freddy Krueger attacks!
Freddy Krueger attacks!

“You can’t hurt me. This is my world. And you can’t ever leave.”

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but nothing will ever kill me.”

“My reign of terror was legendary.”

“How sweet, fresh meat.”

“I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little soul, too!”

“Every town has an Elm Street.”

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