Doctor’s Appointment: 10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia

Just some of the many Medical shows and movies you can catch on Netflix Australia.

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Medical Shows on Netflix Australia

Much like criminal procedural dramas, Medical shows have been a much loved stable in television for decades. From General Hospital to Grey’s Anatomy, Medical Shows have gone from being time honored Network television classics to transitioning across to the streaming giant we’ve all come to know as Netflix.

While country and region rights makes it nearly impossible to mention every Medical Show on Netflix worldwide, we have put together a list of the 10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia. We hope you enjoy our picks.

1. New Amsterdam

10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia: New Amsterdam

Starring Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Eggold as Medical Director Doctor Max Goodwin, New Amsterdam is about Max’s struggles to turn America’s oldest public hospital into a state of the art facility – and the bumps he keeps running into along the way. This Netflix Medical Show tackles many dynamics but the biggest among them is Max’s managing of his staff, their interpersonal conflicts, the usage of outdated hospital equipment and not to mention the patients. It’s an easily digestible medical show that will see you binge season after season.

2. The Good Doctor

10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia: The Good Doctor

If you’re a horror fan then you’re probably familiar with the star of this next show, The Good Doctor. Freddie Highmore, known for his chilling portrayal of Norman Bates in the tv series Bates Motel (the Psycho prequel show), stars as young Doctor Shaun Murphy who is a surgical resident at the fictional San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. What makes this show unique is Shaun’s autism which, despite making him appear quite brilliant, also makes it hard for him to work with and social with his fellow doctors. The show itself is rather endearing and Freddie Highmore’s portrayal of an autistic doctor is rather positive.

3. Virgin River

10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia: Virgin River

It’s really hard not to fall in love with the charm of Alexandra Breckenridge’s portrayal of city nurse, Melinda Monroe, who moves to a remote Northern Californian town for a new start. Yes it’s the usual trope of leaving behind painful memories, hoping to discover herself and in doing so her life gets way more complicated in small town living. But if you like easy-to-watch romantic dramas with a dash of comedy then Virgin River could be the next Medical Show to add to your bucket list.

4. Biohackers

10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia: Biohackers

If the easy-to-watch feel good vibes of the first three entries on this list don’t really grab your attention then Biohackers certainly will. A German production, Biohackers stars the absolutely stunning Luna Wedler, Caro Cult and Jessica Schwarz, in this techno medical thriller in which medical student Mia (played by Wedler) enters a top German university on a secret mission to uncover a conspiracy linking a family tragedy to a biology professor. While it’s unclear if a third season will ever see the light of day, you can binge the first two seasons of Biohackers in Australia with the guarantee you’ll become obsessed.

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5. Lenox Hill

10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia: Lenox Hill

Switching gears into the reality TV space is our latest pick in Lenox Hill. Set in one of New York’s most famous hospitals, Lenox Hill follows four doctors’ personal lives and how they are with their patients. While only one season, this medical show is an interesting window into the American health industry.

6. Skin Decision: Before and After

10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia: Skin Decision: Before and After

One of the specific areas of the medical industry which has the most growth is plastic surgery and it’s easy to see why. In an image focused world, it’s now easy to access plastic surgeons who are more than happy to take your hard earned cash and turn your blemishes or misshapen nose into the look of a celebrity. In Skin Decision: Before and After we’re introduced to beauty expert Nurse Jamie and plastic surgeon Doctor Sheila Nazarian who use the latest state of the art plastic surgery techniques to give their patients the look of their dreams.

7. (Un)well

10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia: (Un)Well

In this medical show we’re taken through the fickleness of the wellness industry as the team behind this docuseries expertly separate fact from fiction. (Un)well is an interesting investigation into a subcategory of the health industry. One that has been littered with unending claims by so-called experts and influencers. Thankfully, this show presents its finding in a rather methodical and dispassionate presentation. Which is much needed in this crazy world of bizarre health and wellness claims.

8. What the Health

10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia: What the Health

What The Health is a very different approach to being a medical show. Its filmmaker, Kip Andersen, investigates the secret to preventing and (in some cases) reverses chronic diseases. Secrets that USA health organisations don’t want anyone to know about or how to find out. Yes sir, this is one medical show for you conspiracy theorists out there to sink your teeth into.

9. End Game

10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia: End Game

You’ll want to get your tissues out for this one as End Game follows the lives of terminally ill patients and the doctors seeking to change their lives through incredible treatments. While this medical show is endearing and heartbreaking, it gives hope for future generations that will be able to enjoy the kinds of procedures that today’s doctors are pioneering.

10. The Surgeon’s Cut

10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix Australia: The Surgeon’s Cut

The Surgeon’s Cut is another medical show featuring pioneering procedures. However, the notable exception is this short lived show of four episodes follows a different doctor in each episode. There’s an episode about foetal complications, an episode about the world’s first liver transplant conducted by a woman, an episode about a farmer turned brain surgeon and finally an episode about a heart surgeon receiving a visit from Mother Theresa. If there’s any medical show which follows the exploits miracle workers – it’s this one!

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medical shows on netflix australia

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