Start Running, Boy: 26 Jack Baker quotes from Resident Evil Biohazard

Hope you know Jack Baker packs a chainsaw!

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About Jack Baker and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard returns the Resident Evil franchise back to its roots of Survival Horror. In Biohazard, the playable character “Ethan” must survive against Jack Baker at the start of the game. Jack is the father and patriarch of the Baker family. Due to the infection from the mold, which is often referred to as “The Gift”, he often comes across as a serial killer who stalks his prey. But that’s not the worst of it.

Jack also has the ability to regenerate lost limbs and even grow his head back which can create all sorts of interesting confrontations for Ethan and the player controlling his every action. For me, the most bizarre and crazy aspects of Jack Baker’s character is when you have to run your car into Jack repeatedly to put him down which results in Jack being set on fire. Then there’s the final confrontation where Jack is chasing you around with a chainsaw.

Despite these crazy confrontations, it’s Jack’s crazed one-liners that sets him apart from the other members of the Baker family. Quotes that are just as memorable as the Resident Evil: Biohazard game itself.

Here’s some of my favorite Jack Baker quotes – guaranteed to scare the living crap out of you!

Jack Baker goes absolutely nuts!

Jack Baker quotes and one-liners

“She wants me to do this. I have to show her how devoted I am. She wants us all to show her our love. You don’t wanna disappoint her, now do ya? We can’t do that.”

“While you’re under my roof you’ll do as I say, you hear me?”

“I’ll huff and I’ll f**king puff.”

“What? You playing hide and seek?”

“Don’t worry. I’m still here.”

“Are you having fun yet?”

“You know what they say – once family, always family.”

“You came to the wrong house, boy!”

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Jack Baker packs a chainsaw. He'll skin your ass raw!
Jack Baker packs a chainsaw. He’ll skin your ass raw!

“Welcome to the family, son.”

“Get out the way, Marguerite! That boy’s got to eat! He got to have his supper. Come here, boy. Let’s do this, come on.”

“I told you. Don’t you f**k with me.”

“God damn it, how I am gonna replace this?”

“You better start running, boy!”

“Oh boy! Now you look what you done, motherf**ker!”

“F**k you and the horse you rode in on.”

“Do I have your attention, boy? You are about to see something wonderful.”

“You kill me and I just come right on back!”

“Heck of a thing, ain’t it? Sure as shit beats the hell outta dying.”

“My little girl has given us a gift, and this gift is with me always.”

“Zoe! Get your ass back to the house. I will deal with you later!”

Jack Baker welcomes Ethan to the Family
Jack Baker welcomes Ethan to the Family

“Now, you’re plotting against me – with my own blood?!”

“You’re going to wish you’d never been born.”

“I’m gonna get ya! I’m gonna get ya!”

“Ethan. I know, I know, I know–I’m not going to hurt you. Hell, I never would have if I could have helped it. I’m no killer, son. Neither is Marguerite, nor my boy, Lucas. Or even Zoe here. That girl, Eveline. She did this. She infected us with her gift. That’s what she calls it. I found her near a busted-out tanker in the bayou. Everything changed after that.”

“She just– she forces her way into your mind and your soul and… you can’t fight back. You are connected to her, and you can’t resist the urge to… You’re a different person after that.”

“Listen, the girl just wants a family of her own. She’s the key, alright? You find her and you stop her. Ethan, free my family–please.”

What’s your favorite Jack Baker quote?

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Jack Baker quotes

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