Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart Light It Up In BIC’s ‘Pass It’ (Super Bowl LVI Ad)

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Snoop Dogg and Martha Steward Super Bowl Commercial

BIC’s ‘Pass It’ Super Bowl LVI Ad

BIC dropped an ad during Super Bowl LVI for their EZ Reach lighter. The lighter is kind of a hybrid between a traditional pocket lighter and the longer grill-style lighters. This is good for lighting things in hard-to-reach places, such as deep candles.

In fact, the slogan for BIC’s EZ Reach lighter is: Perfect For Candles, And More, with “Perfect For Candles” representing Martha Stewart’s focus on lifestyle, and “And More” representing Snoop Dogg’s stoner persona. Are these lighters better for candles and marijuana? Only time will tell.

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As to be expected, the Super Bowl commercial featuring Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart plays up this duality. The spot has Snoop and Martha sitting around a table showing off the various uses of the BIC EZ Reach. This includes some not-so-subtle jokes about the pair’s proclivities: homemaking and marijuana.

If there is one person to be selling lighters, it has to be Snoop Dogg. People have loved the combination of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg since their appearances on Comedy Central Roasts, and their cooking show Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. We can’t get enough of this seemingly odd duo.

Did You Watch The BIC ‘Pass It’ Super Bowl Ad?

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