Symbiote: 47 Venom Quotes That’ll Chill You to the Bone

Everyone's favorite symbiote, Venom, has many weapons in his arsenal but his one-liners are the deadliest!

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About Venom

Everyone’s favourite Marvel symbiote has had many hosts. Peter Parker, Flash Thompson, Eddie Brock, Kletus Cassady… the list goes on. Despite the ever-revolving door of Venom hosts, the one constant across the symbiote merging is that Venom is and will forever be Marvel Comics’ favourite anti-hero and boogeyman.

For all the fights and epic battles Venom has had, none compare to the slithering maniacal nature of Venom and whether or not he will eat, kill or destroy the next character on any given Comic Book Panel. Here’s a list of our favourite creepy Venom Quotes that’ll chill you to the bone.

Creepy AF Venom Quotes and the Comics They’re From

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1. “You think that a lifetime’s worth of training would’ve prepared me for this. It hasn’t. I’m completely helpless. My nightmare is finally going to catch me, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.”
Venom (2003) Issue 3

2. “If it makes you feel any better he’s been dead for quite a while. These humans… they’re not very sturdy… Not like us.”
Venom (2003) Issue 3

3. “Yes, yes I do like you… And that’s why I’m going to give you a head start… Run!”
Venom (2003) Issue 4

4. “I know you’ve got one good scream in you.”
Venom (2003) Issue 5

5. “I hope you realise you’re just making me hungrier.”
Venom (2003) Issue 7

6. “Love your new look. Do you like mine?”
Venom (2003) Issue 9

7. “We are gonna kill you one of these days, Spider-Man… But I’ll be damned if I ever let you die a hero. And even though I’m warning you, I’m gonna make sure that when it happens, it’ll still be a surprise.”
Venom (2003) Issue 11

8. “It’s Slobberin’ Time!”
Venom (2003) Issue 11

9. “If you’re going to play hard to get – play harder. We like it rough.”
Venom (2003) Issue 15

10. “We have other things to do… so you’ll have to die alone.”
Venom (2003) Issue 15

11. “A deal? You tried to kill me.”
Venom (2003) Issue 17

12. “How about that… saved by the Fantastic Four!”
Venom (2003) Issue 18

13. “Truth is, I’m a kid running the gridiron, still trying to earn the respect from a man incapable of giving it.”
Venom (2011) Issue 5

14. “Let the creep go with the same sour taste he’s leaving with.”
Venom (2011) Issue 7

15. “Only one can dominate this world.”
Venom (2011) Issue 12

16. “Gonna punch Hawkeye in his ugly, arrow-launching nose when I get back.”
Venom (2011) Issue 16

17. “One hard resolution. Then, after this, from here on out, I’m the good guy… after one last hit.”
Venom (2011) Issue 17

18. “We’ve come for your soul.”Venom (2011) Issue 18

19. “Finish every day and be done with it. You’ve done what you could.”
Venom (2011) Issue 22

20. “Keep moving. Focus on something else. Focus on beating the @#$% out of this bastard!”
Venom (2011) Issue 23

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21. “You put a demon inside me!”
Venom (2011) Issue 24

22. “Sorry. I must’ve cut class the day they taught that lesson in Crazy School.”
Venom (2011) Issue 25

23. “Sounds sexy as hell. But there’ll be time for sightseeing later.”
Venom (2011) Issue 26

24. “You try to poke my emotions with a pointy stick. This is what happens.”
Venom (2011) Issue 26

25. “I can do whatever I want.”
Venom (2011) Issue 29

26. “The Bloodlust… that Fear… Stinks so good.”
Venom (2011) Issue 30

27. “Hey Lady, Bad People out tonight. Get home quick.”
Venom (2011) Issue 31

28. “I’ve got your scent. And if I smell you in my neighbourhood again. Nom nom nom.”
Venom (2011) Issue 31

29. “Back in my reporter days, my boss always said… If you can’t kill the one you want Eddie… Kill the one you’re with.”
Venom (2011) Issue 33

30. “You don’t have the Juice to put me down for good.”
Venom (2011) Issue 34

31. “Don’t worry, fellas. I’m not leaving you out. You’re next.”
Venom (2011) Issue 35

32. “I look at you and it’s like looking into a mirror. I know the urges that come with Venom.”
Venom (2011) Issue 35

33. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you pretending to be Super Heroes is dangerous business?”
Venom (2011) Issue 37

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34. “I have known men like you. Hollow. Empty of any sense of honor. You are evil. And I have had my fill of evil.
Venom (2016) Issue 2

35. “I’ve seen inside that man’s head, Lee. It’s cavernous with hollow rage. Stalactites of hate.”
Venom (2016) Issue 2

36. “I’ll crack you out of that suit and eat you like an oyster.”
Venom (2016) Issue 5

37. “Big mistake, pal. You let us live.”
Venom (2016) Issue 150

38. “After all, there are monsters in this tunnel.”
Venom (2016) Issue 151

39. “My symbiote attaches directly at the brain stem. Your telepathy’s got nothing on that.”
Venom (2016) Issue 153

40. “We do not prey upon the innocent. We protect them.”
Venom (2016) Issue 156

41. “You should have let us kill him.”
Venom (2016) Issue 162

42. “Sorry. You were talking about liquefied brains? Always makes us a little peckish.”
Venom (2016) Issue 164

43. “Kid, we’ve been over this. Jean Grey is gone. She’s dead.”
Venomized (2018) Issue 4

44. “He’ll live… Not that he deserves to.”
Venomverse (2017) Issue 1

45. “We brought you here because we need you. We need you to kill for us.”
Venomverse (2017) Issue 3

46. “You wish we were the Spider. We’re Venom! We’re the Bogeyman.”
Venom & X-Men TPB (2017)

47. “I can help you beat back the darkness and the thing that lives inside of it.”
Venom (2018) Issue 6

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