Silly Manthing: 27 Lady Dimitrescu Quotes from Resident Evil: Village

The creepy voluptuous vampire lady from Resident Evil: Village and her murderous rants!

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About Lady Dimitrescu and her Daughters

Resident Evil: Village is the epic conclusion in the Ethan Winters saga of the Resident Evil game franchise. Throughout the game we’re introduced to all kinds of horrific and maniacal creatures which you must fight and survive from. Despite this, none are quite as memorable as Lady Dimitrescu.

A high born lady that lives in a castle, Lady Dimitrescu is a giant voluptuous woman who presents herself as the most stunning and beautiful character in the game. But don’t let that fool you – behind that facade is a vampiric creature which has an insatiable appetite for blood.

On top of that, she has a bizarre relationship with her three daughters – Bela, Daniela and Cassandra. Daughters she adopted after they were exposed to and consumed by parasitic blowflies – from the Mold -based Cadou parasite – which mimicked human cells. Due to this reason, they have a tight bond to their adopted mother and will do anything to please her.

Like their mother, Bela, Daniela and Cassandra need to consume human flesh and blood in order to survive. Making the Lady Dimitrescu encounter throughout Resident Evil: Village, the most memorable and closest you’ll ever get to facing off real-life Vampires.

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Lady Dimitrescu Quotes and One-Liners

“The man is of no real use to anyone else and my daughters do so love… entertaining foreigners. Furthermore, I can assure you if you entrust the mortal to House Dimitrescu, my daughters and I shall deliver to you the finest cups of his slaughtered blood.” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Mother Miranda, I must protest! Heisenberg is but a child, and his devotion to you is questionable. Give the mortal to me, and I will ensure he is ready.” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Quiet now, child! Adults are talking.” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Cassandra! A word… What is that man up to? You’re my daughter… now act like it!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“What have you done to my daughter!?” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Mother Miranda, I regret to inform you that Ethan Winters has escaped that fool Heisenberg. Because he is in my castle, and has already proven too much for my daughters to handle!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Yes, of course I understand the importance of the ceremony.” – Lady Dimitrescu

“To hell with the ceremony. That man will pay for what he’s done…” – Lady Dimitrescu

“There you are. All this for a child that isn’t even here!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“You ungrateful, selfish wretch! You come into my house, you lay your filthy man-hands on my daughters, and now you even try to steal my property? How dare you!?” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Rest while you can, because I will hunt you, and I will break you!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Like I’d let you get away. You’ll be sliced to ribbons before you ever see that child!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“You will learn what it means to insult house Dimitrescu.” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Running will get you nowhere!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“So we finally meet!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Cassandra, come here now! Enough games. I want that man’s head. Now… go!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“It was cold wasn’t it, Daniela?” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Stupid manthing! You won’t live long, even if you run!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“I will become eternally beautiful, just like Mother Miranda!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“How much blood and sweat do you think it took to raise those daughters? You have incurred an impossible debt!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“The entire bloodline of House Dimitrescu is done in? By the likes of you!?” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Flesh, bones, I will devour all of you!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“You’re a lucky man, Ethan. Besides Miranda, you’re the only one to ever see me in this form. Too bad you’ll pay for it… with your life!

“How dare you talk about saving your daughter when you’ve murdered mine!?” – Lady Dimitrescu

“You would take everything from me? I’ll crush you!” – Lady Dimitrescu

“Just another simple little manthing. A simpleton like you shouldn’t give me trouble.” – Lady Dimitrescu

“You certainly are persistent. Apologise with your life!” – Lady Dimitrescu

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