Outworkin’ ‘Em: Our 8 Favorite Gabino Grhymes Tracks

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Best Gabino Grhymes Songs (1)

Our Favorite Gabino Grhymes Tracks

Gabino Grhymes is a hip hop artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been a fan of his for a few years now, and a handful of his songs are constantly in my rotation. These are our favorite Gabino Grhymes tracks (in no particular order). Let us know your favorites on social media.

1. Owed

“Nothin is lucky or free/
I outwork ’em/
No easy buckets for me/
I outwork ’em/”

This song is my shit. It was one of my top-played tracks over the past year. Sometimes you need someone to help you to get up and go. Gabino Grhymes is probably responsible for at least 25% of my productivity.

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2. Back In My Bag

“Hee haw, you donkeys couldn’t ever see King Kong/
Don’t ever disrespect me bitch, ‘Huh?’, BING BONG/”

Back In My Bag is track two on Gabino Grhymes’ 2023 album ‘Yesterdays Poem’. This is the track that got me excited for the EP when it was released as a single.

3. Heat Stroke

“I speak well with a gentleman’s posture/
‘He’s swell’, in my head, though, degenerate monster/”

Heat Stroke is a 2022 single from Gabino Grhymes and Rebel Concept. This track embodies my favorite style of hip hop: dirty-ass boom bap. Being a New Yorker, this is the majority of hip hop I tend to consume. Smooth hyper-lyricism at its finest.

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4. 10K

“I put my 10k in, goodbye fake old friends/
No time to play pretend/I’ll see it through the end/”

The introduction to this track talks about hearing Wu Tang’s Enter The 36 Chambers at the age of six. I wish I was that cool. My first hip hop album was Aaliyah’s Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number when I was five.

10K is another great Gabino Grhymes hustle anthem. I am a hard-working individual myself. This track never fails to get me pumped and ready to be productive.

5. Maytag 2.0

Big Lo, thank you for your time, sir/
Intertwined with the rhyme, sir/
Curvature of my pen/
Sendin’ vents to your timeshare/”

This warped beat just keeps pulling you along the whole time. Gabino raps his ass off the whole time. I don’t like to make comparisons, but I will since Gabino mentioned DOOM on the track. In my opinion, this is Gabino’s Gazillion Ear.

6. Yesterdays Poem

“I’m long-toothed Timothy rippin’ beats with a vicious streak/
Liam neese, Taken, with a grain of salt, why can’t I eat/”

This song just hit me the second I put it on. I thought it was the perfect opening track for Gabino Grhymes’ EP of the same name.

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7. First Time

“Rebel, do you remember the first time we performed?/
Or the first time we dropped a mix tape?/
This feels like the first time again/”

First Time is a 2021 single from Gabino Grhymes and Rebel Concept. I thought that this track was a nice switch-up for the duo. Much of Gabino’s catalog is heavily influenced by boom bap. First Time is more of a trap-inspired beat. Regardless, they kill it on this track and show the true versatility of their styles.

8. Poetic Waltz

Poetic Waltz is track six on Gabin Grhymes’ 2020 album Darvey Hent. This song is just smooth as hell with an awesome music video.

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Are You A Fan Of Gabino Grhymes?

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Gabino Grhymes songs. Are you a fan of Gabino Grhymes? Let us know your favorite tracks on social media!

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