Bring Da Ruckus: 31 Uncle Ruckus Quotes from The Boondocks

Uncle Ruckus gonna tell youse what's what.

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Uncle Ruckus quotes

The Boondocks was an Adult American sitcom which featured on the Cartoon Network’s American Swim back in the mid-2000s. The show focuses on a dysfunctional black family, the Freemans, settling into the fictional, friendly and overall white suburb of Woodcrest. In a time where political correctness was still in its infancy, The Boondocks offered a fresh perspective on a mixture of cultures, lifestyles, social classes, stereotypes, viewpoints and racialized identities provides for much of the series’ satire, comedy, and conflict.

Of all the characters on The Boondocks, none are quite as volatile, outspoken and as “in your face” as the not so suave, swearing of Uncle Ruckus. Here are 31 of our favourite Uncle Ruckus moments – some to amuse and others to offend. And don’t worry – we censored the N-word.


Best Uncle Ruckus Quotes

“Attention please. Attention please. My name is Uncle Ruckus, no relation. I want to sing y’all a brand new song I just wrote called “Don’t Trust Them New N*ggers Over There”. Sing along if you know the words. Don’t trust them new n*ggers over there / Leaving they n*gger essence in the air / Them happy, nappy head n*ggers / With they finger on the trigger / Don’t trust them new n*ggers over there / Don’t trust them big nostrils over yonder / They suck up so much air it’ll make you wonder / Don’t them new n*ggers / With they spidey little n*gger figures / Don’t trust them new n*ggers over there.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks 

“Hang that n*gger now! I even got my own rope right here.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“You can’t compare a chocolate monkey like R. Kelly to Jerry Lee Lewis! He was the king of rock n’ roll. Great balls of fire!” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“You heard me, n***a, n***as can’t fight. They don’t possess the strength of character or the mental quickness to be a great fighter. That’s why all the best fighters in the world have always been white men. Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano, Sly-vester Stallone, and don’t forget Ralph Macchio! Name me one great, black, heavyweight fighter. Name one, go ahead, try, name one.

See there? Ya can’t do it. What, what what, what? Oh, oh, oh, oh you wanna pull Ali out yo’ ass? That what you thinkin’ ’bout? Muhammad Ali? Well, if that n***a so tough, then why he didn’t go to Vietnam? I’ll tell you why. ‘Cause he was scared, that’s why. Shoot. “No Vietnamese ever called me n***a.” I call him a n***a eight times before I have breakfast, now what he gon’ do? Hold on, I’ll make it nine… N***A!” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“Jean-Claude Van Damme’s the best martial artist in the world. He killed a man with his butt cheek power.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks 

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Say that again?

“Say that again? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me shittin’ myself.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“I’d a shot you myself, but I realized the white man got better aim.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“Shut yo’ preachin’ ass up, you son of a bitch!” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“This is just more proof that the white man made a tragic misjudgment when he made it legal to teach n*ggers to read and write. Paint faster! Oh what? What? You call that art? Huh? Ain’t no n*gger ever been good at drawing! If Michelangelo had been black, Jesus would look like George Jefferson! Keep painting!” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks 

“People say to me ‘Ruckus’. I say ‘Huh, who said that?’ They say ‘How do I make it to White Heaven?’ Well, start by askin’ yourself ‘How is my relationship with the white man?’ Do you celebrate the white man’s goodness every day? Do you stop and thank the white man for the food you eat and the clothes you wear? Huh? Well, if you don’t, you goin’ to Hell. Now, I want everybody who isn’t white to turn to a white person and say ‘Thank you’.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks 

My name is Reverend Father Uncle Ruckus

“You mean we gon’ let this African hooligan n***a go unpunished?” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“The law say when the bicycle stop, the wheels supposed to stop. You need a special permit for wheels like that.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks 

“N***a, my name is Reverend Father Uncle Ruckus… no relation. In the name of white Jesus and all great white men who have come thereafter, I command thy black n***a soul back to the depths of hell!” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks 

“Lookin’ at the white girl, that’s a foul. Speakin’ to the white girl, that’s a technical foul. Touchin’ the white girl… oh-ho-ho-ho-ho… that’s a lynchin’!” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“Only stealin’ and shootin’ I wanna see is on this here b-ball, you little future ex-con.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

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This looks like a damn Astronaut shoe!

“I’m gonna get me a dog, name him Levee. I’m gonna kick him every time it rains.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“What website is that?” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks 

“Every time a black baby is born, I give them a plasma TV and one channel, B.E.T. Slap it right on the ceiling over the crib. By the time that n***a is 12, he’ll be watching it in jail. Ha ha ha.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“Well I’m black now, the very foist thing I did was quit all my jobs, I’m probably going to have to start selling crack, or rapping, or rapping about selling crack.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“Oh no. Th-this-this can’t be. It says I’m 102% African with a 2% margin of error.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“A white doctor is 99.9% reliable. Black doctor is an oxymoron, unless it’s a witch doctor.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“This looks like a damn astronaut shoe. I’m black. I’m not walkin’ to the Moon, I’m walkin’ to the liquor store.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks 

Hey there, you reached Uncle Ruckus. White folks, leave a message. Black folks, leave town.

“Due to the conditions of my parole, I am unable to leave the country at this time. I am forced to remain here, and express my extreme displeasure, while in no way threatening the life of the president and his beautiful monkey family.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

[answering machine message] “Hey there, you reached Uncle Ruckus. White folks, leave a message. Black folks, leave town.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“I’m sorry, Mr. Rebel, but I cain’t make music with you no mo. Because… because you are not the racist I thought you was.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“Oh, there was three of them. Two black n***a men and one black n***a woman. Oh, they each had big black lips, big black nostrils and a big black attitude problem.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

[about a white jogger] “Oh, that woman’s body over there, that’s a temple. A black woman’s body is a temple of doom.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“Now if anybody out there has any reason that this n***a should not marry his telephone, which should be everybody, speak now or forever hold your peace.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

“Honored guests and you ni–as as well, we are gathered here today to witness an unprecedented union between Robert Freeman and the n***a’s telephone.” – Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

Did you enjoy this list of quotes from Uncle Ruckus?

Did you enjoy these quotes from The Boondocks’ Uncle Ruckus? I mean, c’mon, he’s the loudest most obnoxious one out of the entire Boondocks bunch. What’s not to like?

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31 Uncle Ruckus Quotes from The Boondocks

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