25 Scary Quotes from Urban Legend (1998 Movie)

All the best one-liners from the infamous Scream copycat film: Urban Legend.

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About Urban Legend

An incredible 90s horror film, Urban Legend is about a string of murders which occur on a college campus. The absolute kicker is the murders are inspired and styled after popular urban legends. Hence, the name of the film. Like most 90s slasher films, there’s plenty of sex, violence and teenager fuelled drama to keep you distracted enough until the murderer achieves their next kill.

If that’s not enough to draw you in then how about this? Urban Legend is filled from the start to the end credits with an assortment of popular character actors like a young Jared Leto, Robert Englund, Tara Reid and Brad Dourif, to name a few.

After a recent re-watch I wrote down all of my favourite Urban Legend quotes from Parker, Brenda, Sasha and the gang. Hopefully I picked some of your favourite one-liners as well.

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Urban Legend – Official Trailer

Best Urban Legend Quotes

“Please, Damon is the biggest practical joker I know. He once convinced a sophomore that he was the middle Hanson brother just so he could get laid.” – Parker

“Hello? Hey, don’t get shy on me all of a sudden fuck-face. This is the one about the babysitter, right? She’s getting those scary and harassing phone calls and when she traces them back, they are coming from inside the house. But asswipe, aren’t you forgetting something? I’m not babysitting any kids!” – Parker

Dean Adams: Missing? He’s not missing! It’s the weekend. He’s most likley shacked up in some motel with a girl. Or a guy… farm animal… whatever! Weren’t you ever eighteen?
Reese Wilson: Not that kind of eighteen.

“You should check her pulse, she’s been like that for years.” – Bitchy Girl

“Don’t you want to be an urban legend, Nat? All your friends are now.” – Brenda

“I must say, Natalie, you have proven your friendship to me. Coming all the way out here without even a little pepper spray to defend yourself with.” – Brenda

Natalie: So this is where you research all your lurid articles?
Paul Gardener: Reality is lurid.

“Someone’s in the back… SEAT!” – Michael McDonnell

“This is the end of your rotten life you mother fucking dope pusher! It was easy for him because he really didn’t think it was coming, but it ain’t gonna be easy for you cuz you better believe it’s coming!” – Reece Wilson

“Please, I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna die…” – Sasha

“Now, if I remove the gag you’ve got to promise me that you won’t scream. Lord knows I had enough of that with Sasha.” – Brenda

“If we ever have another E. Coli crisis in the cafeteria, I want you to have the biggest, juiciest burger. My treat.” – Parker

Urban Legend - Movie Poster
Urban Legend – Movie Poster

“Someone’s taking all of these urban legends, and making them reality.” – Natalie

“I prefer the term “eccentric”. But, yeah, I guess I’m a little ‘nutty.'” – Brenda

Sasha: First let me just congratulate you on your choice of sexual activity because, sweetie, the world is not ready for you to reproduce. Second, did you know ingestion of bodily-fluids is a major safe-sex no-no?
Felicia: Really?
Sasha: Really. My suggestion is that you down a couple shots of Pepto, and next time get away from the volcano before it erupts.

“Is that what you do in your spare time, Damon? Just go around scaring people like a freak?” – Brenda

“Somebody told me she was listening to my show when it happened. I mean, my voice was probably the last thing she heard, can you imagine?” – Sasha

“Wait a second. This is definitely not a myth!” – Sasha

“Felicia, I think the only thing you need pumped is the air out of your head.” – Sasha

“Stanley Hall is *not* a legend.” – Paul Gardener

Sasha: [through the speakers] Oh my god! Help me! Somebody help me!
Natalie: Something’s happening!
Nerdy Guy: No, she’s doing a performance art piece to commemorate the massacre.
Sasha: [through the speakers] Oh god. Help me! Please!
Nerdy Guy: She’s good. I’ve got chills.

“An early edition of Kama Sutra, with illustrations.” – Sasha

“The gang high-beam initiation. It happens all the time. Gang members drive around with their headlights off, and when someone goes and flashes their high-beams to warm them, they kill them! That’s why I never warn anybody about anything when I drive.” – Sasha

“Turn off the fucking light!” – Tosh

“They killed him! Somebody killed him!” – Natalie

What did you think of these quotes from Urban Legend?

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