Best Day Ever: The 10 Best Mac Miller Songs

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Best Mac Miller Songs

Best Mac Miller Songs

Mac Miller is a member of the tragic 26 club, being someone that was an exceptional creative but life proceeded to the next phase at the age of 26. During his time on Earth he curated many hip-hop hits, had a respect and notoriety within the hip-hop community, and gave back to young musicians from Pittsburgh. The way he could write a song about having a great or even perfect day is something that is truly finite.

Mac was able to bond with so many minds, in part because of how much he loved music and where it took him. Although Mac may not have been slated as “Best in Hip-Hop”, he certainly was able to produce hits that made hip-hop better for having him. With his catalog being so vast and impactful, truly most songs are thee best Mac Miller songs.

Today we’ll look at the 10 best Mac Miller songs so that we can try to have the best day ever.

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I Am Who I Am (Killin’ Time) ft. Niki Randa

“Why won’t they give me a turn? I’ll Feed the hungry and clothe the naked. You mistaken, the world is cold and it’s lonely, ain’t it?”

“I Am Who I Am (Killin’ Time) ft. Niki Randa” looks at so many things but focuses on understanding who you are and being able to push through the critics and harsher energies of the day. “I Am Who I Am (Killin’ Time) ft. Niki Randa” is track 7 off ‘Movies With The Sound Off.


“You keep on sayin’ you in love, so Tell me, are you really down? Are you really down? Yeah.”

“Self-Care” is a song that sees Mac Miller understanding the difficulties in front of him and finding ways to get through them. The reality of this video and song was that it was released shortly before the tragedy of his end occurred. “Self-Care” is track 5 off ‘Swimming’.

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Best Day Ever

“Whoa, I ain’t just an Average Joe, way above the average flow. Boy, my life is most dope.”

“Best Day Ever” is a song where Mac emphasizes on enjoying every day, finding whatever it offers. After all, it could be the best day ever. “Best Day Ever” is track 1 off the mixtape Best Day Ever.

Good News

“Good news, good news, good news. That’s all they wanna hear. No, they don’t like it when I’m down”

“Good News” is a declaration is that the good news is, it could always be worse. Especially since others never want to hear anything but the good from you. “Good News” is track 4 off ‘Circles’.

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Dang! Featuring Anderson .Paak

“Don’t run away so fast. Know my heart like gold, but it break like glass.”

“Dang! Featuring Anderson .Paak” is a song that gives us a hopeful pursuer enamored by another, but always finding themselves on the way out. “Dang! Featuring Anderson .Paak” is track 2 from the album ‘Divine Feminine’.


“Everybody’s gotta live and everybody’s gonna die

“Everybody” is a statement of fact that Everybody is going to die, so why not have a little fun before the lid shuts. “Everybody” is track 6 off the album ‘Circles’.

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“Somehow we gotta find a way, no matter how many miles it takes”

“Ladders” is about the idea that you can never stop climbing towards what you want because at any time it could fall down. “Ladders” is track 7 off the album ‘Swimming’.

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I Love Life, Thank You

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve always been the same kid. Now I’m famous”

“I Love Life, Thank You” was released posthumously. It is a song where Mac jokes “I don’t have a hook here” and talks about all the things he was enjoying at that point in time. “I Love Life, Thank You” is track 1 off the mixtape I Love Life, Thank You.

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“Do you mind if we smoke this blunt outside?’Cause it’s nice out and we could get high. Feel the sun shinin’ and I’m feelin right. We could post outside for the night.”

“Outside” pushes us to take a little time and get outside. Why keep our elevated energy indoors when we can see the spectacle of the world. “Outside” is track 2 on K.I.D.S.

The Question

“Problems, I got several. Thank God that none of that medical. Uh, I’ve been blessed with, much to be expected”

“The Question” is Mac Miller asking, who am I and what am I doing here? Why, if this is my life’s calling am I trapped by the things that stem out of it (fame). “The Question” is track 12 off the album Macadelic.

About Mac Miller

Mac Miller was a supernova to the hip-hop community, coming in ferociously and leaving just as swiftly. Mac gave fans music that outlined the struggles of life, self-care, and sometimes taught us a little about love.

The family still manages his estate of music and they do release his music, meaning we are likely going to run into even more of the best Mac Miller songs before long.

Do You Think These Are The Best Mac Miller Songs?

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