Every Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Store Next Door Gag Explained

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Bobs Burgers Season 3 Store Gags

Bob’s Burgers is full of references to old movies, old songs, and cultural phrases. One way the show displays these jokes is through their ‘Store Next Door’ gags during the show’s theme song. Here is every Bob’s Burgers season 3 store next door gag explained. Let us know your favorite on social media!

Every Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Storefront Gag Explained

Annie Get Your Gum

Episode: Season 3, Episode 1 – “Ear-sy Rider”

This is a reference to ‘Annie Get Your Gun’, a play that started in the 1940s. This play is a fictional version of the life of the Wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley. The play was also turned into a movie in 1950, starring Betty Hutton and Howard Keel.

Year-Round Halloween Store

Episode: Season 3, Episode 2 – “Full Bars”

This is most likely a joke on all of the pop-up Halloween stores, like Spirit Halloween and The Costumer. It is difficult for a holiday-based store to last year-round. This store also has a window sign that says “Closed on Halloween” and another one that says “Ask About Our Masks!” How are you going to be closed on the holiday your store represents? This is probably why this store didn’t last long

I’d Hit That: Boxing Gym

Episode: Season 3, Episode 3 – “Bob Fires The Kids”

This is a play on words. The phrase ‘I’d hit that’ is usually used when you want to indicate sexual attraction toward a person. At the same time, boxing is about hitting your opponent.

Bobs Burgers Season 3 Store Next Door

Simply The Asbestos

Episode: Season 3, Episode 4 – “Mutiny On The Windbreaker”

This is a reference to the common phrase ‘simply the best’. Is this store even legal? I thought they outlawed this stuff years ago.

Colonial Baloney

Episode: Season 3, Episode 5 – “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal

This store has a window sign that says “Get Your Thanksgiving Baloney Now.” Who is eating bologna on Thanksgiving? Come to think of it, I probably have.

Butt Stuff Underwear Outlet

Episode: Season 3, Episode 6 – “The Deepening”

‘Butt Stuff’ is a phrase commonly used as a general term for anal play and anal sex. This is quite fitting for an underwear outlet.

Wigs Wigs Wigs! (And Socks)

Episode: Season 3, Episode 7 – “Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks”

Wigs and socks are quite the combination. I can’t imagine that this store would have a wildly popular customer base. The window sign on this store says ‘Buy 1 Wig Get 1 Sock Free’. What a deal! Only one more wig until I have a full set of socks.

Talk To The Hand Glove Store

Episode: Season 3, Episode 8 – “The Unbearable Like-Likeness Of Gene”

This store is a reference to the classic phrase “Talk to the hand because the face ain’t listening.” I feel like I haven’t heard that phrase since 3rd grade. I still have nightmares of being picked on by sassy little girls.

Can You Dig It? Candy Cane Outlet

Episode: Season 3, Episode 9 – “God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins”

The phrase ‘Can You Dig It?’ always reminds me of Cyrus from the beginning of the film The Warriors. There is also a window sign on this store that says ‘No Licky-Loos’. They don’t want loiterers, and they really don’t want people licking their inventory of candy canes.

Does Your Face Hurt? Beauty Supplies

Episode: Season 3, Episode 10 – “Mother Daughter Laser Razor”

Everyone knows the classic joke ‘Does your face hurt? Because it’s killing me!’ This store will give you makeup with a bit of free shame added in. No wonder why they didn’t last long.

Scroto-Rooter Vasectomy Clinic

Episode: Season 3, Episode 11 – “Nude Beach”

This store title just makes me hurt internally. Getting a vasectomy is one thing, but using a Roto-Rooter to do so is an entirely different story. Obviously, this store is a reference to the popular drain snaking device. There is also a window sign that says ‘Half Off Next Visit’. Half off of what?! I’ll just go to my regular doctor, thanks.

That’s A-Door-A-Bell Doorbells

Episode: Season 3, Episode 12 – “Broadcast Wagstaff School News”

I don’t think there is some deep meaning to the name of this store. It just seems like a play on the word ‘adorable’. It’s just a cute and simple joke.

Kookah For Hookah

Episode: Season 3, Episode 13 – “My Fuzzy Valentine”

We have all seen hookah lounges open and close over the past decade. I love the hookah-shaped neon sign in the window. There is also a “No Smoking” sign on the door.

For those who don’t know, hookah is a type of water pipe typically used to smoke shisha (tobacco coated in molasses). Instead of lighting the tobacco directly, like with cigarettes and cigars, hookah users smoke a hot coal that passes through the shisha.

Bobs Burgers Season 3 Store Next Door Gags

Let’s Scissor! Collage Studio

Episode: Season 3, Episode 14 – “Lindapendent Woman”

I am assuming this is an LGBTQ-friendly collage studio. For the uninformed, this store is referencing the sex act known as ‘scissoring’. Kids, ask your parents if you need more of an explanation about how this works.

Earth, Wind & Tires

Episode: Season 3, Episode 15 – “O.T. The Outside Toilet”

This storefront is an obvious reference to the popular 1970s band Earth, Wind, and Fire. The band had many famous songs, including ‘September’, ‘Boogie Wonderland’, and ‘Shining Star’.

Elliot’s Smelly Bits: Potpourri Shop

Episode: Season 3, Episode 16 – “Topsy”

I don’t know who Elliot is, but there is no way in hell that I am smelling their bits. I don’t care how good people say it smells. This store also has a window sign that says “You Smelt It We Dealt It”, which is a reference to the flatulence-based joke “You Smelt It You Dealt It.”

Fern, Baby, Fern: Discount Fern Store

Episode: Season 3, Episode 117 – “Two For Tina”

This store is a reference to the phrase ‘Burn, Baby, Burn.’ This phrase is most popularly known as being part of the chorus of The Trammps’ 1976 song ‘Disco Inferno’. The Bob’s Burgers team really loves their classic song references.

Miles Of Vials

Episode: Season 3, Episode 18 – “It Snakes A Village”

This episode has another great neon light in the window that is shaped like a vial. I don’t know who would need that many vials, but I am sure they are serving the community well.

The Massagonyst: Massages For Men

Episode: Season 3, Episode 19 – “Family Fracas”

A misogynist is a man that is prejudiced against women. I love the idea of a massage parlor trying to market themselves to sexist men. What does that crazy business plan look like?

Nothin’ But Notaries

Episode: Season 3, Episode 20 – “The Kids Run The Restaraunt”

This block must love its notaries. This isn’t the first time we have seen a notary take over the spot next to Bob’s Burgers. This store is also a reference to the popular basketball phrase ‘Nothin’ But Net!’

Break-A-Bear: Teddy Bear Disposal

Episode: Season 3, Episode 21 – “Boyz 4 Now”

This store seems to function as the opposite of the famous stuffy store ‘Build-A-Bear’. Honestly, I think ‘Break-A-Bear’ serves a great purpose. They can humanely dispose of teddy bears. You don’t want Mr. Sprinkles spending the rest of his life in a landfill, do you?

Sit And Spin Pottery

Episode: Season 3, Episode 22 – “Carpe Museum”

I don’t think this title is referring to the classic Sit And Spin children’s toy. It is most likely a reference to the classic insult of telling someone to ‘sit and spin’ on your middle finger. Hey now, don’t threaten me with a good time.

Our Carpets Match Our Drapes: Home Furnishings

Episode: Season 3, Episode 23 – “The Unnatural”

This store is a reference to the phrase ‘Do the carpets match the drapes?’ This is a distasteful way of asking a woman if her hair color is natural, by comparing it to the color of her pubic hair. You know, the kind of antiquated joke your weird uncle would tell you at a cookout.

What Are Your Favorite Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Store Gags?

We hope you enjoyed our list of every Bob’s Burgers season 3 store gags. Which one is your favorite? Let us know on social media!

About Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers tells the story of a family-owned burger restaurant trying to get by, usually with hilarious consequences. Bob is trying to support his family, including his manically-optimistic wife Linda, his socially inept teenage daughter Tina, his creative and silly son Gene, and his mischievous younger daughter Louise.

Bob’s Burgers is a comedy cartoon series that airs on Fox. It is currently in its 12th season. The animated sitcom stars H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, and Kristen Schaal.

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