Branny Tattoos Drops Green Day-Inspired Shirt

An Homage To A Classic Album

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Branny Tattoos Dookie

Branny Tattoos Dookie Shirt

Tattoo artist Brandon Mungal, known as Branny Tattoos, recently released a new t-shirt design inspired by Green Day’s classic 1994 album Dookie. This album had a plethora of classic Green Day songs, including Longview, Basket Case, and When I Come Around. This is an album that I grew up listening to. My father ordered it for me from the “12 CDs For A Penny” deal from Columbia Music House (hey, it was the 90s, back off). I think it is awesome that other creators are inspired by this classic punk rock album.

Click here to get yourself a Branny Tattoos Dookie shirt!

You can also find more Branny Tattoos merch on his official merchandise website. You have to check out his awesome Pennywise and Bowser shirts as well.

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Branny Tattoos Dookie Shirt

About Branny Tattoos

Brandon Mungal is a tattoo artist, designer, and comic book creator. You can find him at The Fat Tiger Tattoo Parlor in Sanford, Florida.

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Branny Tattoos on Instagram

Branny Tattoo’s Official Website

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