The Time Blake Anderson Was Wasted On Live TV

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Blake Anderson Its A Bagel

‘It’s A Bagel…I’m Responsible’

Blake Anderson, known for the comedy Central sitcom workaholics, once had to go on live TV while being very fried. His favorite sports team had won the night before and he had stayed up all night partying. When he got picked up by car service in the morning, he thought he would have some time to take a nap in the backseat. However, the studio was only a few minutes away and he was immediately put live on air.

Once he was live on air, The host asks Blake if he was eating a donut. Blake then responds with his now-famous phrase “It’s A Bagel”. The way he delivers the line is hilarious. The whole interview kind of goes off track from there.

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Let’s be honest, early morning news anchors kind of suck. They’re very phony and corporate, and they don’t really have great conversations. It’s really hard to have a good conversation in just a few minutes anyways, but morning news anchors really make it difficult for the people they’re interviewing.

Blake was eventually taken off the air after accidentally dropping a few curse words. Apparently, swearing while being lit and eating a bagel isn’t appropriate for morning news audiences. We disagree, but it wasn’t our call to make.

This is just one of the many reasons why Blake Anderson is a hero of ours. While he didn’t do this intentionally, it was still an epic appearance. It was probably the best thing that was on Fox 19 in years. Wizards never die.

This Is Important Discusses The ‘It’s A Bagel’ Incident

Blake, Adam, Kyle, and Anders play the clip and discuss what happened on their podcast This Is Important. The story is much more hilarious than I could ever tell it in a blog post.

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Have You Seen This Blake Anderson TV Appearance?

Have you checked out this television appearance from Blake Anderson? Are you a fan of This Is Important? Let us know on social media!

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