Remember The Time Buckethead Was In A Snoop Dogg Video?

Buckethead makes a cameo in Snoop Dogg's video for Undercover Funk.

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Buckethead was in a Snoop Dogg video

About Undercover Funk

Undercover Funk is a track by Snoop Dogg and Bootsy Collins. The song was created for the 2002 comedy film Undercover Brother. Outside of Snoop Dogg and Bootsy Collins, the music video for Undercover Funk includes stars of the film such as Denise Richards, Eddie Griffin, and Neil Patrick Harris.

It also includes a cameo from the acclaimed experimental guitar player known as Buckethead.

I am not sure why Buckethead appears in this music video. However, if I had to take a guess, it is due to Bucketheads longstanding personal and professional relationship with Bootsy Collins. The duo has worked on many projects together, most notably the experimental rock band Praxis.

Regardless of the reason, it is awesome to see Buckethead and Snoop Dogg in a music video together. These are two artists that typically do not share a fanbase (present company excluded), or are discussed in the same musical circles. As a long-time fan of both, I was shocked when I saw this video for the first time.

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Watch Undercover Funk

What Do You Think About This Buckethead Cameo?

We love the video for Undercover Funk. It is made even better with an appearance from Buckethead. How do you feel about this music video? Let us know on social media!

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