I Know: 40 Best I Know What You Did Last Summer quotes

All the best I Know What You Did Last Summer lines from Helen, Barry, Julie and the gang.

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I know what you did last summer quotes

About I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You Did Last Summer was an absolute smash hit horror film back in the late 90s. It had Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr, and Ryan Phillipe. Hell, it even had RnB singer Brandy. So, it was always going to be a hit with the teens of the 90s.

The premise of I Know What You Did Last Summer was a bunch of privileged teens, at the height of having just graduated, run over a fisherman who is on the road and then dump the body. Then, a year later, they start receiving ominous threats of “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” One by one they start being picked off by an unseen fisherman dressed in a rain coat and brandishing a deadly hook.

Amidst all the horror lies an endlessly quotable teen flick which is littered with bad 90s puns and sayings which scream adolescence – and that’s why we love it so much!

The original I Know What You Did Last Summer trailer

Best ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Quotes

“Oh, you got a letter? I got run over! Helen gets her hair chopped off, Julie gets a body in her trunk, and you get a letter? That’s balanced!” – Barry

Officer David Caporizo: Oh, and did this killer use his hook to cut all your hair off?
Helen Shivers: No, he used scissors, asshole.

“I know all about “accidents”, and let me give you some advice: When you leave a man for dead, make sure that he’s really dead!” – Ben Willis

“Come sit in the back. I’ll let you do things to me.” – Helen Shivers

“Guys… Hi… I’m on sexist overload as it is, kill the commentary.” – Julie

“Listen, you little shit-stick-mayberry-ass reject. There’s been a murder, and you are going to fry in hell if you ignore it!” – Helen Shivers

“Why would he try to run you over? Why did he make coleslaw on Helen’s head? He’s fucking with us! He’s just out there, and he’s watching and waiting!” – Julie

Julie: Helen, we killed a man and ruined the lives of everyone he knew.
Helen: I don’t think we were that powerful Julie, you’re giving us way to much credit.

“Well Bob, at summer’s end I plan on moving to New York where I’ll pursue a career as a serious actress. It’s my goal to entertain the world through artistic expression. Through art I shall serve my country.” – Helen Shivers

Barry: How do you know this is even related? You did a lot of things last summer.
Julie: Yeah, well, only one murder comes to mind.

I Know What You Did Last Summer: After they run over the Fisherman
I Know What You Did Last Summer: After they run over the Fisherman

“Hey, its all about the hair. Don’t you forget that. Especially when you become some big hotshot lawyer. Those professional types think its all about brains and ability and completely ignore the do.” – Helen Shivers

Helen: By that time I’ll just be finishing my two year contract with Guiding Light, coinciding with your first year as starting quarterback for the Steelers.
Barry: Cowboys.
Helen: Whatever. Then we can elope to Europe, or the Caymans, wherever, where I’ll let you impregnate me with the first of 3 children before you head off to rehab. Then we can live happily ever after, blah blah blah.

“A toast… to us, to our last summer of immature, adolescent decadence.” – Barry

Julie: We need help.
Barry: I’ll say. You two should check out a mirror sometime. You look like shit run over twice.
Helen: You’re a prick!

“You and your hair, it’s so pathetic.” – Elsa Shivers

Helen: What happened to us? We used to be best friends.
Julie: We used to be a lot of things.

“Is the dried-out, washed-up has-been having a moment?” – Elsa Shivers

Ben Willis: You in some kind of trouble child?
Julie: Yes, yeah I’m in a lot of trouble.
Ben Willis: That’s a shame, being that it’s the 4th of July and all. Kids like you should be out having fun. Drinking, partying, running people over, getting away with murder… things like that.

“I never knew her breasts were so… ample.” – Ray

“I know what you did last summer? Ooooooh! What a crock of shit.” – Barry

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I Know What You Did Last Summer: "Think this will ruin my chances of being Teen Idol this year?"
I Know What You Did Last Summer: “Think this will ruin my chances of being Teen Idol this year?”

“We should have a plan. Angela Lansbury always had a plan.” – Helen Shivers

“Julie, get your white as death-chalky ass corpse in the car – now.” – Deb

“We’re going home now and never, ever, under any circumstances known to God speak about this again is that clear? It is now merely a future therapy bill agreed?” – Barry

“Yeah, Jodie Foster tried this and a skin-ripping serial killer answered the door!” – Helen Shivers

“Let’s just pretend he’s some escaped lunatic with a hook for a hand and we’re doing everybody a favor.” – Barry

Ray: What can I do for you Max?
Max: You can wipe that my-shit-don’t-stink grin off your face.

“You almost got that rich boy act down, Ray.” – Max

“I hate this, I really hate this. You’re gonna go and you’re gonna fall for some head-shaven, black-wearin, tattoo-covered, body-piercing philosophy student.” – Julie

Julie: Please, it’s a fictional story created to warn young girls of the dangers of having premarital sex.
Ray: Well actually honey, you know how terrified I am of your IQ but it’s an urban legend, American folklore and they all usually originate from some real life incident.

“Even if his body washes ashore in the next couple of weeks, he’ll be eaten by crabs and small fish. Maybe we’ll get lucky with a shark. Take him to the side.” – Barry

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I Know What You Did Last Summer: There's something up there!
I Know What You Did Last Summer: There’s something up there!

Barry: What is it with you Ray? You were dogging us from the start weren’t you? Always wanting to be our friend, always wanting to be one of us but you were too fucking jealous to handle it.
Ray: Fuck you!

“Can you say alcoholic?” – Julie

“We made a pact and we’re keeping it.” – Barry

“Okay let’s suppose someone was there that night, why send the letter one year later? It’s probably some crack fucking around.” – Barry

“Motherfucker. Don’t you test me, motherfucker, I’ll call the cops on your college quarterback ass.” – Max

“And since you bring it up… we all know you have a slicker.” – Barry

Ray: So that’s him huh? Hard to believe that’s the guy.
Barry: Yeah, his face isn’t splattered all over the road, dumbass.

“Wait a second. I remember he had her name tattooed on his arm. I saw it.” – Julie

Ray: We have to think about this…
Julie: About what? About what? He was crossing the road in the middle of the night! It was an accident!

“Nobody drives my car but me, you got that, shit smear?” – Barry

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