Brother Ghoulish’s Tomb Brings a Unique Voice to Horror Fandom

An interview with Brother Ghoulish's Ryan Kinney.

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Brother Ghoulish

About Brother Ghoulish’s Tomb

Brother Ghoulish blends reviews and readings together for a unique podcast experience all horror fans can enjoy.

Brother Ghoulish will lull you in with his dulcet tones and do his best to scare you with his chilling stories. The podcast, Brother Ghoulish’s Tomb, is the brainchild of Ryan W. Kinney. I reached out to Ryan by email to learn more about the show and his goal to add new voices to the horror community.

“The Brother Ghoulish’s Tomb podcast examines and contributes to the horror genre through a variety of segments. My listeners can expect horror fiction reviews, short stories, and letters. I host as Brother Ghoulish, an undead horror fan and storyteller who is inspired by characters from my childhood such as The Cryptkeeper from Tales from the Crypt and Mr. Simms from Tales from the Hood. I hope that the scary, thought-provoking and fun spirit they infected me with is contagious and that my listeners catch it too. Oh, and all the bad puns.”

What is truly unique about the show is that it blends multiple formats to create a magazine style that is new and refreshing. Episodes include editorials on horror films paired with readings of letters and original dark fiction. Think of it as one-stop shopping for the horror fan’s ears.

“Most of my first-time listeners are surprised by the blended approach, seemingly expecting either horror film discussions or readings of fiction—not both. Fortunately, the reception has been mostly positive. Listeners have also been reacting to the content positively, which has been a relief. I am a proud black queer man, and I know how polarizing that can be. So, sharing stories with main characters like me is something I always get a little nervous about. I’m the luckiest ghoul alive to have so much love and support from my fiancé, family, old friends, and new that I’m making throughout this process.”

The horror community is not always the safe space we hope it would be. While the utopian ideal that we all come together in our love of the genre may be true for many of us, we have all seen things, particularly on social media, that have undermined that intent. I asked Ryan if he had experienced any prejudice within fandom and how we can work together to create a more inclusive community.

“I have dealt with prejudice within the fandom just I have in my life outside of it. In both environments, I stay positive by saying to myself it isn’t about you. Prejudiced strangers don’t really know me, and because of their biases, they never will. I’m a great guy, so it’s their loss. We work together to make sure that all are welcome in the horror community by giving everyone a chance and feeding all offenders to the triffids. Hatred is a waste of energy better used for rituals or telekinetic mind battles. But in all seriousness, let’s all agree that the monsters should be left on the screens. The horror community has been great overall, thank you for giving me a chance.”

I couldn’t agree more. I recommend giving Brother Ghoulish’s Tomb a listen for insightful commentary as well as dramatic new fiction. It’s time to embrace the new voices in the horror community today. Check out his website here and have a ghoulish time!

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