Catalysts: The 11 Best New Found Glory Songs

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Best New Found Glory Songs

Our Favorite New Found Glory Songs

New Found Glory is a pop-punk band based out of Florida and formed in 1997. In New Found Glory’s running career, they have produced ten studio albums, four cover albums, two EPs, and one live album. A celebrated band of the pop-punk genre and often referred to as “The Godfathers of Pop-Punk”.

It isn’t just their music that is fun and infectious but the personalities of the members often captured in music videos that soared during the MTV TRL heyday. A prime example of this exists within “My Friends Over You” in which the band roasts the music video part of the music business with efficiency. Their cover of Kiss Me is also a testament to the band’s ability to take established songs and give them their own flavor with a video that boasts of living your best life and a cameo of a certain Paramore lead singer…

We wanted to reflect on the best New Found Glory songs before their next album “Make The Most Of It” releases on January 20th. The album is an acknowledgment of a rare cancer diagnosis that their guitarist Chad Gilbert received.

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Greatest New Found Glory Songs Ranked

1. It Never Snows In Florida

It Never Snows In Florida is track two on New Found Glory’s debut album Nothing Gold Can Stay. This is my favorite track on the album, at least later in life after I played Hit Or Miss into the ground.

2. Tangled Up

Tangled Up is track six on New Found Glory’s seventh album Not Without A Fight. This track also features Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore.

3. My Friends Over You

My Friends Over You is track two on the band’s third album Sticks And Stones. This is the single that really brought the band into the mainstream, and was many fans’ first introduction to New Found Glory.

4. All Downhill From Here

All Downhill From Here is track two on the band’s fourth album, Catalyst. I was lucky enough to get to see them play this entire album live. While it is not my all-time favorite New Found Glory album, it was one hell of a show.

5. Hit Or Miss

Hit Or Miss is track one on New Found Glory’s 1999 album Nothing Gold Can Stay. It is also track four on New Found Glory’s self-titled album. This is the classic New Found Glory song. It embodies all of the energy that we love from this band.

6. Stubborn

Stubborn is track eleven on New Found Glory’s 2014 album Resurrection. The song also features Anthony Raneri of the legendary punk band Bayside.

Greatest New Found Glory Songs

7. Singled Out

Singled Out is track ten on Sticks And Stones. This my personal favorite song from New Found Glory. This song just drops in so fast. It always gets me pumped.

8. No News Is Good News

No News Is Good News is track thirteen on Catalyst. It also appears on the 2004 punk compilation Rock Against Bush Volume 1. Remember the punk scene during George Bush’s presidency? What a time.

9. Dressed To Kill

Dressed To Kill is track two on New Found Glory’s self-titled second album.

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10. Head On Collision

Head On Collision is track five on New Found Glory’s 2002 album Sticks And Stones. This track always get stuck in my head, even if I just think about it. The first time I saw New Found Glory was around the time this song came out. They opened for Less Than Jake and Good Charlotte. It was a pretty great show.

11. It’s Not Your Fault

It’s Not Your Fault is track three on New Found Glory’s fifth album Coming Home.

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What Are The Best New Found Glory Songs According To You?

We hope you enjoyed the list of the best New Found Glory songs. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know on social media!

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