11 Stranger Things Fun Facts That Will Turn You Upside Down

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Best Stranger Things Fun Facts

‘Stranger Things’ Fun Facts

Stranger Things is back with a brand new season! The sci-fi series inspired by 80s nostalgia took television by storm in 2016 and hasn’t looked back. To celebrate the ever-popular series we’re sharing some of our favorite fun facts from the show. Put away your tabletop dice, grab yourself a pint of scoops ahoy, take off your wrist rocket, and sit back as we recall some of the funniest and weirdest fun facts of Netflix‘s Stranger Things!

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1. Stranger Things Was Not The Original Name Of The Show

Before the Duffer brothers landed on the iconic series title they have now, it was originally going to be called Montauk. As they were creating the series they looked to the New York town where supposed government experiments took place as inspiration but after the series moved to Indiana they explored other options.

2. Stranger Things Was Inspired By A Real Time Travel Project

As mentioned previously, a large portion of the show was inspired by the mysterious happenings in Montauk. The Montauk Project is a conspiracy theory that alleges there were a series of United States government projects conducted in Montauk, New York, for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques including time travel.

3. Stranger Things Was Almost An Anthology Series

The original series would have followed a new set of characters and stories every season throughout the 1980s until the modern-day. Luckily the Duffers saw what they had and ran with it.

4. Over 150 Wigs Were Used

In season two of the show, production had used over 150 wigs for Noah Schnapp, David Harbour, and some of the other cast. Actor Noah Schnapp needed extensions to bring Will Byers’ bowl cut to life, and David Harbour had shaved his head so he needed a wig to reprise his role as Jim Hopper. There were also plenty of wigs used during the scenes taking place on Halloween.

5. CGI Hair

During the first season, Millie Bobby Brown had to shave her head to the dismay of her father to portray the role of Eleven. The Duffers didn’t have the heart to put her (or her dad) through that again so they used digital effects and a wig to match the look that she had near the end of season one.

6. E.T.

One of the major inspirations for Stranger Things was Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi classic E.T. As a direct reference to his hit 1982 film they had Eleven dressed in a very similar blonde wig and pink dress.

7. Scaring Noah Schnapp’s Mom

The production team had to order a realistic model of Noah Schnapp’s corpse for the show. The fake body would of course be found in the quarry in season one. They hid the fake corpse in a closet and told Schnapp’s mother they had something to show her. After being given quite the scare and loved it and even took photos with the fake corpse.

8. Farting On Set

While filming within the broken-down bus at the junkyard, some of the boys couldn’t stop farting. It smelled so bad they had to evacuate cast and crew from the bus to let it air out.

9. Trick Or Treat

The younger cast are all friends in real life as well as on-screen. One Halloween they all went trick or treating together which made it easy for them to not be recognized due to all of them wearing masks. One was stopped and asked if they were from Stranger Things and they replied “no, I’m Harley Quinn”.

10. Rejected

The Duffer brothers revealed that the show had been rejected over 150 times until Netflix picked it up.

11. Starcourt Mall

The Starcourt Mall featured in Stranger Things Season 3 was built in a”dying mall” located in Georgia. Production designer Chris Trujillo told the L.A. Times that the production team recreated around 40 period-specific storefronts in the Gwinnett Place Mall.

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What’s Your Favorite Stranger Things Fun Fact?

From fake corpses to farting in buses, what’s your favorite Stranger Things fun fact? Let us know on social media today.

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