15 Best Roblox Games and Why You Should Check Them Out

New to playing Roblox? Here's our game recommendations.

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About Roblox Games

Roblox is a global platform gaming experience. With an open source code, Roblox allows users to program games and then launch them on the platform. This has lead to a worldwide gaming revolution for users young and old.

Although, most of the users are probably under the age of 21 we thought we’d take a look at our 15 favourite Roblox games to give you an idea on where to start with your first Roblox experience.

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1. Beat Runners

Beat Runners is a Roblox game where you avoid obstacles and defy gravity all while running to the beat of a song. As the player, your goal is to make it as far as you can without losing all of your lives. As you make your way through the “Gates” you are sent on to faster and faster levels. Throughout Beat Runners you can collect these glowing orbs that can help you buy power ups to increase your score and much more.

If you’re a competitive gamer, there are Daily and Weekly Updated Leader Boards and you can also get custom trails, banners, jumps and run animations which you can receive by completing “runs.” And to make Beat Runners much more fun, you can add in your own custom songs once you get to Level 2.

Not a bad deal.

2. The Wild West

The Wild West is an open world Roblox game where basically you’re a cowboy and you can get many different period specific jobs like mining, capturing wanted criminals, hunting animals and much more. Or you can become an Outlaw and rob a bank but be sure not to get caught or you’ll spend a night in jail.

Once you get money from selling all your loot you can buy better tools to make your jobs or your planned heists in the game way more easier. If you’re into open world games then this is the Roblox game for you as there’s so much to do. This is a must-play cowboy RPG.

3. Ballista

Ballista is a team-based medieval Roblox game where you and your allies fight in large quantities in extremely chaotic battles to try and defeat the enemy team. It’s like Battlefield except Roblox.

The way it works is you both start off with two camps and you then wage a war and fight for the camp in the middle. The way you win is by pushing the enemy team all the way back to their base or by taking out all of their lives. In Ballista there’s three different classes of playable characters you can choose from:

  • Archer – for long range combat
  • Swordsman – for hand to hand close range combat
  • Man at Arms – for more defensive gameplay

There’s also an in-game shop when you can unlock all sorts of medieval items like helmets, shoulder pads, belts, crowns, etc.

4. Outlaster

Outlaster is a Roblox game inspired by the TV game show Survivor. In Outlaster, you and the other players get teleported to an island where first off you get broken up into teams where you play many different games. These games are a mix of mini team orientated games or solo games with the goal being to be the very last survivor, or, Outlaster.

Like Survivor, the other players can vote you out if they don’t like you or if you don’t treat them well. So Outlaster is a mix of staying on the good side of your fellow players but also being really good at the mini-games your team competes in.

There’s been a lot of time and effort that’s gone into the creation of this game as you can tell from the in-game Animation and the variety of the mini-games. Check out Outlaster if you want some variety in your life.

5. Flicker

Flicker is a manga-styled game similar to Mafia and other social deduction games. At the start of each match players get given different roles for either the good or the bad side and your goal is to help out the side you end up on.

One really unique addition to this game is the ability to “pass notes” to your friends but you have to be careful not to drop any secret information that will result in your side losing. You can also add notes to your “journal” so if you do die then the players on your side can pick up where you left off.

Flicker is a great new take on the social deduction game genre.

6. Type Race

Type Race is a Roblox typing game with 4 different types of typing games to choose from:

  • Normal – Basically like “Training” mode to help get your typing skills up
  • Survival – Where you only have 3 lives so if you fail 3 times then you’re out and have to start again
  • Red Light, Green Light – Where you have to stop start whether you get a Red or Green Signal and is great for testing your reactions
  • Elimination – Where if you type the slowest then you’re going to be eliminated

Type Race is a great Roblox game if you’re looking to learn something and at the same time improve your typing skills.

7. Cool Obby 2

Cool Obby 2 is a very chill Roblox game where your character just walks, runs or bounces their way through obstacle courses. The great thing about this game is there’s literally hundreds of levels so you’ll never get bored.

8. Bass Battles

Bass Battles is a third person shooter Roblox games with many different types of game modes. Specifically:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Capture the Flag

You can unlock so many different weapons and vehicles to help you in your gameplay. I was playing Bass Battles on the weekend and in just a couple of hours I had already unlocked a helicopter to help in a game of Capture the Flag. The more tokens you get the more items you can unlock. You earn tokens by clocking up kills, capturing bases and winning games.

The Bass Battles gameplay is so smooth. You’ll forget you’re playing a Roblox game.

9. Encounters

Encounters is a 3D platform fighting Roblox game. If you’ve played Smash Bros on the Nintendo then you’ll quickly get used to the gameplay in Encounters. Like Smash Bros, you can unlock many different playable characters by earning crystals by completing your assigned tasks.

Each character has its own set of unique power ups and attacks. Each attack gradually builds up your “power” bar and when that’s built up, if you press the letter “Q” on your keyboard you will release a furious attack that your opponents will find very hard to come back from.

10. Da Hood

Da Hood is a simulator Roblox game where you’re in a really unsafe neighbourhood. The whole point of this game is to survive on the streets. You can pick up weapons to fight people or you can just rely on punches but I wouldn’t recommend it. But whatever you do – stay away from the cops.

11. Arsenal

Arsenal is a First Person Shooter Roblox game which is very similar to Call of Duty or Counter-Strike. There isn’t much to it except that once you spawn on your map for the first time be sure to grab a weapon asap to defend yourself as the name of the game is simple: Kill or be Killed.

Seriously folks, keep this one away from your kids.

12. Quarantine Z

Quarantine Z is a Roblox survival game where you try your very best to survive the hordes of infected. Dare I call them zombies. Don’t become complacent because pretty soon the gameplay gets frantic very very quickly.

13. Rogue Lineage

In Rogue Lineage you are faced with a Fantasy style Roblox game in which the skills and adventures your first character experiences is then passed onto the next character after he/she dies and so on. It’s a unique take on an otherwise stale gaming genre and will take you back to the days of early MMORPG and if you aren’t old enough to remember those days then just enjoy Rogue Lineage for what it is – Non Stop Fun!

14. Northern Lands – Dungeon Quest

Northern Lands – Dungeon Quest is a Roblox game similar to many other Dungeon style RPGs that made the genre famous. This game is as probably as close to Diablo or Baldur’s Gate as you’re going to get on Roblox.

You can play solo or alongside your raid party as the Dungeon Bosses throw at you the typical end-of-the-world threats. If you enjoy raid games or fighting larger than life monsters then this Roblox game is for you.

15. Meep City

Finishing this list off with the classic style of gameplay – the Sim. This Roblox game is proof that playing a simulator which can be based on your own life or a made up character is far from dead. Decorate your characters, invite your friends in or make new ones. Meep City puts the I in social experience.

Which Roblox game is your favourite?

Have you played any of the Roblox games on this list?
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