Sweet Suffering: 43 Pinhead Quotes from Every Hellraiser Movie

Pinhead has such sights to show you!

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pinhead hellraiser quotes

About Pinhead and Hellraiser

The Hellraiser movies are notorious for bringing S&M and Torture into the horror genre. Or at the very least for making it popular. However, while there are plenty of horror fans who love the torture aspects of the Hellraiser films, it wouldn’t be quite the same without the frightening hell priest, Pinhead, and his legion of his cenobites.

Originally portrayed by Doug Bradley, Pinhead was introduced to audiences in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser as “Lead Cenobite.” However, it’s when Hellraiser expanded into a franchise with the 2nd and 3rd films that he became known to audiences as “Pinhead.” For obvious reasons.

While frightening to behold, Pinhead is an incredible antagonist throughout the Hellraiser films as he utters incredibly haunting and biblically damning phrases that will send a chill down your spine.

Phrases that are so much fun to revisit.

Best Pinhead Quotes

1. “Explorers, in the further regions of experience. Demons to some, angels to others.” – Pinhead

2. “We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

3. “Oh, no tears, please. It’s a waste of good suffering!” – Pinhead

4. “You solved the box. We came. Now you must come with us. Taste our pleasures.” – Pinhead

5. “Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell!” – Pinhead

6. “It is not hands that summon us. It is desire.” – Pinhead

7. “No more deals, child, it is your flesh we want to experience, not your skill at bargaining.” – Pinhead

8. “But he is in his own Hell, child, and quite unreachable.” – Pinhead

9. “But please, feel free, explore. We have eternity to know your flesh.” – Pinhead

10. “This is my body, this is my blood, happy are they who come to my supper.” – Pinhead

11. “Human dreams… such fertile ground for the seeds of torment. You’re so ripe Joey, and it’s harvest time.” – Pinhead

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12. “Save your tears. I’ll reap your sorrow slowly. I have centuries to discover the things that make you whimper.” – Pinhead

13. “You think your nighttime world is closed to me? Your mind is so naked. A book that yearns to be read. A door that begs to be opened.” – Pinhead

14. “I will enjoy making you bleed. And I will enjoy making you enjoy it.” – Pinhead

15. “Unbearable, isn’t it? The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends. There is a secret song at the center of the world, Joey, and its sound is like razors through flesh.” – Pinhead

16. “Hell has no furies for a woman scorned.” – Pinhead

17. “Don’t debate with me, girl! Just come here and die while you still have the option of doing it quickly!” – Pinhead

18. “Why resist? You love this as much as I. After all, you made me. There is a world out there, waiting to yield to us. So much flesh, so many different pleasures.” – Pinhead

19. “Down the dark decades of your pain, this will seem like a memory of Heaven.” – Pinhead

20. “I am offering you a place at my right hand – flesh, power, dominion.” – Pinhead

21. “Do I look like someone who cares what God thinks?” – Pinhead

22. “What you think of as pain is a shadow. Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you. Gentlemen, I… Am… Pain.” – Pinhead


23. “The remnants of a most unsatisfying victim. Still… you’re here to change all that… aren’t you?” – Pinhead

24. “Temptation is illusion. But the time for trickery is past. In this game, we show ourselves as we really are.” – Pinhead

25. “Glorious, is it not? The creatures who walk its surface, always looking to the light, never seeing the untold oceans of darkness beyond. There are more humans alive today than in all of its pitiful history. The Garden of Eden. A garden of flesh.” – Pinhead

26. “Two minutes. Two centuries. It all ticks by so quickly. You are so very like your ancestor, did you know that? I have the distinct sense of déjà vu. The same defiance, the same faithless hope in the light.” – Pinhead

27. “Oh, you suffer beautifully. But I am here for business, not pleasure.” – Pinhead

28. “Welcome to the worst nightmare of all… reality!” – Pinhead

29. “Which do you find more exhilarating, Trevor, the pain or the pleasure? Personally, I prefer pain.” – Pinhead

30. “Seeing is believing. I should have come for you a long time ago.” – Pinhead

31. “You still don’t understand, do you? There is no way out for you, Chelsea. Oh, what wonders we have to show you.” – Pinhead

32. “Dreams are fleeting. Only nightmares last forever!” – Pinhead

33. “Don’t you think for a second you are not in danger!” – Pinhead

34. “This world, it obviously disappoints you all. That is why you chose to begin this journey. And since you gave yourselves so willingly, allow me to finish what he started.” – Pinhead

35. “You opened the box and your soul belongs to me.” – Pinhead

36. “When you attempted to live beyond death, you entered into my domain.” – Pinhead

37. “It seems that evil does run in the family. Your lineage is that of a craftsman, a maker of toys. You should have stayed in the family business. I sacrificed my mortal self to that box.” – Pinhead

38. “Fool. We had all we desired. Our appetite was sated. And the eternity of suffering he would’ve experienced at our hands, would’ve been more vengeance for you then you can possibly imagine. But your actions have denied us. Denied us that exquisite joy. Now there is a deficit of flesh. Debt is outstanding. And we seek payment.” – Pinhead

39. “We are the light in the darkness, and paths to higher sensation. Guardians of ultimate experience. And now you will come with us.” – Pinhead

40. “There is so much more the body can be made to feel. And you’ll feel it all before we’re through.” – Pinhead

41. “Accept the pain you have wrought. Greater delights await. We wish to see you proceed.” – Pinhead

42. “We will not be denied. Your blood is in our hands now, ours to claim at any time. But the box, I leave in yours.” – Pinhead

43. “Enough is a myth.” – Pinhead

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