Forever Young: 17 Best Thirteen Quotes (2003 Movie)

All our favorite one-liners from Thirteen.

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About Thirteen

Released in 2003, Catherine Hardwicke’s Thirteen is a coming-of-age movie offering a glimpse into urban adolescence in 2003. The film follows the main character, Tracy who is a thirteen year old seventh grader trying to find herself in the midst of her parents divorce. Thirteen reflects on the themes of coming of age as well as the culture of the early 2000s.

It uses elements of realism through its dialogues and careful characterization. Thirteen humanizes teenage girls who are usually portrayed in films as either two-dimensional bimbos or crazy dream girls in favor of the male gaze.

Thirteen – Original Movie Trailer

Best Thirteen Quotes

“‘He was crippled, but only his body was cracked. It’s not simple, nor is it an easy matter to explain. Let’s just leave it at that,’ she says and closes the holy book of lies. She covers her eyes, denying to herself what she thought happened.” – Tracy

“Mothers, lock up your sons!” – Tracy

Brooke: Evie, goddamn it. Where’s my other cutlet?
Evie: Incoming cutlet!

“I love you and your brother more than anything in the world. I would die for you, but I won’t leave you alone right now.” – Melanie

“Hit me. I’m serious, I can’t feel anything, hit me! Again, do it harder! I can’t feel anything, this is so awesome!” – Tracy

“The itsy-bitsy spider dropped acid at the park…” – Evie

“Want me to model my new thong? It’s perfect for pooping on the go.” – Tracy

Evie: [while huffing computer duster] I hear this little wah-wah-wah inside my head…
Tracy: That’s your brain cells popping!

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Thirteen - Movie Still
Thirteen – Movie Still

“If this gets you laid, you owe me double.” – Melanie

“Goddamn dollar-fifty-a-square-foot floor!” – Melanie

Mason: She’s always fucking drinking!
Brady: Oh, like you never have!

“Mom, Mason just called me a slut!” – Tracy

“I want you here with me. You’re my heart. I’ll make it right.” – Melanie

“Geez, Mom, why don’t you open a hotel? You could get paid for all this shit.” – Tracy

“Mom, do you know the difference between point-slope form and slope-intercept form? See, that’s why I need to be here at the library. They have tutors.” – Tracy

“Something peed in your bed.” – Evie

Evie: You don’t know how to kiss, do you?
Tracy: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Yes, I do. Me and Noel practiced with “Cruel Intentions” like 50 times.

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